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 Writing aboard Delta Airlines between  LAX and Orlando.

Short, random thoughts..nothing overtly cryptic unless it's a slow news day.

Had fun in LA w/ the Mrs. Great folks @WWEGames and THQ awesome to work with. & I highly recommend Pre ordering WWE13.  Not sure how THQ follows this one. JR and a motivated King handle Attitude Era aspect of WWE13. 

Enjoyed SummerSlam by and large. HHH/ Lesnar was intense and old school. Loved it. Some younger fans who like circus acts may have wanted more high risk stuff. 

Who is the best in the world? My answer is essentially always the same. The WWE Champion. @CMPunk has a JR's BBQ sauce bottle sized chip on his shoulder. It drives him...same back in day for @steveaustinBSR. Not a show biz presentation. Real life motivation.

Who's the MVP of WWE thus far in 2012 in WWE? For me, @WWEDanielBryan. 

Enjoyed working at tryout camp in LA this week. Appreciated the effort put forth. Too many not in great, physical condition which was disappointing. More potential, female prospects, in my opinion, tham males. Gruelling  three days w/ cuts being made Monday and Tuesday. Anxious to see who makes it as I turned my info in and am not attending day three. Next big camp in Tampa in September. 

WWE losing several, top hands for the immediate time, HHH, Lesnar, Jericho, etc. Great time to get

someone hot and for aggressive talents to take bold steps. 

In route to Orlando for Thursday night NXT at Full Sail University featuring WWE Champion @CMPunk. I may broadcast a bout or two w/ Punk which I'd enjoy. Every NXT bout is critical for each talent. Evaluations are never ending & cuts can occur at any time. That's no secret. Performing under pressure simply makes one better. Business has been good re: JR's Products at I really appreciate your support. @americansoda will begin distribution of JR's in UK, etc in September...Date TBD. Expect to see NXT Champion Seth Rollins defend his NXT title for 1st time at NXT tapings. I'll be curious to hear Punk's comments on Rollins and other NXT talents. Speaking of Punk, can we expect a Punk vs @jerrylawler bout at some point? After what we witnessed Monday, I'd guess yes. That bout might pleasantly surprise some fans. I'm SO ready for college football season. Ready to take the ride w/ my Oklahoma Sooners for what could be a championship season. Maybe I'll see you in Norman or at a #boomersooner road game. Great deals at Check w/ them daily. Follow on twitter @wweshop. We've topped 515,000 Twitter followers @ JRsBBQ. Please join us. Heard recently from @TheRock who's interested in getting more of JR's Main Event Mustard. VERY healthy and clean. Plus, it tastes awesome. Loving Little League Wirld Series. Gotta go some day. Check out my piece on announcing w/ Vince McMahon at at their classics section. Great sitdown interview w/ Austin & Punk taped last Thursday in LA. It will begin acting soon on a variety of platforms including Follow @wwegames for details. I think it's must see and was there first ever face to face interview. It was intensely respectful and somewhat combative. Intriguing. Again, thanks for supporting JR's products. BoomerSooner! J.R. @JRsBBQ

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 It seems they are building to another Helmsley vs. Lesnar match.  I would much rather see Lesnar face the current generation of talent like Punk, Orton, or Sheamus, but perhaps the company doesn't want to sacrifice those guys to a part-time, short-term attraction.  It limits what they can do to draw money with him.  

Jerry Lawler's forehead looks really bad up close.  Moms, don't let your kids grow up to be wrestlers in a company that allows blood!

Hi JR,

I haven't posted for some time but just wanted to let you know I made a bratwurst/sausage topping with sauerkraut, mustard, and JR's Original BBQ sauce.  It was terrific.   Probably would have been better with your spicy mustard rather than regular mustard, but I don't have any at the moment.

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 Thanks for the spoiler alert regarding the next NXT champion. 

The 'American Dragon" deserves any and all praise. He is by far the most entertaining Wrestler anywhere. Punk heading to NXT may be a small sign the WWE is about to try and fill some voids for the first hour of RAW. I DON'T THINK WE SHOULD HAVE TO WAIT FOR Ambrose, Rollins and Ohno/Hero  another day ! AJ "don't call me crazy" Lee is still doing great......which I think we can all agree. Jerry Lawlers forehead allows me to bask in the GOOD ole Daze !

I too enjoyed Summerslam and it certainly exceeded my expectations. Could've done without the tag title match but i did like the outcome of it even though i predicted new tag champions. I also agree that CM Punk is the best in the world right now as PWI recently showed as well by listing him #1 in their annual PWI 500. Punk's 9 month title reign and in ring ability has certainly earned him that claim and i would also name Punk as the MVP of 2012 in WWE. And i'm hearing that there'll be a Lesnar-HHH rematch at Survivior Series which i hope doesn't happen as i'd much rather see Lesnar vs someone new like Sheamus at that PPV since he's only under contract for a limited number of appearances and matches leading into Mania 29.