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Hopefully everyone is having a blessed weekend. #PrayForNewtown should be on everyone's mind. None of us can ever take a day for granted. We now begin another riveting and informative blog or so says the author while breaking his arm patting himself on the back.... 

#WWE #TLC is on PPV from Brooklyn, New York this Sunday on pay per view and I'm counting on the event to provide some intriguing water cooler talk come Monday morning. The event feels as if it has the potential to provide fans with some 'fresh' content especially as it relates to evolving talents and their maturation process notwithstanding some obvious 'big picture' matters. 

Here are my predictions:

@HeelZiggler slipping over @JohnCena in the Ladder match with the MITB contract  at stake. Would it shock me to see Dolph Ziggler leave TLC as the new World Champion as well? Not totally. It also wouldn't shock me to see Cena win. That's one reason this match intrigues me.  

@Ryback22 and Team Hell No vs @TheShield...6 man tag that is likely to be wild west like and I see the three newcomers coming out on top by hook or crook. Fresh match that will likely be well received.  

@WWESheamus challenging @WWETheBigShow for the World Title..straight forward, physical, smash mouth with Show retaining in a bout where chairs are legal and likely to play a major role in the bout's outcome. 

Rhodes Scholars vs. Mysterio and Sin Cara in a tag team, Tables match...nod goes to the team with the most facial hair...or so we think. Sandow & Rhodes take one more step forward. 

R Truth challenging @AntonioCesaro for the United States Title. Cesaro is in full on throwback mode, if he wore a jersey it would be a Johnny Valentine model, and will retain his championship. A 'maximize one's minutes' type of bout for both talents. 

Kofi Kingston defending the Intercontinental Title against @WadeBarrett could be one of the better bouts of the show and I see Kofi retaining against Barrett who is  destined for a great 2013. Hope Kofi can continue to regain what he found just down the road from Brooklyn in Madison Square Garden a year or so ago vs Randy Orton. These are two men, or so it seems, WWE is counting on big time in the near future. 

Will @WWE Champion @CMPunk's presence at #TLC Sunday be significant? My assumption is yes but how is anyone's guess. The WWE Title is the ultimate prize in WWE and it will be on display in some shape, form or fashion. 

@MichaelCole will spearhead the broadcast with @JerryLawler and @JCLayfield. Three man booths are often times tough to navigate but Cole does a great job of being the point man and JBL and the King have had a show or two under their belts  together so I'd expect that we will be entertained and informed. Could we see a guest appearance by @CMPunk at the announce table Sunday? Any thing is possible in @WWE. The wrestlers provide the music and the announcers provide the lyrics. 

Most likely much will be made of what bout will close the PPV and my opinion on that one is "Who cares?" As it relates to the order of events, the first bout of the night on PPV is also extremely important and should be one that is perceived that the live audience will engage in and invest. Frankly, more speculation should be devoted to what bout starts the show that what bout ends the event.

I will be tweeting my thoughts on the TLC PPV live @JRsBBQ and invite you to enjoy the PPV and follow along with me on Twitter. 

The podcast of my radio hit on Yahoo Sports Radio can be heard at bit.ly/RvOxaF or simply to to http://www.yahoosportsradio.com and locate it there. It's always fun to speak with my friend @SeanCablinasian. Saturday morning we talked #TLC, @CMPunk, #OU Football and #Heisman Trophy race/winner. 

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Funny how when fans ask questions on Twitter @JRsBBQ IE who's the greatest, technical wrestler of all time and I provide this answer, "There is NO way to determine a clear cut winner as the topic is too subjective but FOR ME the answer would be Danny Hodge." For some insane reason that answer is me, apparently, talking in some sort of covert, Oliver North-esque code where I'm knocking other talents like @BretHart and many others by not picking them. That's #PetCoonGoofy

Working on answering the Q&A's that have been posed here on our site. I wish new people would join in and that the same fans wouldn't ask so many questions in one sitting. Nonetheless I enjoy the interactions. 

You watching the Stones on PPV Saturday night? It's on our agenda. "Start Me Up!!"



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The Shield will be a breath of 'fresh" air for sure. They really need to pick up the win in their match (i predict they will)  to continue their momentum and make them credible going forward. Maybe Punk's presence makes a difference here.

I have Ziggler going over Cena for sure since Cena has dominated their feud thus far. But it won't be a clean win for Ziggler. I have someone interferring and causing Cena to lose...possibly Mark Henry who's rumored to return at the TLC ppv. Plus Ziggler carrying the briefcase will be more interesting than Cena carrying it since Ziggler could cash in anytime...possibly after the Sheamus-Show Title match at TLC where i predict he will.

Sheamus vs Big Show is really a toss up for me. I'll say history repeats itself again with Ziggler cashing in on Big Show after he gets by Sheamus possibly due to interferance from Mark Henry.

I also have Cesaro retaining and Rhodes Scholars winning as well.

And i think Barrett is a step above the IC title right now so he will lose to Kofi but go on to win the WHC in 2013 if he can stay healthy.

Should be a great PPV and possibly the last we ever see if the Mayan's are right and the world ends next Friday. DOOMSDAY 2012!

It's the Tuesday after RAW and I am wondering if Alberto Del Rio is going to have a Merry Christmas. The look in his eyes last night was priceless. Using 3MB is the best option for what's sure to be a INTERESTING turn for Del Rio and Miz. I am trying so hard to "get it" and accept it. In life,  you don't cover Led Zep and..........................................Ahhh forget it !  Have a Merry Christmas and safe New Year.  Popped big time for The Boogie Man and didn't even know why. Don't know what you got till it's gone.