WM27..WM AXXESS..HBK/HOF Personal..The Streak..Snoop & JR on Commentary?? Ready to Grill?

It's Wrestlemania 27 Week. What more needs to be said? Let's grill...

Preparing to head East to Atlanta is like preparing to return to one's former hometown.  Being a former homeowner and living in Atlanta was a great experience and without question Atlanta was my favorite town of which to base out of while I've been in the wrestling business.

I have no 'assignment' for Sunday but I'm channeling Ricky Vaughn, Charlie Sheen's character in the film 'Major League,' and assuming  the role of the relief pitcher while standing by in the bullpen and ready to 'throw the heater, Ricky' if needed. 

Hopefully every performer, no matter their role Sunday, understands the importance of being better than they have professionally ever been. Don't allow one's minutes to dictate one's performance. Maximize the minutes while turning heads would be my suggestion. 

Seeing HBK go into the WWE HOF is going to be particularly gratifying to me. After seeing @ShawnMichaels_ break into the business in Mid South Wrestling, I've seen the best and the worst of HBK. Traveling to San Antonio to visit with him about coming back to WWE after his 4+ year hiatus due to a back injury was one of the most profound trips of my career. It's hard to believe that Shawn returned after such a long hiatus and from the first minute that he stepped back into the ring he was better than everyone else. 

HBK, HHH, and Undertaker, three, old school guys, arguably, in the eyes of many, stole the show Monday night on Raw on a night where MNR was loaded with star power. 

Someone asked me if I thought @TheRock was going to get physically involved Sunday on PPV in the Miz vs. Cena WWE Title Bout. Facetiously, I answered "Oh, no Rock's going to turn the other cheek and let bygones be bygones." If Rock doesn't get physical Sunday in some shape, form or fashion I will allow burnt orange to be displayed in our home.

All our JR's products will be available at WM AXXESS at the WWE merchandise stand. They will be available w/o any issues with shipping, handling, etc. They all come in plastic bottles, the Beef Jerky in plastic bags, and are travel friendly in one's checked luggage. 

At Axxess,  I will be playing against Jerry Lawler at the WWE All Stars video game Friday night at the THQ area. @WWEGames has been working OT on promoting WWE All Stars which is getting superb reviews from gaming experts. The King and I reunite for this video game where you can book the greatest bouts that never happened.

The King and I, sounds like a musical, reunite this weekend on Saturday at 10-noon signing autographs at the WWE HOF booth at Axxess. Come by and say hello.  

Word on the street, and not officially confirmed, is that Terry Funk, WWE HOF'er and a rather hardcore individual to this very day, will induct the originator of hardcore Abdullah the Butcher into the WWE Hall of Fame Saturday night at the sold out Phillips Arena. Some tickets may still be lingering for Saturday night's event so check with Ticketmaster or the box office. With no TV time restraints, the inductor and inductee speeches should be classic.  

Even though Ticketmaster may indicate that there are no more tickets available for Sunday's WM27, as a rule a few tickets or even a section or two often times become available when the production setup is completed. The Georgia Dome will be packed but some tickets may become available as the weekend progresses. I expect the gate to be in excess of $6M with north of 65,000 fans on hand. I could easily be low on both projections.

No rumor to the fact that Snoop Dogg and I will share a trailer at WM27 even though I lobbied for it. I'd prefer to make no more comments on this matter. Here's an idea for you. What if Snoop Dog and Ol JR broadcast a match or two at 'Mania. Now that's what I'm talking about and the pregame would be classic. Pass the Doritos, please.  

Snoop's gazillionaire body was once guarded by Brodus Clay. Clay reminds me of a modern day, UWF version of the One Man Gang. That's a good comparison BTW for you kids in the audience 

What match will close the show Sunday? Whether it is The Streak or the WWE Title the WWE seems to be destined to be 'damned if they do and damned if they don't' with this one. I'd be a Streak lean but closing the show with the WWE Title, Rock, etc would work for me as well.

Will 'The Streak' ever be broken? My guess is no but I do agree that nothing lasts forever.  

People have asked me for a prediction on the Lawler vs Cole match. Really. Really? Lawler wins in a 'quicker than a hiccup' bout and King won't need Stone Cold to get it done. The thought of having to broadcast a Cole victory would be more annoying than an irritable bowel. Thank goodness that chore or possibility thereof will be left up to others or so it seems. 

Follow us on Twitter @JRsBBQ as we are over 118,000 followers now. I find that number amazing and its growing daily. We have a blast interacting with our Twitter friends. Well, most of them. 

BTW...don't look now but Barry Bonds is in a whole heap of trouble. Perjury ain't cool especially when one allegedly lies to Uncle Sam. Some people would rather walk a mile to tell a lie than walk across the street to tell the truth.  

