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Greetings all! Great savings as we speak on JR's products with grilling season and the July 4th celebration around the corner. Check the savings and packages at http://www.wweshop.com.  LET'S GRILL! RANDOM THOUGHTS...on various topics.... The NBA Draft is tonight and even though I love our OKC Thunder, the draft on ESPN has created no interest for me. I'm one that thinks that kids coming out of college after one year to assume adult like responsibilities when they aren't prepared is a mistake.  My thought is that young athletes would be better served to stay in college two years, going to class and working on their hoops game which would help college basketball, help said players build more name identity for the pros and give them a partial educational foundation. Notwithstanding they would be more ready to contribute in the NBA as a whole with a longer tenure in college. Just my two cents with which many won't agree. The new, WWE Performance Center will have its official grand opening, by invitation only and not open to the general public, on Thursday July 11. The 26,000 square foot facility will rival any training facility in the NFL or the best of division one athletic programs. There will be 7 rings available along with top of the line production facilities including a room that talent can work on their verbal skills that one can do on their own and then send the promo to a work station for review with their peers and/or coaches. There will be a voice over room that the talents plus the on air announcers can use to practice. The Performance Center facility will be manned by a full time strength and conditioning coach, the most up to date work out equipment available, fulltime athletic trainers, physical therapists and an on call/on site physician. I see our NXT talents arriving in the morning and leaving in the early evening most days much like one would expect a NFL team to do during the pre season especially.         Loving the WWE Title MITB match which, as has been pointed out to me repeatedly, is loaded with 'fan favorites.' Who cares? The men in this match are 'stars' and some do have personal issues, Bryan/Orton, plus new issues can certainly come out of the MITB Ladder Match coming up on PPV. That's the general idea as a rule especially with Summer Slam on the horizon.  Waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop, so to speak, as to when the Wyatt Family will debut in WWE and what and who will be the focus of their early tenure. I don't necessarily see them as a three man unit ala the Shield but that will likely be the way they begin their WWE journey TFN.  Really admiring the work that DDP is doing trying to do to help so many people with his yoga program notwithstanding his devoted work with Jake Roberts and Scott Hall. Addiction is a minute by minute battle and I think positive thoughts for these afflicted albeit talented men every day and hope that they follow the plan that is essential for them to get healthy. Apparently Jake Roberts had a relapse recently and hopefully it will be his last. The odds are that it won't be but Jake has the intellect and hopefully the desire to defy the odds and make this sobriety thing work for him.  He, along with Scott Hall, have WAY too much to offer and the time left to accomplish great things if they can get to where I know that they want to be and that is clean and sober. The alternative is unfortunately a slow, or not, agonizing death that does further damage to one's family and friends.     Questions that I know that I'll get during the much anticiapted (by me, at least) Q&A portion of the presentation during  my upcoming UK Spoken World tour in UK include: Favorite match and favorite wrestler along with all the obligatory 'best of all time' topics. Do you think anyone might ask if WrestleMania will ever be held in the UK? I might have to just talk about the matters up front and get them out of the way before we begin the Q&A's. Tickets are selling great for all our shows and are still available at http://www.psievents.eventbrite.com/ The VIP tickets earn you a private meet and greet with autographs and photo opportunities plus we aren't over selling these tickets so that the fans have to be herd through like cattle.  I'm excited about the opportunity to tell my unlikely story that began in the biz in 1974 as a 22 year old and has endured to the present. Discussing the territories, working for such powerful men as Bill Watts, Ted Turner and Vince McMahon, the advent of national cable TV, that new thing called PPV, the Monday Night Wars, The Attitude Era, and my own personal health challenges, being EVP of WWE Talent Relations, etc  gives us a great deal of potential, interesting and unique ground to cover.  If these shows continue to do well, multiple opportunities have been presented to me to do similar shows in North America and even in Australia. http://www.americansoda.co.uk out of Manchester will have JR's products at all the events for purchase with NO shipping or handling charges.   I hope to attend the NFL rookie symposium next year to gather more info to help WWE rookies when they come into the system. Because WWE has no off season, the influx of new talents is an on going process and this info can be a vital part of the new talent's orientation into the transition into the unique world of sports entertainment. I enjoy working with the WWE Talent Devlopment program today as much as I did the last several years that I broadcast weekly, WWE TV. The future of our busienss resides in Talent Development.    Some of my personal theories about WWE Talent Development are pretty simple:   If one is happy JUST to be in the program, then they will likely fail.  If one doesn't approach developmental like it was a traditional job requiring the approiate hours on a regular basis, one is likely to fail. Not being willing to fully invest into the strength and conditioning program to improve one's overall strength/explosiveness along with their look, then one is likely to fail.  If one consistently creates the same problems for themselves that can't be solved by all means available, the 'problem' must be eliminated.  In other words, simply "Do Right" and act like a professional in and out of the facility. Be competitive, knowing that there are only a limited number of main roster spots with several people vying for them. Hold nothing back while training and invest ample time in studying the history of the business. It's sad to think that some that don't make the cut will look back upon their time in developmental with regret. One can't blame the system forever and those that do will likely have issues finding success in any thing that they do.    The Q&A section of the site is updated and worth taking a look. I think that you will enjoy this grouping of questions. If you have questions for me,  ask them there.  Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Always lots of activity there and it's fun interacting, as best that I can, with many of you.  Thanks to those that support our efforts to build our family brand of JR's products as we are not only proud of what we've developed but are especially grateful for your loyalty.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.     @JRsBBQ