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Good to see you drop by and pay us a visit. As my dearly departed Granny used to say, "it's so nice to have company but we better go to bed so these folks can go home."  Don't allow yourself to run out of BBQ Sauces and Chipotle Ketchup and for those of you who want to move to a healthy snack, 97% Fat Free, that's full of protein then our Championship Original Beef Jerky is the ticket. Don't be caught short handed for the big weekend cookout, be nice and send some sauce home with your neighbors and get ready now for the huge 4th of July blowout when grilling becomes religion.

WWEShop.com has our Original BBQ Sauce and our Beef jerky in stock but there are issues with shipping internationally. I did not know these matters existed until late today so we will hopefully get good news tomorrow on that piece of business. Let's keep our fingers crossed because the ability to ship especially to the UK and to Canada is big. 

Some fans have gone to their local grocers and have convinced them to order a small shipment of our products to try in their store and we are currently sending out info to these grocers who want to keep their customers happy. Allan in Waseca, Mn got his HY-VEE store to stock our Original Sauce and the Chipotle Ketchup and it is on their shelves now.

Every order helps that we can ship directly to these grocery stores and all they have to do is reach out to us at the Contact Us icon on the home page and give us their info and we will follow up with them. 

I read many, many reviews of Tuesday night NXT season two premier on Syfy with a wide variety of opinion and feedback on the program. In theory, that much feedback and interest is a good thing. I will chime in here that I am unable to put my finger on the definitive star of the litter after watching one, 42 minute TV show with short matches and sound byte interviews. In a few weeks I will be much better prepared to declare who I think has the best chance to make it to the next level which is merely means one is added to the  traveling, WWE roster and certainly not to main event status or immediate or overnight stardom. 

Husky Harris name may grow on me but he's got some charismatic, was former offensive lineman who looks tough, is tough, and likes to play tough so he's on my radar. His Grandpappy was a badass as no one ever out horsed Black Jack Mulligan except for that one time with Andre in a story that has been told a hundred ways. Old Husky can move and has a helluva first step but he's a candidate for eating himself out of a job down the road if he's not careful. It's all fun and games when one is in their 20's and their weight isn't an issue...yet.

I do like the fact that we all know the rules of NXT this season and what the timetable is for the eliminations. 

Folks are still buzzing about the first NXT crew who made a memorable impact on Raw Monday night. It was certainly the best part of the show. Good job done by all. I love the 'Wild West' feel of pro wrestling, or if you prefer the term sports entertainment, as unpredictable ass kicking is what it's all about and creates more 'water cooler talk' that dancing joksters at least in many circles. 

Looks like Oklahoma and most of the Big 12 South, sans Baylor, plus with Colorado will migrate west and join the new Pac16 Mega Conference for football. College football pays the bulk of all the bills accrued by virtually every athletic department for all teams. These teams moving conference's is about the money plain and simply...long term money that will keep funding their all important athletic departments for decades to  come.....as long as the networks don't have to refinance down the road due to poor ad sales and affiliate issues....such as the world wide economy that no one want to even remotely wants to approach in discussion. 

Nonetheless I'd sure as hell rather head to California or Arizona in the late fall/early winter for a Sooner Game than to head to Iowa State....I'm just saying. 

Again, it is all about the money. The networks will pay big money so they can 'own' these leagues who produce inexpensive, easily to manage, college football games which are the ultimate in reality TV. Plus, a big time college football game will garner a rating on the Saturday night wasteland of TV viewing.

BTW...do the NXT Season One Renegades need a leader? Probably. Perhaps  a Hall of Fame caliber talker who can express what these young bucks feel. Or perhaps the 8 or them can figure out how to share speaking opportunities and remain the near parity that exists. Time will tell. 

Emailer...No I don't think that Michael Cole will be the leader of the NXT group but of course it could happen. Cole is on three TV shows a week and adding this to his job description certainly fills the boat and puts Cole in an spot to where he is close to being over exposed. Who's ready to step in and handle pay by play for Cole if that were to occur?

Emailer...I preferred the first Undertaker vs. HBK bout because, says the guy with the black hat and the even bigger ego, I got to participant. Plus, the fist time "Feels like the First Time" sang Foreigner is always the most memorable or should I say usually is the most memorable. 

Emailer...I'm not interested in OU getting the 2004 National Championship  from the penalized Southern California because they were busted and stripped of the title among other heavy penalties. USC was the best team that year and kicked OU's ass convincingly, My Sooners don't deserve the accolade. We want to win it on the field.

Eamilier...Yes I like the proposed Pac 16 over the SEC for many reasons. The SEC is a snakepit while the Pac 16 has amazingly lucrative TV markets, traditional rich programs, and may be easier to win year in and year out as opposed to the loaded SEC especially if they add FSU and Va. Tech.

Hey, just as long as OU plays Texas every year I will be happy no matter the Sooners' league. This is wild, on Friday night October 1 Friday Night Smackdown has their debut on Syfy live from OKC as I understand it, the next day in the Cotton Bowl is the OU-Texas Red River Rivalry as a part of the Texas State Fair and then on Sunday in Dallas is the WWE PPV Hell in a Cell.

Emailer...if your product on your grill is burning on the outside and is not getting done on the inside, you may be grilling it with too high a temperature. Lower the temp, pay attention, and see if that might not help. When I cook fillets on the grill, I always cut into the steak at the end of th process to make sure it;s as done as my guests have requested. Grilling simply can't be a 'quickie' proposition. If you want a 'quickie' use a microwave. Or call a 900#.

Young wrestling announcers need to rely on their instincts and their 'feel for the game' more than the need to force feed me how many titles so and so has won which more often than not come at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Feel the game...emotionally invest in the process and allow the proceedings to come to you. Sounds simple enough but it isn't easy and some never 'get it.'

