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We hope this finds everyone well and in good spirits. All is lovely brudah, thanks Superfly Jimmy Snuka, in Oklahoma as we are preparing for a big weekend of cookouts and charity functions. We've received many questions via email on this site and via Twitter @JRsBBQ and will attempt to address some of them now... 

Why I don't like Intergender bouts....I don't 'hate' them but they fail to suspend my disbelief and I feel that the concept essentially went away when the late Andy Kaufman called his 'rasslin' career quits. 

What do I think of Drew McIntyre? Lots of potential, nice look, seems to be athletic but it needs to be established as to who the Scot is and what his immediate objectives are. 

Am I writing a book? At this time I'm trying to come up with a concept that I am personally comfortable with other than attempting to author a full blown autobiography. So, perhaps some day the idea that works will come to me and off we go. 

Do I have good memories of Mid South Wrestling and UWF Wrestling? Of course. When Watts was 'on' he produced as good a one hour, syndicated pro wrestling TV show as anyone around. That era was a great education for me on many fronts regarding the biz. Those long days weren't easy and I didn't get rich but I paid my dues and established a professional foundation that has served me for decades. If you want to see some of these great TV shows you can check out

Will I be in San Antonio for Raw? Nope, I plan on being home and watching Tough Enough and then Monday Night Raw. I'll miss the great, Mexican food in the home of the Riverwalk. 

Yes...we do have a Mustard/Ketchup combo package that comes with an autographed item and two bottles each of our Main Event Mustard and Chipotle Ketchup for only $9.88. (Shipping in the USA only from this website.) outside the USA can order our products via as they are shipping our goods around the world and are fully stocked as best I know. If you want to know exactly where WWEShop ships, please contact their website for all the accurate data. is the ONLY way to get our products outside the USA and they are doing a tremendous job of representing out brand on a global basis.

I did enjoy Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan's match on Smackdown a great deal and the involvement of Chavo Guerrero into the Cara mix as well. Cara is developing nicely, was a predictable, HUGE hit in Mexico last weekend for WWE, but Cara needs to accelerate his learning to speak English so he can communicate with a large portion of the WWE audience.

Yes...I can easily see the Rock back on WWE TV in some form and feel that matter is essential to promote his main event level match at WM28 in Miami vs John Cena. How Rock could NOT make reoccurring appearances on WWE TV and headline WMania is beyond me. However, I don't see Rock wrestling on free TV before WM28 but that's simply one man's opinion. 

Yes...I heard about TNA putting up billboards in Stamford, Ct which is the world HQ of WWE. Thoughts? A complete waste of money unless obscure mentions such as this one is what TNA is looking for. Silly expenditure of money IMO. One would think that organization would have bigger and more important fish to fry. However, what TNA does isn't any of my business or concern but the question was asked and has now been addressed. I would guess that many WWE, Stamford based employees learned of TNA for the first time via the local billboards.  

The most memorable 'I Quit' match I ever called was easily the Ric Flair-Terry Funk I Quit match that aired years ago when we were all w/ Turner. I remember the event well that emanated from upstate New York while working along side Gordon Solie, who did color, and vividly remember Gary Hart managing Funk. Check this one out sometime. 

The reason I love to watch TNT's coverage of the NBA Playoffs is the studio crew headlined by my pal Charles Barkley and listening to the PXP of Marv Albert. Barkley and company are highly entertaining and Ernie Johnson is vastly underrated as a guy who keeps the rudder in the water. Very entertaining stuff. 

Yes....I have enjoyed Tough Enough...feel @steveaustinBSR has been the money...throughly enjoy the work of pros Trish Stratus, Bill DeMott, and Booker T...think that the editing and production of the reality show is the best TE has ever been but I haven't been blown away yet by any of the contestants. With all that said, I never miss an episode of the program that leads into MNR each week. 

No...I do not think that Junior Dos Santos vs. Shane Carwin will go three rounds. BTW Carwin has NEVER gone three rounds in his 12-1 career. If Carwin can protect his chin from JDS' strikes, the larger, former amateur wrestler has a chance to take this fight to the mat and win thus earning a UFC Heavyweight Title bout. JDS' preparation for an ill Brock Lesnar can't be that much different than his present preparation for Carwin. However, Carwin's prep for his June foe changed immensely when he replaced Lesnar vs Dos Santos. 

