Weekend Update..Strike Force & Other Random Thoughts

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Strike Force was a fun show to watch on a cold, Oklahoma night. Good, straight forward show w/o too many frills but plenty of unpredictability.

Bobby Lashley proved to me that his immediate, full time future is in MMA. Bobby won in a 1st round stoppage of a lackluster fight because of an unprepared fighter who took the fight on a week's notice. Lashley will get much better but is a year maybe more away from fighting Fedor or so it seems.

Jets coach Rex Ryan proved through antagonizing the Dolphins fans on hand that if this NFL thing doesn't work that he'd make a helluva wrestling manager.

Herschel Walker won his debut in a 3rd round stoppage against the perfect opponent for the 47 year old who looks more like a 27 year old. Strike Force got ESPN coverage off #34 who will likely be exploited on Strike Force's next CBS broadcast.

In a perfect example of why MMA is so athletically compelling when Robbie Lawler OKed his opponent just when it looked like Lawler was done. Slobber knocker combo did the dirty deed.

Cris Cyborg looks to be an imposing cross between Chyna of years ago and Beth Phoenix as she dominated her opponent in winning in the 3rd round and then donned pink and black "Hitman" fight gear complete w/ shades. Women's MMA can be built in time to be big.

New Strike Force welterweight champ Nick Diaz wins an exciting battle w/ a first round KO. Diaz is a bad ass w/ an attitude. Helluva fighter.

Mauro Ranallo and Frank Shamrock were fun to listen to and Strike Force would have been a blast to have called.

Emailer questions...

Who wins a fight between former Sooners Wahoo McDaniel and Dr. Death. I would never bet against Doc in a legit fight. Really happy this one never happened. After it was over both men would have laughed about it over a beer...in the hospital.

Yes, this year's Royal Rumble, this Sunday night on PPV, is the most hard to call, unpredictable WWE PPV in a good while. I wish I could be there to call it if for nothing else the Rumble match. This isn't a company line hyperbole but how I honestly feel. Several men could win the Rumble match and it would make sense. I look for some significant surprises in Atlanta.

If Davyboy Smith and Tommy Billington ever go in th WWE HOF will it be as singles or as the British Bulldogs? I don't know but my guess would be as a team.

My dream tag bouts would include Doc & Gordy vs Hansen & Brody....Patterson and Stevens vs Brisco Brothers...Brainbusters vs. Flair and Wahoo...Rock 'n Roll Express vs Midnight Express...Murdoch & Rhodes vs. the Funks. How's that for starters?

Yes..I enjoyed Friday Night Smackdown this week. Hairy chested CM Punk vs HHH was old school good while HBK vs Mysterio was PPV quality.

Is it really automatic that Undertaker beats Rey in  dominating fashion? Nothing is guaranteed.

Yes...OKC's Ford Center, newly renovated home of the NBA's Thunder, could someday host another WWE PPV and a full house for Raw on March 1 would help the cause.

Read a late night Tweet from Chris Jericho who seemed to be having fun at a heavy metal, karaoke joint.

I've got several Tweets currently up so check 'em out.

For those who don't like to read about anything but Rasslin here on my blogs...I'm deeply sorry.

Got several text messages Saturday night from many WWE tars who definitely have their game faces on as it relates to Sunday's Royal Rumble. I expect a strong work ethic to be put forth in Atlanta. Call it Wrestlemania adrenaline.

Thanks for stopping by and check back w/ us Sunday for more Rumble thoughts. Now please go order a FREE SHIPPING package. Yeah, I'm shameless.

Boomer Sooner!



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