The NFL strike/lockout nightmare will be settled before the start of the season because 1. most players can't sustain their opulent, out of control life styles without game checks coming in and 2. too many people will lose too much money if the stadiums stay empty and w/o games. 

How cool is it to induct one's father into the WWE HOF? I think that it's great that Bob Armstrong's sons will have that distinction. Bullet Bob was a helluva hand and even at 71 years of age has still got one of the better set of 'guns' in the biz. The former US Marine was truly beloved in the Southern territories. 

Coach Brock Lesnar starts his gig tonight on Spike on the new season of TUF. This week on a media tour Lesnar left the door open to return to WWE, smart strategy, some day if the opportunity and the money were to his liking. No smart businessman closes any potentially, lucrative doors but with that said Lesnar has miles to travel ahead of him in UFC which is the perfect vocation for the former WWE Champion.  Lesnar's focus is to beat Junior Dos Santos in June and then to regain the UFC Heavyweight Title. I for one hope that Brock gets back to the top of the UFC mountain.

Lesnar's book ,co-written w/ Paul Heyman @HeymanHustle, will be out in May. I'm anxious to read it as Brock and I had some interesting days in WWE. BTW I would love to travel to Vancouver to see the next Lesnar fight. Can someone get word to @DanaWhite? :)

Thanks for the business and support of our JR branded products and remember that http://www.wweshop.com ships outside the USA and are doing a great job distributing our goods. 

Boomer Sooner!


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Wishing Finlay all the luck in his future endeavors. He got a raw deal.


Speaking of Georgia and the South, me and my family ate at Cracker Barrel the other night and I had the Baked Apple Dumplin for dessert. It was almost as good as your Old South Pecan Pie(page 224). Almost.

This is WM 27 the world series and college football and super bowl all roll into one. Too all wrestler have fun you worked this hard to get there Enjoy yourself because we fans are going to Enjoy watching you doing your jobs.  One Night of J.R. is like a million days of J.R. I did miss you. your voice bring that extra to matches it like a Madden calling football you never wanted him to leave but you knew why he did it. 

Thank you J.R. for coming back!!! 

 Now that it is out of the bag that Jr is going to be returning to the announce table today at Wrestlemania, I think instead of having any matches , they should focus squarely on Jr for four hours telling us stories about the good old day of Mid South, Smokey Nountain, WCW, AWA, AARP, HBO, etc. I mean really who actually orders Wrestlemania to watch epic encounters. Truth be told everyone who orders Wrestlemania only does for one reason: To see how many times the term Government Mule can be used in a 4 hour timeslot. By the way name one other Hall of Fame where the fans have to be warned to be on their best behavior. The wwe universe puts the ass in class of 2011.

You level of negativity, angst, and un-creativity never ceases to amaze.  

 Well it was pleasant to have you at Wrestlemania especially after you were rather positive that you were not going to be. At least didnt have to listen to Cole the rest of the show , listening to him the first part was bad enough. One has to think he's even going to be more annoying now and whoever is writing the Cole storyline should be reprimanded and a little surprised Vince allowed it. The one payoff most people had for having to put up with him was having the King beat the holy heck out of him and an end put to it. I'm going to see if I can get someone to watch Raw for me tonight to see how it goes because I cant stand the thought of having to listen to him for the two hours. Guess you could thank him for his plug about your sauce (even though it wasnt nice) because now I think I'll give it a try

I am posting this letter here as I feel that you are one of a VERY few who actually might hear and understand what I am speaking about and why I feel the way I do - thanks JR, its wonderful to hear you again <3

~Begin Letter~

I realise that this is my first post and that to most of you I am but a noob speaking up. In truth I joined this site to make this very post in the hopes that such a disgrace will never happen again.

I find that the actions of the Raw Anoymous General Manager during the Wrestlemania match involving Jerry "The King" Lawler and Michael Cole to be an absolute disgrace to the epic legacy that is Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania is an event where scores are settled, destinies are changed and legends are born. It is an event to celebrate the fans of wrestling around the world. It is not a place for such favoritism and mockery of the fans and the combatants alike.
Michael Cole had every opportunity to win that match on his own, both legally and illegally.
Stone Cold, yes he was a crooked ref - But as a contracted referee that was and is perrogative. There is precedent for that very thing. The only true involvement that Stone Cold had within the match was when Michael Cole shoved him, and even then it was far less than I have seen from other referees for lesser offences. Perhaps Im blind but lesser refs have interferred far more and the decisions wernt reversed.
Yes, I realise that much of wrestling is scripted - but as a true fan to the genere we were done a disservice this evening and disrespected by the interference of the RAW GM. And it is not the first time, though that is another post all together. I am truly offended by the RAW GM's actions regarding this match.

