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Welcome back! Thanks for stopping by our site and an even bigger thanks to all those who are ordering JR's products for the holidays from and in the UK from @Americansoda. Random Thoughts....

Enjoyed the Shield presentation Monday night on RAW. Not sure what I would have changed. I liked the succinct, cut to the chase interview and particularly liked the fact that it was pre-taped in a controlled environment. 

Again, some younger fans will likely, at some point, grow impatient with the pace of how this faction is being built but there is no way, to my line of thinking, to hot shot effectively and force a talent or talents down the throats of a much more educated, discerning audience these days. That may have worked to some degree occasionally in the past but I'm not of the mindset that it will work today. 

@thedeanambrose, @wwerollins, and @romanreigns are have unique qualities that they bring to the dance as was somewhat illustrated Monday night. Bottom line is that they all 'want it' and seem to be willing to continue to work harder than many of their young peers in accomplishing their goals. They are not at a place where they can essentially take a 'day off' of preparation. I know these three to be aggressive, in ring talents and that trait alone will help them on their journey. All three are totally different personalities which is a positive but I love the fact that they are all young and are being provided an opportunity to push others already on the main roster aside on their way to main event status. 

It's a long, hard ride (Thanks David Allan Coe) and will not be accomplished without personal sacrifice and by remaining relentless.

@wwesheamus continues his string of having physically demanding matches as was evidenced by his excellent bout with @antoniocesaro Monday night. I'm a proponent of athletic physicality and love the drama that it creates. Even though I like comedy, in general, the genre of sports entertainment, for my money, thrives on drama and personal issues that are resolved in unpredictable physical encounters. 

I'm encouraged by the on going development of such talents as @wadebarrett, @wwedanielbryan. @TrueKofi, among others. WWE is doing a nice job of continuing to build some new, foundation players for the future which, as I've often said, simply takes time.  

I'm enjoying the work of @michaelcole and @jerrylawler in such a challenging role. Doing 'storytelling' oriented commentary along with navigating 15 commercial breaks is daunting. I'm happy that Cole was given a reprieve from Smackdown and the dynamic of @JCLayfield and @WWEJoshMathews works well for me as a viewer. Again, broadcastign today's genre is tougher and more challenging than its ever been. The game has changed.

Storytelling oriented commentary is so much different that what many of us used to do when one man provided "play by play" while the other, usually an antagonist, handled the color commentary. It's simply a matter of changing times and many fans of this generation have never really had the opportunity to experience the old school style that arguably ended, by and large, shortly after the Attitude Era. 

Speaking of the Attitude Era, @THQ presentation #WWE13 is getting great reviews and I'm getting some positive feedback @JRsBBQ on the commentary that The King and I did on the Attitude Era portion of the video game. It was a blast to do I assure one and all. 

Talked to @shawnmichaels yesterday and I'm going to be a guest on his hunting show in the to be determined. We'll be hunting feral hogs which have been deemed a menace to almost epidemic proportions in much of Texas. Sounds like a nice BBQ is going to be in order. 

I'm happy to receive so many WWE Creative questions on our Q&A section of this site but I have zero contact with that entity and like it that way. I'd much rather watch the WWE broadcasts as a fan and not be preconditioned in any way. 

There's interest in me doing a small, England tour in the summer of 2013 along the lines of "An Evening With...." concept featuring stories, humor and Q&A's. It's still in the raw, planning stages but I'm hopeful that something can be worked out. Sounds like it could be fun and would be something new for me to try. 

I'm heading to Ft. Worth,Texas Friday to attend the #OU vs. #TCU, final Big 12 game of the year. I'm not comfortable with all the "Bowl talk" that's on going for my #Sooners as beating TCU will be a street fight. First things first, win the game Saturday morning at 11 central on #ESPN. Sometimes the sports media can be so lame as that's all our local guys seem to want to discuss...the Bowl scenario. 

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Q&A's are updated here in case any one cares.

Enjoyed reading the feedback from many here and on Twitter regarding the success of the Attitude Era which had everything to do with the talent and their performances and less to do with being TV14. Still amazed that some fans feel that going to TV14 would automatically solve many perceived ills. 

Another 2013 HOF candidate for consideration....@RealKKBundy who was a major player in WWE in their breakout, national expansion years and was one of the best super heavyweights ever in the business. "King Kong Tonnage" as Ernie Ladd used to call Bundy, is hilarious to follow on Twitter. 

You can save almost $20 on the JR's Superfan package exclusively at Also my first ever shirt from WWE is reduced to $14.99 at too. 

