Hot, sunny day in Norman, Oklahoma. Lots of VERY random thoughts...not all wrestling.

If fans want to sample Mid South Wrestling visit Old school and extreme before the term became cool.

Slobber Knocker is an old football term denoting a ferocious hit.

Detroit Lions fans ask about firmer Sooner Ryan Broyles. Class kid, tough, great receiver/ return man and a winner. Sleeper of the draft.

Amazed how many fans checking out NetFlix and watching Rivalries:Bret vs Shawm. Must see as is the Stone Cold documentary.

Someone said that young JR looked like John Goodman on 'Flintstones.' 

Love reading @jclayfield tweets. Funny as hell.

Fav @Sting match? First Clash of Champions vs Flair. Now on new, WWE DVD. Get it!

Bathroom breaks during PPV's? Never happened, luckily, for me but was 1st stop after every PPV. That's why I usually wore dark pants...just in case.

Yes WWEShop ships to UK & Canada..

What ever happened to the ballyhooed Texas Network?

Enjoying writing about my broadcast partners at at their classics section.

Most underrated wrestling faction? Arguably, the Dangerous Alliance. Loaded w/ talent. Will @ HeymanHustle return to more WWE appearances? I don't know but did you ever try to get rid of a virus? Can @okcthunder win the NBA title? Yes....but not w/o Kendrick Perkins. San Antonio looks good in west. Pulling for Celtics in east...@seangrandePBP. Pulling for Steelers to win the Super Bowl but Patriots look reloaded. Could a WrestleMania be held in a new, Minnesota Vikings stadium some day? Sure. Why not? Keep an eye on Antonio Cesaro who will compete Friday night on Smackdown. Potential impact player. Any list of promo guys when talking blood, guts & thunder has to include Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair. No? Education, intelligence and natural athleticism are three elements that are closely evaluated when looking at potential WWE performers. I still believe 'IT'cannot be taught but can be cultivated/enhanced. I'm doing a weekly radio hit on Wednesday's at 12:30 pm central time. Really enjoying WWE's relationship with You Tube. The King is happy w/ his Browns NFL Draft. Cleveland got themselves a running back, a QB, and an offensive tackle. Do we make a dry rub? Yes! It's called JR'S All Purpose Seasoning and it's awesome. Guaranteed. I'm hooked on Propel Zero. Before you start grilling this season may I suggest an extensive cleaning of your grill. Thank me later. Anyone else hooked on @swamppeople? Excited for @steveaustinBSR upcoming reality show on CMT. Steve's great w/o a script. Instincts. I mixed JR'S HOT BBQ Sauce w/ our Main Event Mustard and kicked up a Carolina styled sauce. Worked super on chicken . Fish, too. Best masked team ever? For me, the Assassins. Excited for what I perceive will be a big week in Florida next week. I'm loving working in WWE Development. Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. 425,000 strong and growing. Are overly stupid comments made by some NBA players a result of players coming into the league too young or is it merely a generational thing & social media trend? IE Lakers Andrew Bynum. Will the utilization of more submission finishers become more prolific in WWE? Stay tuned. If my friend Adrian Peterson is now running at 60% that means he's better than 7 out of 10 NFL running back. Been watching some big time European football lately. Love the crowds. Intriguing game. Don't have a favorite team. Biggest things that young wrestlers need to focus upon....just my personal two cents..know who you are, be aggressive, slow down a touch, and be the kind of human that you'd want to have working for your company. Boomer Sooner! J.R. Http://

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 JR I've been sitting here watching YouTube and I'm really diss appointed with the way that wwe is going with the tag team championship belts. They were a very high ranked title until the last couple of years. I mean you have some great talent that used to hold them now it's like fly by night teams that they just throw together. Its really sad actually just to have two titles worth anything and the rest is filler. It also sucks to not have any competition to really make a good product. I like tna and all but I dont have to watch the show. Same with smack down. There is no unpredictability. They need to get all the titles to mean something again. Mabye have a nitro for a night. Who knows. It really does stink what happened to wcw. I used to watch both shows. Well I'm rambling now. What I wanted to say was they really need LAX. Some really good stuff they did together. Have a good one.

One more pitch I'd like to add. Have Del Riio win the belt. Bring in LAX (one of the best teams I have ever seen i a while) have them go for the belts. They win them and just dominate. Then bring back the Worlds Greatest Tag Team. So its Del Rio and LAX against Benjamin and Hass and they just can't seem to win Del Rio interference or Ricardo then have a pay per view near a great american celebration and Kurt Angle saves the day. Then you got Angle vs. Del Rio then you somehow throw Lesnar in the mix (seeing that lesnar and angle had some pretty good matches together) would be huge!! Especially that Angle defected during the whole WCW ECW invasion and with Heyman back. Nothing but $$$$ there my friend. It was also pretty sad with what a reaction Heyman got. One of the best in the biz and nobody knew who he was. Such a huge gap from when he left to now.

One more thing. Cena... the biggest name wwe has. He is going the Hogan way. Babyface, now alot of people boo him. What to do what to do. I wouldn't  turn him total heel. That would cause alot of lost revenue. Have him shy away from the spotlight for a while, mabye IC title (if that is even a title now lol...) special ref, enforcer, probably milk the injury for a while. Make him fresh again? One of the most hard working, dedicated, fan fav guys in a very long time. I also feel bad for Big Show. Another guy that has paid his dues and gets the brown end of the stick everytime but it must be hard to do anything with such a massive entity. They just need to hype all of the titles. I mean god remember the Honky Tonk Man. IC Champ forever and made it mean something.

Thanks Chris

We all love wrestling ! But you just set us back. Relax a touch. Wcw is dead ain't comin back . EcW is dead & ain't comin back. The WWE has more talent waiting in the wings than they have had in a LONG time. Just sit back and get ready to enjoy the ride. Trying to book the shows thru JRs site is kinda dilusional.


I am looking forward to Sooners season this fall and even more excited about the 4-team playoff system that could be adopted for the 2014 season. What are your thoughts on a college football playoff?

Also, I was just wondering how Bobby Heenan has been feeling these days and what he might be up to. 

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