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Greetings from Oklahoma on a rainy Saturday. Let's get to our business as I will be answering many Twitter questions and talking Sunday's WWE Elimination Chamber on PPV.

What do you know about WWE Legends House? I know that it is a reality show that will see several WWE luminaries with strong personalities living in a large home in Southern California where they will attempt to coexist for several weeks. The 24/7 cameras rolling will undoubtedly capture some classic content. How several, I think 8, grumpy, old men survive this will be interesting and entertaining. I don't know where Legends House will air but I assume that it was originally created for the upcoming WWE Network but also could theoretically air elsewhere. 

Thoughts on the 6 man announce booth at Royal Rumble 2008? Had it fun moments but was overall a trainwreck and we all likely missed things that we should have mentioned or pointed out. 

Going to West Virginia for OU-WVU next season in first Big 12 game between the two in Morgantown? That's the plan. I rarely miss an OU game, home or away. 

Do you ship Jerky to Wales? Yes. 

Will Jeff Hardy ever be back in WWE? My absolute guess would be no. At best, highly unlikely. TNA's schedule likely fits Jeff best. I still remember his bout on TV vs the Undertaker. Great, WWE TV moment.

Is there a new, JR's Cookbook on the horizon? Not at this time but if there was a demand for it we would revisit that project. I'm still contemplating how or when I pen an autobiography or other JR written books. 

Do I watch 'Mudcats?' I try to. I grew up hand fishing for big catfish or noodling as it is called. The production company of this new series that's taped in Oklahoma missed the boat not considering me as the show's narrator.... .IMO.

Will Cena and Rock wrestle before WM28 on April 1? I wouldn't see any reason why they should. Will their paths cross however? Absolutely on upcoming episodes of Monday Night Raw. 

Is your Saturday morning appearances on http://ww.yahoosportsradio.com a regular thing? It seems that. I've been on Saturday mornings for several weeks. BTW the podcast of each show is available at YahooSportsRadio.com.

Are you still employed with WWE? Absolutely and have no plans on leaving, retiring or returning to weekly TV.

Most underrated Horseman? Arn Anderson. Tully Blanchard a close second.

Thoughts on the new, @TheRock DVD? Just got it this week and it rocks, no pun intended. I'm pleased that my personal thoughts on one of my greatest signees made the cut. Rock exceeded all my expectations and competed to be the best every night on every card. That's what one gets when they recruit and sign legit athletes to perform in a sports entertainment ring.

Have I heard from Brock Lesnar lately? We do not keep in touch. It's not personal it's simply that Lesnar likes his privacy on his Minnesota farm. I am a big fan of his nonetheless and do think that he will strongly consider returning to WWE for a high profile bout likely at the only place that it should occur, WrestleMania. That's NOT official and merely my opinion.

WM29..in New Jersey or New York? Well, the stadium is in Jersey and the state of New Jersey's governor headed the Jersey group to get the deal done. Plus, as I understand it, AXXESS will be held in Jersey as well as the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony but there will obviously be several NYC media and PR functions/events added to the menu as well. Some folks are confused as to why the Giants and the Jets are called "New York" and not New Jersey teams. Go figure.

Most memorable Wrestlemania? Hard to pin one down but certainly WM19 in Seattle was memorable due to @steveaustinBSR health issues going into the event and knowing, without saying on air, that match vs. @TheRock was Stone Cold's last one. Steve really discusses this well in his DVD that came out a couple of months ago that I strongly suggest everyone watch.

What's the story on you doing hoops commentary for the Boston Celtics? My pal @SeanGrandePBB is the voice of the Celtics and when they come to OKC next Wednesday I will join Sean and do some color commentary that can only be heard on the Boston Celtics Radio Network, as I understand it. More info to come on that.

Thoughts on DiBiase, Jr? Very positive about his future. He simply needs to stay healthy and get on 'roll' to become the star that he desires to be. His dad, the Million Dollar Man, casts a huge shadow and was one of the best I ever saw not only technically but on the mic as well. Ted, Sr was a classic example of growing up around the biz and being mentored (Dick Murdoch, Funks, etc) and evolving through the wrestling territory system.

If Undertaker wrestles at WM28 will he retire? I have not heard an inkling of that theory. I'm one that thinks that Taker will go out on his terms and my gut instincts say that time isn't now. However, IF WM28 is Undertaker's last match as it works out after the fact I will not miss it for the world whether I'm working at the event or enjoying it as a fan.

