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My latest blog is up at www.ouinsider.com and the link is http://ouinsider.com/news/story.pho?article=5055. For those sites using items from this blog please include this as I'm curious to see how many #'s the wrestling world can drive to this short read entitled J.R.'s 7 Points to Ponder.

We did ample work Thursday in working on the OKC Super Show set for Friday night October 1 in OKC's Ford Center, home of the OKC Thunder. It's w/o question the most significant night for WWE in my home state ever. Tickets are still available starting at only $15. It's a loaded event.

Emailer...how well will WWE utilize Ocho Cinco this Monday night on Raw from Cincy as the Guest Host? Wish I had a crystal ball and I would win some money this weekend on football but alas. It's always about creating the accepted balance between sports and entertainment with WWE. I like the sports side better while others likely don 't.

I also don't understand what a 1-3 minute bout accomplishes on TV.

The OU-FSU ticket is as hot as any ticket for a game in Norman in years. It's set to be a beautiful day in the 90's for the ABC telecast which starts at 2:30 pm central. My black hat and I will be on OU's sideline...sweating no doubt. Sooners must play better against the 'Noles who hung half a hundred on Samford last week in Tallahassee while OU narrowly escaped Utah State with a 7 point win while going into the game favored by 33. Again, please check out my blog at www.ouinsider.com.

HBO's Hard Knocks series can teach the wrestling biz several things. In a nutshell, when fans make an emotional investment in players IE wrestlers then the players create more equity and value for themselves. I'm sure more people will follow the Jets, some to see them win and some to see them lose, this season because of watching Hard Knocks. I know that I will be watching Rex Ryan's' team with interest because I got to know the players and coaches on the HBO program. Point is, if wrestling people don't over think the process and do better, more patient and consistent character development then those characters, when engaged in personal issues with other familiar characters, will equate to increased ratings and revenue. 

Strange that Spike TV and UFC doesn't have a weekly show in a regular time slot 52 weeks a year if for nothing else to be able to always have the opportunity to create an interest in UFC's next PPV. Even a quasi talk show format with highlights and training footage of various up and comers or PPV participants would interest me. 

Emailer...I have not been contacted about a fan convention apparently set for LA in 2011. I don't do many 'conventions' but I do plan on doing a few appearances with the King in 2011 (after football season) around the time that the WWE All Star video game is released. 

It amazes me that on Twitter and via emails, that I usually delete, that some people still  think that I'm not on WWE air each week because I actually took myself out of the game. Look, I'm loving life, watching OU football, traveling to games, going to practice, working on building this site to a meaningful level via the sale of our products, etc and don't miss the weekly travel but it was a WWE mgmt decision to take me out of the rotation. They have concerns with my health, among other issues, and even though I miss aspects of my old professional life, I am actually very content with what I am doing for WWE and being able to spend more time at home. 

Plus, for those that email me about Michael Cole and want me to throw Cole under  a  bus, I am deleting those emails too because I am not throwing him or any other announcer under the bus for simply trying to do their job as they are produced. Cole and I have totally different styles and we 'sound' totally different. He's being himself, as he should, and viewers/fans can either like him or not but he's not going to be piled on by me. 

My style was unique and I know that it wasn't for everyone either. 

Start up wrestling organizations are likely to fail within a few months of starting based on what I see, feel, and the state of today's economy. The talent pool to start a new wrestling entity is lacking, sorely lacking. Plus if one doesn't have a viable TV clearance on basic cable one can forget about it, as well. Just my two cents. The two things a new company needs to make it is talent and television first and foremost. That's 'good' talent and 'good' TV.

Emailer...no I would not endorse a NXT Tag Team competition because of the lack of available teams which speaks back to the void that exists in the overall talent pool.

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Be well.

Boomer Sooner!


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Will you be watching the UTEP Miners versus Houston Cougras game tonight on ESPN? Hey, we can't all be BCS schools.

Cole has his moments.  If given the chance  Cole can call a good matches if given the chance. I am not a fan of Michael Cole but I do respect him.    At least he is better than mike Admely.  Cole is making the Miz greater and going to make Daniel Bryan great as a heel annocer

In Norman for the next 10 days and two games.  For those of you who haven't been here, it really is God's country.  Some of the best folks you'll EVER meet.  JR, I hope to get to meet you tomorrow.   Expect a text from Tommy, lol.  It's also become a 'sod' game and I don't want anyone coming into Norman and leaving with a piece of our turf.  Wish I would be out here for Raw, but I'll have to catch them next time in CT.  As for Cole, I think he's really gotten much better.  I enjoying him being a bit heel and look forward to his next comment.  Do wish the matches were a bit longer and more old school as they just can't build the same heat as the old timers were able to do.  

Well, it's time to rest for tomorrow.  Hope to finally meet you.  Go Sooners!!! 

Boomer Sooner!!!

Cole's heat isn't we love to hate you you do such a good job of being a heel heat. it's you suck, always have and always will now get off my tv heat.

Excellent game today. Congrats.

Hi Jim, it's your old friend Jerel from Tahlequah.  I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving. I just wanted to let you know I was praying for a speedy recovery for you in reagrds to your recent bout of Bell's Palsy. I enjoyed your return on RAW during "Old School" night. I miss seeing and hearing  you every week though, it's just not same. I know the "King" probably feel the same way.  Also I recently got to meet a good friend of your's and now he's friend of mine : Mr. Danny Hodge at recent  UWE Wrestling card here in Tahlequah. I even got the esteemed honor of " wrestling " Danny at the card. I asked him about his trademark double wrist lock and he showed me how it is applied along with a inverted armbar-wristlock combo that really liked to use ( Believe me I was tapping out before he applied full pressure on them. I'm still feeling the effects of them hehehe). That made my day meeting him, getting his autograph and " wrestling" him and talking wrestling with him. Well J.R.  you and your family have a great Christmas and Happy New Years and let's get one more Big12 Championship for our Sooners. Talk to you soon my friend, Jerel aka Nsuman72.

Hey JR

My name is Mio and i love wrestling.  I love it when you are there on the show. You really make the show fun and enjoyable more than it is.  I love it that you are back on the show and i hope you stay until you decide one your own that you want to retire. Until then keep up the good job.

Also another question how do you beome a manager for one of the wrestlers on the show i have always wondered how do you go by doing that?

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