Wednesday Update...Interesting Week for Many

Thanks for stopping by our site and spending a few minutes. These opportunities to communicate with you are cathartic and I hope that you enjoy my ramblings and personal opinion. I am often amused at how my opinions are interpreted on other sites but that's another story for another time.

Business has been steady in our on line store thanks to many of you who are hanging with us in support of what we are trying to build. That means a lot to us, I can assure you.

So, without further ado, let's get to an another addition of BBQ'ed Random Thoughts....

Hulk Hogan is ALL over the news this week which re-establishes the premise that Hulk is one of the greatest, self promoters of all time...BROTHER! Now, that isn't necessarily a bad thing as any independent contractor who is entrepreneurial in spirit such as a pro wrestler has to have the ability to promote one's self in order to survive over time. Hogan is an old school guy, in many ways, so "keeping one's self over" is nothing new and many guys have raised that skill to an art form but none better than Hulk. 

Hogan makes big news this week launching his new book, talking Australian tour, and briefly mentioning TNA on what I saw of his Larry King appearance Tuesday night of which "Ol Lar" phoned it in. Thank goodness for Larry's producers and their questions. No, Mr. King, Laila Ali is NOT Muhammad's wife, she's his daughter. 

It amazes me that many fans are so obsessed with "Monday Night Wars" and one brand over taking another, etc type discussions. Firstly, I do wholeheartedly agree that competition is great for every business, without question. But every company that spends more time ragging on the "competition" or fixating on putting another company down is not focusing on their own brand. Today's wrestling business needs to simply focus on how THEY can improve what THEY do and not seemingly and endlessly focus on the "other guys" whoever the "other guys" may be.  

The bottom line, in my view, is how is the product being made better for the fans who pay the tab, watch the shows, create the ratings, buy the swag, etc? All of us who sell products in our various walks of life should always keep our consumers first...keep our creative simple and not on overload...and provide consumers with "new." 

Continuing to refine the creative direction and developing new, hot stars should be every wrestling company's top priorities. At least, that's my take on it. Short term solutions don't solve long term problems.

Matt Striker will join Todd Grisham as the new Friday Night SmackDown broadcast team beginning this week. I am anxious to hear the duo at work and will be anxiously awaiting their show on MyNetworkTV this week. One never knows, this may become the new, young "it" team in WWE and time will tell as their chemistry evolves. I communicated with both guys on Tuesday and really hope that they do well. All TV producers love youth and look and these two young guys have those bases covered plus they are talented.

If you haven't been watching some of the ESPN movies recently including the story of the USFL and lately the Ali-Holmes story, you're missing something good. Wrestling could learn from these simply told stories that establishes a compelling theme or themes and whether intensionally or not creates a protagonist and an antagonist which, personally, makes the production easier and more enjoyable to watch. 

BTW...I did agree with Hulk that pro wrestling needs to put more individualism back into the game and allow talents to explore the bounds of their abilities which will facilitate finding new stars quicker and, at the same time, eliminates some wannabes from the process.  Instincts is more of a vital skill than the ability to memorize.

Got a nice email this week from former WCW wrestler Lash LeRoux who is no longer wrestling but is establishing an amazing art business. Lash's artwork is as good as I have seen in many years and I hope to collaborate with him on some projects here on our site. God really blessed this young Alabaman with some amazing artistic skills. 

If you have the time, check out my last feature on the Spoiler. Don Jardine was the Spoiler and he was awesome long before Miz. Big, athletic masked man with the uncanny ability to tell a story even with his face covered. One of the great, all time masked men in wrestling.

I've been watching a great deal of wrestling on TV....WWE 24/7 Classics on Demand on Cox Cable has been garnering ample time, but I wonder what the process is these days with providing talents their ring/wrestling names? Wow.

Got a great email from my old umpire school roomie Tim McClelland who is still the best MLB ump in the game and who was embroiled in some controversy during the MLB ALCS. Tim is one of the most honorable, talented and dedicated umpires in the game and a man I consider a great pal since 1976.  

We went through another battery of tests yesterday which was one of my more challenging days physically with all the running around seeing a variety of doctors. I do not have the test results back but hope to hear something in a day or two. We are in the process of trying to eliminate issues that could be causing my problems which gets a little dicey when one doesn't know and is told to "be patient." 

A friend emailed me and asked if I thought that Steve Austin was going to join Hogan on Hulk's latest venture. The question was somewhat amusing and as Gorilla would have said, "highly unlikely." That may be putting it some what mildly in our PG rated space. I want to make it clear that isn't something that I spoke to Steve about but I feel somewhat certain that my assumption is accurate.   

I'll be on the radio today in Houston at 5 central time on AM1560 The Fan with Sean and John talking a little OU football and college football. You can hear it at

 We'll blogging on later today on the Smackdown page. 

Thanks, again for stopping by and for the continued support of our business which includes FREE SHIPPING on many packages. 

Boomer Sooner!





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Hi Jim,

I was very much saddened to hear about you becoming ill again,but you're upbeat take on the hand that life has dealt you so to speak has very much inspired me.

I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder this past monday and had been pretty depressed and scared about what the future holds for me aswell as being daunted by new medications and doctors and places that I will have to get used to.

