WWE Talent Releases, JR & Stone Cold to Tag Team??, Million Dolar Man Podcast Setting Records, Grilling Tips, SLOBBER KNOCKER Tees

Great day to be above ground here in beautiful Norman, Oklahoma. I feel that there is some grilling in my immediate future. With that said, "We're burning daylight."

Unfortunate news coming out of WWE today regarding many talents being released. This was always the hardest part of my old job back in the day in WWE but it unfortunately comes with the territory. My theory was to make it as quick and painless for the talents that were being released as possible. One has to remember that this not only affects the individual but their families, friends and fans as well. 

I'm sure that many of those released will stay busy on the indy circuit, autograph functions, etc if they choose to travel that road. 

Hopefully, WWE is going to make it as easy as possible for these released talents to quickly and seamlessly move on to other opportunities that may be available now but might not be in a few weeks. 

Days like these are exactly the reason that I have stressed, and often times been criticized, for preaching that all wrestling personnel have a viable plan B. It's not fair to one's family to not have a plan B especially in the volatile world of pro wrestling, pro sports and entertainment, in general.

The demise of the territories rears it's ugly and much missed head again on days such as this.

For the young talents that are now non WWE talents, your dreams can still come true if that's the path with which you choose to commit. One thing is for sure....if one turns in their jersey then the game is over...your time has run out...and it's time to explore other options that hopefully are more structured and less volatile. In other words, don't quit if being in the business still resonates in your heart. 

By no means should any one cease attempting to live their dreams simply because they are no longer working in WWE or any other company for that matter.

I'm doing a guest shot on today's @steveaustinBSR show on podcastone.com and Steve and talk many things wresting and non-wrestling including the heel manager genius that was Gary Hart. The "Playboy" was an evil genius to say the least who embraced legit heat where many of his peers back in the day and certainly many more today would crawl naked through broken glass to avoid. 

Steve and I also talked about teaming up on some shows together that would feature VIP meet and greets and a Slobber Knocker, Stone Cold Stunner of Q&A's. This is going to happen but likely not until 2015. Steve's got plenty of projects pending and I'm not working on the weekends during @Oklahoma_Football season.

Here's one idea that won't make the cut that we discussed but that I do think it makes sense. Occasionally, the WWE producers aka agents should ride with the younger talents on the road to let them sit under the veterans's learning tree and to better understand the nuances of being a heel or a fan favorite. This idea will go over like flatulence in church as no one likes to get out of their comfort zone while traveling as it relates to who one travels with, who rents the car, etc.

Nonetheless anyone who thinks that they can accomplish all that they need to at the arena on busy TV days or at live events is being foolish. 

The question is what is truly the best for business? If the businesses  foundation becomes vulnerable then it affects everyone in the equation. Keep the goose healthy because she's the one who lays those golden eggs that pay the bills. 

Just my two cents, but mentoring in general in today's world has never been more important whether it be in wrestling or any other walk of life. If you are able to mentor someone, help them and improve their quality of life then please do so. 

If I was guessing, I'd suggest that the departures are not over. Likely others are on the proverbial bubble today as well.

Perhaps those involved in creative should take a long look at their failure to come up with more marketable TV personas as these matters cannot be considered any thing other than a collective failure by several and that includes the talents who plateau on fundamental skill development even though their TV characters may be lacking in the eyes of many. 

The fact of the mater is that the team wins and the team loses so any failure such as cutting a talent has to be considered a team loss that is, again, inevitable, in the genre.   

At the end of the day releasing talent is a part of the business but where one door closes another door opens and it's always intriguing to see who steps up...walks through the door...and makes a difference when they are put in the game.

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