Hello from KC where my
SW plane is 90 minutes late. Lovely sitting in KCI when I could still have been horizontal. Here's MITB random thoughts...excuse the misspelled words...working on Blackberry.

Solid show dotted w/ hard work and effort in an often times challenging environment.

KC crowd picked their spots but what 1 could have predicted would be crowd friendly was.

Making 2 MITB bouts different is a daunting task. The 2nd of these bouts has the advantage. Raw gets the nod in the MITB bouts Sun.

Hello from Norman, Oklahoma ... the home of J.R.'s Family BBQ and the Oklahoma Sooners. My upcoming weekend will be filled with OU football and WWE's Breaking Point in Montreal ... and of course a little old school, slow smoked BBQ. All great slices of Americana ... except the Quebec part which is French, of course.

Congrats to the Fink for doing a Hall of Fame job Monday night working with TV legend Bob Barker. No one has done more wearing a sequined jacket since Michael Jackson's glory days than Howard Finkel did on Raw. It was good to hear Howard's voice again on WWE TV.

Thanks for stopping by and making time for us here on WWE.com. It has been a busy week and we've traveled plenty of miles and seen some interesting sights since we last visited.

Down here in Oklahoma, business at J.R.'s Family BBQ in Norman, Oklahoma is nice and steady. We are open 7 days a week at 11 a.m. and are located on the east side of I-35 at exit 109 which is the Main Street exit in Norman which is just south of Oklahoma City and North of Dallas.

Thanks for stopping by ... hope everyone is well. This week's blog is a collection of random thoughts from under the black hat ... while sitting in J.R.'s Family BBQ in Norman, Oklahoma.

Friday Night SmackDown this week emanates from Miami, Florida, which is always a super place to visit. Although I will have to admit that I had a better time this week while in South Florida than I did back in January when the University of Florida defeated my Oklahoma Sooners for the National Title of College Football. But, as the King would say, one can't grieve forever.

Thanks for dropping by and checking out our blog. Between processing orders for bottles of sauce and merchandise on our BBQ website www.jrsbarbq.com and traveling for WWE, things have been hectic as we've been as busy, as my Grandpa would say, as a fruit merchant. That's not a complaint by the way.

Friday Night Smackdown on MyNetworkTV is a solid broadcast that I encourage you to check out if for nothing else but to enjoy the return bout between Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Title.

Random thoughts from under the custom made, black hat from an Okie who's happy to be home from our hot, California sojourn and who needs his "fix" of J.R.'s Family BBQ.

The C.M. Punk/Jeff Hardy issue is evolving at an interesting clip and I'm willing to bet a bottle of J.R.'s Original BBQ Sauce, available at www.jrsbarbq.com, that their World Title Bout at Night of Champions will be a gem dandy. Hardy seems to be feeling the pressure to win the World Title while Punk continues to play enough mind games to add to the youngest Hardy's angst.

California Here We Come! Right back to where I started from as I was born in Fort Bragg, California and attended 4th grade in Santa Rosa, California. How's that for some useless trivia?! The Bash this Sunday in Sacramento will be as hot as the Oklahoma summer and yours truly has plenty of predictions for you to ponder. Here we go...

 I escaped from L.A. and am safely back in the friendly confines of my comfort zone of Norman, Oklahoma and J.R.'s Family BBQ with the Mrs. and our cat "The Mick" .... named after Mickey Mantle for you conspiracy theorists.

 It's been a busy week around the Ross Ponderosa here in Oklahoma. dodging tornadoes and selling plenty of "Q" while doing my homework for this Sunday's PPV in Chicago known as Judgment Day.

Here are a few predictions and slow, smoked random thoughts:

The Quiznos TV ads where the oven is talking to the young, male cook are spooky. Somebody might have been standing too closer to the smoker when those ads were created.

 Random BBQ'ed thoughts from under the custom made, black Oklahoma hat.

This week's Friday Night Smackdown emanates from the Igloo in Pittsburgh, home of Sid "the Kid" Crosby, yes we watch hockey in Oklahoma, and it is a broadcast that continues to establish rivalries and begin to establish newly drafted competitors to the Friday night brand.