But hearing about you're troubles has put my diagnosis in perspective for me and I believe that if you can be so positive about a much more serious condition than mine then I will just have to take each day as it comes just like you.The age old expression 'what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger' comes to mind.

Anyway J.R. I wish you a very speedy recovery and I will say a few prayers for you and you're family too.Hope to hear you on my television calling matches like only you can again soon aswell!



Prayers for you likewise. I fight off the fear and replace that particular emotion with hope and positive energy. I go out every night that I work on TV knowing that I am not the "look" any TV company embraces but that my passion and work ethic will always pull me through. Keep believing in yourself and that things will improve and they likely will.

Hello J.R.

Firstly I would like to say that it’s an honour to have the opportunity to write to you and that I cant wait for you to get back to work, you were missed at Bragging Rights. In my opinion you are the greatest commentator of all time, I hope in the next 100 years when you do hang up your boots you will have trained a suitable replacement to entertain our ears. I’m a very big fan of your strengths as a human being and your creative down to earth work ethic and approach which every wrestling fan around the globe respects you for. This email is really to say thank you for entertaining me from your debut at Wrestlemania 9 (you in a toga (",)) to now heading towards Wrestlemania 26. Wow! You have rocked the WWE since then! Take care, you are in my prayers for a full healthy and speedy recovery.

Best Regards

Kal Parmar

P.S. When you do return please return to Raw to create the magic you do with The King...The Dream Team. As a wrestling fan since Summerslam 1992, I feel no chemistry between The King and Michael Cole. Michael cole is simply Smackdown, its like he has blue blood! He has to be on the same show as The Undertaker! Theres no bigger fan of The Undertakers! (",) Take it easy Jim.

Thanks for the kind words but as you know I have no say in who I work with or what show that I work on. Hopefully, King and I will get one more round together before it's over but that's not my call nor his.

JR it looks like WWE is moving forward without you on commentary. They brought in a new guy on ECW named Byron Saxton and announced him as the newest member of the ECW broadcast team, they didnt announce him as filling in for Matt Striker, which makes me think Striker has been moved to Smackdown to replace you not just fill in for you.

What are your thoughts on this?

Cole and King on Raw

Grisham and Striker on Smackdown

Matthews and Saxton on ECW

Where does this leave good ol JR?

Stay positive.

Jim, Get Well Soon.. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers... God Bless You... My grandkid's hope's someday Steve Austin will come to TNA.. My Grandkid's are great big fan's of Steve Austin's.. They wanted me to ask if you would tell Steve Austin they miss him and they love him and he broke their little hearts when he left myspace... Take care of your self and take it easy enjoy your time off... The Priddy's...

I don't think that Steve was ever actually on MySpace.

As a hypothetical, down the road when you get better JR if you were to go to TNA and commentate with Taz, TNA would really be strong.

I have NEVER understood how Larry King is entertaining, informative or holds a job based on what he does......? Why is this guy (along with Regis Philbin) a celebrity?


Tenure...track record...the audience is comfortable with both of them.

Poeple are obsessed with the Monday Night Wars returning because they know that business is at its best when there is healthy competition, as you've already stated. I too am hoping for the best with TNA's growth as I would also like to see more competition in the industry. I think we as wrestling fans just want to feel the special times we did during the late 90s and early 00s again, and the fact that there is a (small) chance of that coming back with the potential rise of TNA is consuming some people. It's understandable to me, especially to those who are passionate fans of the business.

JR, Thank's for the infor....... on Steve Austin... JR is there anyway  you can find out for me about Steve Austin being on mysapce it's very very important that I know the truth because if he is the real or fake that was on mysapce he know's alot about my grandkid's.... It scares me if he is not the real one... I don't worry if the Steve Austin they was talking to was the real Steve Austin.... If it wasn't the real Steve Austin on Myspace the fake one sure knew alot about Steev Austin an dhe sure had all of us fooled.... Steve the real or fake one deleted his Account in Aug. 09... Thank's..... I hope you get a good report on your test.... U are in our prayers.... God Bless you and your family... The Priddy's... Thank's...

Trust me...Steve is NOT on my space.


Am continuing to keep you and your family in my prayers.  I hope all the tests go well and I hope you hear the results soon.  I know how tough the waiting can be.  But I know you're more than strong enough to make it through and you'll be back to work in no time.  Keep your positive outlook, you're a real inspiration.

Couldn't agree with you more about Hogan...the man definitely knows how to self-promote.  He would have fit in well in the days of old P.T. Barnum.

Haven't watched any of the recent ESPN movies, but I'll have to check them out.  I've seen some of their past work and it's quite good.  I don't know if you're a big fan of horse racing, but I enjoyed their film on the great filly Ruffian.

Get well soon, you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Boomer Sooner!


What's up J.R.? I gotta say, I'd still rather see you and King get one more run. It's not a stab at Michael Cole, but it's not the same. I'd like to see another Monday Night Wars. Nothing like a little competition to better the product. Vince is probably rolling up his sleeves already for it. I can't wait. At any rate, I hope you're doing well, and I look forward to seeing you back on TV soon.

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The hulk is just the man. The greatest wrestler of all time. There is no one more popular then the hulk.

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