Where's @BrodusClay? He's alive and well. I have the utmost confidence that the big man is going to eventually be successful in WWE. His absence from recent TV broadcasts isn't a death sentence and has been grossly over analyzed by many. Clay had no role at Sunday's Elimination Chamber which was obviously the focus of WWE TV in recent weeks. Lots of new personas have to be tweaked or should I say need to be tweaked on a regular basis. Clay's upside is obvious IMO.

While you're hear take a moment to read the past few blogs as they address many issues that fans ask about especially on Twitter where I can be found @JRsBBQ.

Wrestling as a career tip? To be a wrestler one has to be athletic and in excellent condition. Look is important in that one needs to look like an athlete and not like some one who might work at a 'day job.' Size is an issue more often that not especially height for many decision makers however if a well put together athletes is under 6 feet tall they are still in the game. A guy 5'7" & 140 has little chance to ever be provided an opportunity. If readers want to work for WWE in other areas have enough motivation and aptitude to contact the WWE Human Resources Department. If you're having to ask me how to find work, you aren't trying hard enough.

Does WWEShop ship JR's to my country? Please go to http://www.wweshop.com for the answers to your shipping questions. WWEShop has a customer service department and FAQs. We want to ship everywhere and the only reason that we don't are some country's local laws regarding importing of food products from outside their borders.

Will WWE ever have an off season? Highly unlikely. Major TV obligations to provide a live show to USA for Monday Night Raw among many other business obligations would not allow such. However, can WWE closely evaluate their talent's days on the road and offer more recovery time for those who need it? Yes, and they do. Not that this is the end all answer but today's WWE schedule is much more talent friendly than previous generations.

Elimination Chamber Predictions:

Cena will beat Kane in what will be a challening, physical & a bowling shoe ugly brawl ending up with one man being taken out of Milwaukee in an ambulance.

I'm thinking by hook or crook that Daniel Bryan retains the World Title in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber but these are so tough to predict.

Seems as if CM Punk would be able to retain the WWE Title BUT Chris Jericho looms large and should not be overlooked. So...I'll go with Jericho in the upset leading into WrestleMania 28.

Beth Phoenix should retain against the vastly improved and evolving Tamina Snuka as I think that Kharma is impatiently waiting in the wings for the winner. However, if Tamina upsets the Divas Champion I will only be mildly surprised. She has really distinguished herself in the past few weeks.

As a fan and PPV buyer, I'd think that the major title bouts for WM28 will become abundantly clearer after Sunday's Elimination Chamber which one would assume is the sole reason for this last PPV prior to WM28....prepare to get on the road to WrestleMania in an extremely serious manner.

Will Elimination Chamber throw some curveballs at us fans? I'd suggest yes and will be disappointed if there isn't a few surprises along the way during the event that looks to be close to a complete sell out in Milwaukee.

I could also see a scenario where complete shockers came out of Elimination Chamber making the Road to WrestleMania even more unpredictable.

Thanks for stopping by and for those that follow us on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Hopefully our products will earn their way into your home especially as many prepare for tailgate affairs and PPV watch parties, etc. One link does it, http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss.

Boomer Sooner!


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Good Blog again JR. I agree that Arn Anderson was the most underrated Horseman. Too bad he never got a singles world title but he finally gets his well deserved induction into the HOF this year.

I think Dibiase Jr's problem is that he's not good on the mic. Cody Rhodes got there after a few years of trying so maybe there's still hope for Teddy Jr.

And i know where i'll be come April.1 and Taker's match is the main reason by far. I hope it's not the Deadman's last match but if it is than i'll know where i was when i saw the greatest of all time compete for the last time. And i don't mean Flair or Hogan.

As for the Chamber well i really hope there are some surprises like in 2009 when Edge got eliminated early and lost the WWE title only to take out Kofi Kingston, take his place and leave as WHC.

Hi JR,

Question: is there any significance to which corner a tag team is given?  I just realized that usually in a tag match, "faces" will be in the upper-left corner of the master shot, and "heels" are in the lower-right.  Never really picked up on this until the Epico/Primo vs. Usos match on Friday's Smackdown - something felt "off", and I couldn't tell what it was until I realized their corner positions were flipped from how I was used to seeing them.  Is the positioning planned this way for a reason?

I would assume that this is done to give the more "over" team more time facing the camera, rather than having their back to it, but that's just a guess.  Any input?



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