What a disgrace.

I am seriously debating my current fan status.

That being expressed and complety aside from the topic presented - Good job King!

Thanks for listening guys and gals!

~Lady Alhanna~


Sadly wrestling is done, HHH vs Taker was a letdown, Wrestlemania 27 the worst ever.

Hi J.R. im just another fan, but ive been a fan for 27 years a long long time. And i never really comment on these things, but im hoping you actually do read this. AS a fan for so long im a so dissapoined in the match i saw between Undertaker and HHH. So many people are giving it praise and i just dont see how. It was a tired slow sluggish match full of spots. I know it was no holds bared, but their was no wrestling, and thats my issue. I recently read where Vince wants wrestling out of the name, he doesnt want it mentioned, what a shame. These 2 men are great wrestlers especially HHH and wrestling is why we are here today, you cant deny your past. Undertaker showed me (and im one of his biggest fans) that he is done. He is in my view the greatest performer of all time (even better than ole HBK) but that match was just too slow for me. His body is finally broken down, he has gave his all for us, and i think its time for the deadman to bow out. I cant sit here and watch anymore of these type of matches from him. Ric Flair hung on too long, so did Hogan 2 of my favorites, and i cant stand seeing a wrestler thats past his time trying to hang on for one more glory. That match at wrestlemania was the biggest dissapointment ive ever seen, not only was Wrestlemania 27 the worst wrestlemania of all time, with the weakest card, but the one match that could have made it all better was the biggest let down ever. Those matches were not booked properly, the guys and matches were just not right for a wrestlemania, to open with a world title match was ridiculous. Wrestling is dead, sadly the stars of today just dont have it, they are told that wrestling is over to be soley entertainers and thats fine but dont shit on tradition and dont take out what brought you to the dance. And now its confirmed that the last legend is done, there is no more reason for me to watch, i cant watch these new guys , im a wrestling fan not a pure entertainment fan. Its been a fun time but i say this with a tear in my eye RIP WRESTLING....


A friend of mine and I have been fans of wrestling for well over twenty years now. Unfortunately this year’s Wrestlemania to us may go down as one of the worst I have ever seen. There was lack luster performance, horrible pacing of matches, and in my opinion either rushed, or poorly developed storylines. I know you must get many emails like this but, quite frankly we have no idea who to express our opinions to and you seem to be the guy that genuinely has a passion for the business and its fans. If you would take a moment to look at our proposition for what would make Wrestlemania 28 in our eyes would truly be epic, it would greatly be appreciated. And, of course, if you see fit, please feel free to further along any ideas.

Wrestlemania 28

WWE Title - Miz v. Morrison
World Title - Del Rio v. Orton
IC Title - Rhodes v. McEntyre
US Title - Bryan V. Sheamus
MITB - Ziggler, Kofi, Bourne, Barrett, Big Show, Kane, Swagger, & Dibiase
Edge v. Christian
Taker v. CM Punk
Cena v. Rock
Mysterio v. Sin Cara
Awesome Kong v. Natalya
Tag - Gabriel/Slater v. McGillicutty/Harris

Now that is a very large card, which the tag match could be bumped to a dark match if needed, but it is also filled with potentially historic matches and invigorating story lines. There is no need for some big celebrity involvement due to the fact that you already have the Rock returning to wrestle. Also, silly backstage comedic acts should never take precedence over quality wrestling, which the talent on the roster fully able to supply. Thus, here is just our opinion of a storyline that could help build this card.

Del Rio v. Orton ... lets see, Edge is champion so why not lets have Del Rio and CM Punk team up on Edge, thus he brings in the likely tag partner of Orton so we have rated RKO, and it gives Orton another shot at his foe CM Punk. However, Del Rio takes Orton out before the match so we bring in Christian. Punk gets into Christian’s head about how Edge and Christian started together yet Edge has been so much more successful than him and its Christians time to shine.. thus we have Christian cost Edge the title and we're set up for Edge v. Christian.

Del Rio is champion now and Orton wants revenge for his attack, we now have Orton vs Del Rio.

CM Punk claims that he’s the greatest manipulator of all time and was even able to get into the head of Christian to turn on his best friend, enter "GONG" and Undertaker. Now we have a battle of the true masters of manipulation.

Morrison wins the Royal Rumble to take on Miz, but this storyline as with the rest of the card should easily write itself.

If you are still reading, we appreciate your interest in our thoughts and thank you taking the time to read. We do not expect our opinions to be handed to WWE Creative as we well know that you have no control over those decisions. Again, we simply thought you would be the best person to express these concerns and ideas to.

Hope all is well and again, thanks for the time.