Plus, some announcers seem compelled to name every singe move made during a match no matter how obscure or meaningless the move may be. Corney or ill conceived names can kill excellent holds.

Predicted trend....more wrestlers winning by submission. Old school types may bitch about submissions because they think that losing b submission does harm to the loser. I totally disagree especially if the submission maneuver is explained properly. I'm likely wrong but I'm begging for winners and loses and not so damn many run in's on the TV matches that I watch during a given week.

For football and other info I have been enjoying the Bleacher Report. Check it out.

We are talking a with a major,  national shopping network about future projects. As Terrell Owens would say, "I love me some me selling JR.'s BBQ Sauces." 

My blog is up at WWE.com @ http://fans.wwe.com./jimross/blog

You can soon see my CAC speech at our Facebook page at Facebook.dj/jrbbq/. 

We should have some thing to talk about with a major, national sports website where I will write regularly on College Football, MMA and the NFL.

Twitter.com/JRsBBQ. Sign up...you will love it especially around happy hour.

Yes I will be heading to Charlotte in August for the NWA Fanfest. I play on flying in on Thursday evening and leaving Saturday.   

Order your BBQ Sauces and Chipotle Ketchup but don't forget that JR's Beef Jerky which is an awesome snack the year around. You order tomorrow and we'll try and ship tomorrow. We want your business and we're willing to earn it every day. The Fink just got a big shipment and we are due to ship to Taz soon among several other well known stars. We're also working with the NFL on using our sauces as an item in a 'grab bag' the players are given to take to camp. JR's Sauces has been a requested item.

Thanks are good..count your blessings and be sure and get your orders in asap. Please let us do something special for you for Father's Day. If you have an idea, run it by us and we'll try and accommodate you especially with our personalized cook books. The things we can say....

Thanks for the visit and for your business.

Boomer Sooner!


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Hello JR, what are your thoughts on former manager James Mitchell (aka the Sinister Minister)? I thought he was fantastic in ECW and TNA, but he never got the shot he deserved in WWE.

I could see him being paired with Kane, convincing the Big Red Machine that he needs the mask to become the ultimate evil once again.

God knows, wrestling needs these out of the ordinary characters to spice up the mix a bit, and Mitchell would definitely be a step in the right direction.

Oh, and also your thoughts on Kenny Bolin, that great manager and mouthpiece from OVW?

Thank you!!

Jim Mitchell is very talented w/o question.  It's too bad that most decision makers perceive that wrestling managers are too retro/old school. Kenny Bolin is a talking dude and funny as hell and he even makes me look slim when we stand side by side.

 Hi Jim,

For a college student like myself who wants to try your sauce, do you sell sauce individually for say 4-7 $ dollars instead of $19.98 cases of a few?  I would just like 1 bottle to test it out and do a little cooking, and if I like it I will certainly buy more.  

Thank you from Long Island, New York

Shipping one bottle of sauce is too costly for you and me both. The best way to try our products is to go with the three pack....1 of each.  

Hi JR,

Always fun to read your blogs.I really want to try your products but I think it would be too expensive for me to try it specially because I'm in the Philippines and shipping itself would already be too expensive. Do you know any store in the Philippines that orders from you or from wweshop? if you do tell me. Thanks.

Hey JR

The gang at Fan Fest is thrilled to hear you're going to be joining us in Charlotte this August.

Any chance that you'll bring some sauce and jerky to sell ?    It would fly off the table if you did.

I would love to but I don't know how I would sell it due to time restraints and my schedule or if the hotel will allow outside food products to be sold there. If I had a simple way of doing it I would without question.

Hey JR. Any chance of Booker T getting 1 more run in WWE? He is a tremendous talent and it's a shame he's not on TV anymore. The King Booker character was always hystercal to me... especially when someone would tick him off and cause him to revert back to streets of Harlem Booker.

Hi JR, hope you're well and things are good in Norman.

I've only just found out that the brilliant Shelton Beljamin has been released from the WWE. I was wandering where he was from television, I thought he might have had an injury.

It was a major error on the WWE's part (Creative mainly) that he wasn't pushed further. He was pushed aggresively at the start of his WWE, against HHH, (as was Vladamir Koslov and look where he is now). Then Shelton hit his stride alongside Kurt Angle (as part of the Worlds Greatest Tag Team, and they were) and then he seem to vanish.  Sure he was US Champion (I think he was also Intercontinental champ too).. Although, it seemed it was during a time when the WWE couldn't care less who was carrying the second-tier championship.

But during it all he was (and still is) the best technical wrestler in the biz and stole show whenever he took part in Wrestlemania's Money in the Bank everytime.

As a performer he was sorely neglected by management, everytime when you or Michael Cole call out 'the most gifted athlete in the WWE' it made me wince. As he was usually wrestling in lower/mid card matches that had no story to build on for future feuds.

Glad to hear that your business is continuing to grow.  I hope to be ordering some of your jerky soon and am glad to hear that you are going to add some "heat" to your BBQ sauce.

I too was not really impressed with any of the NXT rookies the other night.  Not one of them seemed to stand out  but  it is still early in the game.

Early in the game is the key phrase. I think some will surprise us.

 With Dixie Carter promising a gigantic change to the future of TNA wrestling, I see three possible announcements coming from their top notch organization. 1) They have hired Paul Heyman. 2) They have hired Shane Mcmahon, or 3) TNA will now be taking orders through their webiste for JR'S bbq sauce  seeing how wweshop dropped the ball in shipping international orders.

WWEShop did not drop the ball but had issues w/ UPS which are being addressed. The game isn't over yet in that regard. I do not expect to see Paul Heyman back in wrestling any time soon and I haven't heard any thing on Shane in months.