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Before I get out the soap box, we've updated a ton of Q&A's as of Tuesday night and I think many of them will make you smile plus they are succinct and won't take much of your time. A person always has time to smile. I used to smile all the time before Bells palsy #3 but I'm still a jovial guy at heart. Really.

I've made it a point to not to dwell much on politics on this website. There are many reasons why but largely I find politics boorish and self serving. Partisan politicians are to be disdained because when their personal or their parties agendas come before the American people I find it reprehensible. In my eyes, many TV politicians are akin to certain TV preachers and , well, we all know how that's worked out over the years. 

Today a friend sent me a link to a wrestling website that posted a anonymous email saying that Daniel Bryan's firing had something to do with Linda McMahon's campaign for the Senate in Connecticut. More specifically this unknown, unidentified person even went so far as to say that Bryan's termination was dictated by the someone of authority in the campaign. First of all, if you knew Vince McMahon as I do you would know immediately how ridiculous that theory was. McMahon taking orders from some outsider? Right.

I've heard some BS in my life and my share of conspiracy theories during my 4 decades in the wrestling business but this one ranks right up there with some of the stupidest theories I've ever heard. 

I like Linda McMahon personally and feel she is a class act as she has always treated me professionally and with respect but if she had asked me, she didn't BTW, I would have suggested to her to not walk but to sprint away from politics. I'm that down on the whole political scene and that world's half truths, posturing for personal gain, party first agendas, and the can't balance our own check book mentality of professional politicians. Granted Mrs. McMahon isn't a professional politician of which I should clarify and furthermore I am not a registered voter in the state of Connecticut.  

In all the years that I worked in the front office of WWE never once did Linda attend a booking meeting, discuss with me or my group who was being fired or hired or what was going to happen on TV. When she appeared on TV as a character on a fictional show, for the record, she played a role that was written for her. She was never overjoyed, as I recall, about being on TV in the first place much less when she had to kick me south of the belt line one faithful night in Corpus Christi. She did not like the assignment and neither did I but we both did our jobs as we were produced to do.  It was show biz plain and simple.   

My point in this blog is that Linda McMahon has zero to do with the day to day running of the WWE and the WWE being the public company that is it isn't so stupid as to allow a political campaign to influence the hiring or firing of a wrestler, what happens in segment 11, or what's booked on the next PPV.

 Linda has been detached from WWE likely longer than most outsiders even know. 

I've had plenty of personal issues with WWE, for the record I still think that I should be working on the air, and this blog likely won't endear me to some of the higher ups but let me make this clear....Linda McMahon nor any of her campaign workers or staff have a damn thing to do with how the WWE operates from a business perspective and they never will.

The decisions that are made within the WWE are made in the best interest of a public company. End of story.  

For someone to be 'anonymous' and to try and take a cowardly approach to why the mysterious termination of Daniel Bryan took place and to place the blame on a political campaign is simply insane. I have great respect for all fans and their opinions regarding the many complex facets of the business but this one has struck a chord that I felt compelled to address.

This anonymous tip business was just plain stupid and as comedian Ron White says, "You can't cure stupid."

Sorry to go off on a 'political' tangent but the talented Daniel Bryan is no longer in WWE's plans. I've been there and I know how he feels. Like many fans I, too, am personally disappointed in this development and hope that Bryan returns to WWE some day.

However, if the young man does or does not return it will have nothing to do with anyone's senate campaign.

Thanks for indulging me on this one and this will be likely one of the last times that I discuss politics on this site unless it is something that I see on TV that I enjoyed like most weeks of HBO's Bill Maher show.

Good night and thanks for reading.

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I am glad that you posted this.  I think people are ridiculous in what they make up just to make someone else look bad.  I live in Connecticut and I will be voting for Linda McMahon.  I also do hope that Daniel Bryan does come back to WWE.  I wish people would stop lying and making things up when it doesn't help anybody in the end.

The WWE also announced today that the 7/12 RAW from Lexington, KY will be guest hosted by none other than Florence Henderson, aka the mom from the Brady Bunch tv series. 