Yes...diverticulitis is deadly serious especially if it goes un-addressed. I almost waited too long and likely had the ailment for at least a year before I sought treatment thinking all I had was a bad, stress induced stomach ache. Brock Lesnar's return to the Octagon will hinge solely on how bad a case of diverticulitis that he has and if it can be properly addressed w/o surgery. There is too much unknown, medical info on Brock Lesnar's latest diverticulitis issues for any one to accurately pinpoint a return date for the former NCAA, WWE, and UFC Champion. My best 'guess' is sometime in 2012.

Yes...Shane Carwin is somewhat 'dry' on the personality front or so many feel but w/ Paul Heyman doing some producing for Spike TV for their countdown show, Heyman will do his usual good job of hiding Carwin's weaknesses, underscoring Shane's strengths, and capturing a few marketable sound bytes by a monster who has only lost one MMA fight and is one victory away from another, big money title fight. 

BTW...Dos Santos isn't exactly a sound byte machine either but it only takes a few key, honest and pointed remarks to adequately sell a fight. UFC fighters just need to be somewhat embellished TV versions of their true self and provide the consumer with viable and legit reasons to buy an event. No one is suggesting that they go hyperbole and over the top ala some pro wrestling stars back in the day or even the great Muhammad Ali who got his shtick from wrestling but had a natural, charismatic delivery that did not feel forced to me.

Yes...I like the way WWE is using WWE HOF'ers to add to the live event experience ala The American Dream this weekend in Lake Charles, La and Dream's hometown of Austin, Texas. These specific bookings provide many potential resources including meet and greet opportunities, advance PR/media work, a reconnection to previous generations of fans, and adds much needed star power to the  live events. I'd pay good money just to hear Dusty cut an impassioned promo about any subject that he chose. Perhaps WWE should draw suggestions for a Dusty promo from a hat and watch him go to town.....if you will. 

We expect a busy week of on line biz as folks try to get product ordered and shipped to arrive int time for Memorial Day weekend cookouts that are the norm in the USA. 

Thanks for stopping by and you're personally invited to join us on Twitter @JRsBBQ. 

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Regarding your Brock Lesnar analysis: I disagree that father time isn't working against him. Even though he's not an average guy - father time is working against anyone. By the time he comes back, severel things come to my mind:

- Will the sport pass him by?

 - Will competition get tougher? Imagine a heavyweight version of Jon Jones popping up.

 - How will ring rust effect him? He can work as hard as he wants, but when you check out his two fights when he came back from his illness, you have Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez. He got busted up badly in the first round against Shane and I don't even need to mention the beating he got from Cain. How will it look like in 2012? He'll be even older and have even more ring rust plus the first two things I pointed out above are possible.

 and he was born to be a UFC fighter? C'mon, he's in for the money. And he also said that he would like to return to WWE when his fighting days are over.

Smart move for Spike TV to hire Heyman to help Carwin with his promos.  The classic ECW TV shows are often a train-wreck in many ways - a hodge-podge of footage from various house shows - often difficult to follow any storyline.  But I make sure not to miss a single one because the promos are absolutely brilliant - utterly unique and sometimes shiver-inducing.  A couple of months ago, there was a 5-minute promo by Beulah that absolutely blew me away - and not just as eye candy, but incredibly emotional.  If Heyman can get Beulah to show that level of intensity, he's got the potential to get Carwin to knock us all over.

Do you think it would be helpful for the business if the talent had an "off season" for like a month or so each year? Most other types of sports and entertainment have some type of off-season.

I also enjoyed Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan's match. From the match flow, athletics demonstrated, Chavo's commentary and involvement, it was quite an entertaining piece.

However, I came away thinking more about Daniel Bryan. I feel his character needs to develop more. I think he needs to speak. A more energetic theme song could be beneficial as well.

An earlier JR post mentioned WWE may bring managers back. Daniel might benefit by having a manager as a spokesperson.