I'm told that @WWEClassics may produce another couple of Legends Roundtables in, panel, topics to be determined. These are a blast of which to participate.

OU Women Hoops Thursday night and Sunday afternoon here in Norman. Love our 'Jack Nicholson' seats. Great 'date night' for the Mrs and me. Really enjoying life that isn't centered around airports, hotels, and other travel nightmares. 

Hit a @okcthunder game Monday night vs. Charlotte. Amazing, live event experience as OKC does a superb job entertaining their fans from start to finish. The event had sort of a WWE, big event vibe to it.

Thanks for the visit and the support of our family brand of products. We sincerely appreciate you all. 

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I don't agree that fans are more educated these days. If they were more educated they wouldn't allow Dwayne Johnson to be a part time player. They know he 's not gonna come back but they cheer him anyway. That's not educated. That's "sheeple" ! And it's killing the new breeds growth. Kids are taught to pass the tests these days, not taught to know the subject. We will see how educated they are with  The Miz and his newfound likeability. The guy has played the role of "dillhole" his ENTIRE acting life ! And he is damn good at it. If the fans wanted him as a babyface...........argggghh ! Who's next ? David Otunga ! Forget it. WWE is still far and away the best wrestling show on the planet.  In many ways I am a "sheeple" to !!  Been watching since 1975.

I for one hope The Shield all have major success in WWE and go on to become big time players. Without any real competition other than TNA there's really only one way now to create new talent and that's homegrown by WWE itself through NXT.

And as for the Hall of Fame well yeah Bundy deserves to go in as does the names listed in your last blog here such as Foley, Backlund and Savage. I for one doubt Sammartino will accept the induction invitation but a few more names that should be considered are Rick Rude, Vader, Paul Heyman, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Stan Hansen, The Steiner Brothers and Trish Stratus. And i often wonder if the reason why Rude hasn't been inducted yet is for the same reason Lex Luger possibly hasn't which is because they both jumped to WCW during the Monday Night Wars and appeared on both Raw(taped) and Nitro(live) the same night while they both had only a handshake agreement with WWE at the time.

 Any chance of some kind of email notification regarding any UK speaking tour? I would love the chance to come and hear some of your stories if the project went ahead!

Similarly, I look forward to more of the legends round tables. I loved the first batch as they gave some fascinating insight into how the wrestling world used to work.

Lastly I could not agree more with your comments regarding Sheamus/Cesaro and the physical style. Athletic physicality and the resulting drama is what made wrestling great and stole so many months of my childhood. I just hope some the current WWE creative team shares your belief!

 To commenter Clifton below-- Dwayne Johnson still puts butts in seats and eyeballs on screens.  This is a business and he is the master.  I've been watching rasslin' since 1988 (not as long as you) and he is the best talent to come through WWE (or any other wrestling league) in that time.  I'm not sure if we're allowed to "break kayfabe" on this blog, but I would put Punk over Rocky at the Royal Rumble thanks to interference from Cena, who is still angry about his loss to Rocky last year.  Also, keep in mind that Helmsley, Lesnar, & Undertaker will all likely be on the Wrestlemania card.

No problem with Dwayne being on the card and wrestling. Going over full time talent instead of putting over full time talent is the problem. I don't like John Cena, but losing to the The Rock was just wrong. If the plan is have the Rock go over Punk or Ryback then show up at every RAW and defend his title on FREE TV a couple times until Wrestlemania......that would be an easier pill to swallow. Johnson has established himself in Hollywood and could never spend the money he's made. When is he gonna truly give back to what got him where he is ? I just believe that the STATE OF WRESTLING is on the verge of a new awakening and it doesn't need the help of the past. It needs great wrestling....and we are seeing that at this point. With that being said......If Taker isn't injured it's time to show his face on a Monday,Wednsday or Friday. A non-title match with The Rock to continue his streak would be the HIGHEST RATED MANIA EVER. Talk about business picking up !  :)

Re: Bundy in the Hall of Fame.  I tend to look at these things as I would for mainstream sports (and as a fan for nearly 50 years I do know the difference), and I'm thinking Bundy was never "the man" as far as major championships.  He falls short in the longevity of career category as well.

That said, Koko Ware is in, so...

I wish Dean Ambrose had been introduced on his own.  I've had high hopes for him since I first saw him in the HWA.  He's something special, but he can only be as good as what WWE does with him.  Glad he's made it to the major league!

 JR, just wanted to say as a fan from England I would be there with bells on if you came and did 'an evening with' tour kind of show. That sounds amazing, and I really hope it happens. keep up all the good work you do.