I suppose this same anonymous person who posted that the Linda McMahon campaign had Daniel Bryan fired will say they also ordered creative to book Mrs. Brady to host RAW.  After all, Linda McMahon is a succesful wife and mother just like Mrs. Brady, er. I mean Mrs. Henderson.  One mother salutes another.

Yes it has to be that, and not just because the Brady Bunch was the King's favorite show  :)  People will tune in to see the NXT guys attack Florence Henderson and see Greg, Marcia, Peter, Bobby, Jan, Cindy and Alice the maid make the save.

This is what wrestling is coming to these days 

I think the Danielson firing, in and of itself isn’t the issue, it’s more like it was just the straw that broke the camels back. The NXT invasion looked like a hot angle, (after the Punk/Mysterio feud was blown off in such an underwhelming fashion on a ‘B’ PPV) and people were waiting for something they could sink their teeth into. The quick firing of Danielson (for whatever reason) just seemed to suck the momentum out before it even got going (for story line reasons alone, shouldn’t they all have been fired?), don’t get me wrong I think Barrett has been excellent, but god forbid he should get injured because without him this angle would sink like a stone.

For those of us who have supported the product over the years there seems to have been a noticeable decline. It used to be a product that offered us a type of action and entertainment that simply wasn’t available anywhere else, coupled with characters and story lines that we could emotionally invest in, right from the early part of the century, through the territory days, up until the turn of the 21st century (this is where it all started to change). Since 2001 we have seen the titles swap hands so many times that the championship belts themselves are now no more than meaningless props and wrestlers flip flop from face to heel with such regularity that even when you have complete respect for the quality of the wrestler it’s just hard to take the character he’s portraying seriously. Add to that a shift in focus from it being 80% wrestling and 20% produced vignettes to a product where sometimes it feels like it’s a 60/40 split and not in wrestling’s favour. I can’t think of a single fan that watches wrestling to see car crashes, badly produced stunt work, or staged angles that do nothing but detract from the supposed seriousness of an angle.

People can argue all they like that business these days has changed and this is just a reflection of what people want, but lets face it, if that was true then it would be reflected in the ratings and PPV buy rates and it clearly isn’t. This has nothing to do with going ‘PG’ either, blood, chair shots and other gimmicks (whilst in the right place can enhance an individual feud) have never been the reason that wrestling was and still can be great. It just seems that for the time being at least, it has somewhat lost it’s direction. As a case in point if I was to list all the great moments in wrestling that I can remember, from say 1960 to 2000, there would be a good 25 – 50 for each decade, from 2000 onwards, I could barely scrape a dozen, if I was to list missed opportunities though, the list would be much longer.

On a completely unrelated note, finally got a mate stateside to mail me over some jerky and can say without a shadow of a doubt that it the best I have ever tasted (trust me, I burn through a lot).

Actually I believe Mr. Whites favorite line is You Can't Fix Stupid.  Same thing really.

Yiou are correct, sir.

Conspiradroids are a fun lot to play with. I must admit, though, that this particular theory is, from what we know, slightly more grounded in reality than most. The move to tv-pg is at least partially in response to the McMahon campaign (also the increased audience of preteens during a time of economic recession where hooking those younger kids may bring extra dollars in that are otherwise lost elsewhere, but that's besides the point), and the firing of the Dragon, from what little information and speculation that we have, is because of complaints from someone outside the company. Now, who would have that kind of power? Either the toy folks or the campaign folks.

Anyway, barring someone coming out and talking about the issue to give us all the reasoning behind it, there are people that are going to subscribe to the theory of the campaign requesting a sacraficial lamb in the form of Danielson, a worldwide star that doesn't fit into the WWE being shitcanned to demonstrate the sensitivity of the company to violence and whatnot.

Personally, I've mentioned who ridiculous the firing seems off the top and would love to know what is behind it. Where I differ, however, is seeing him return to the WWE. I think at this point he fits in better with TNA, where he can go in and do what he does better than anyone else in the world, and that's wrestle. Dragon vs Angle? vs AJ Styles? vs just about anyone else on their roster? Anyone here not willing to plop down $50 to see that? Now, how about a neutered dragon vs big show? vs Kane? No? From a purely selfish wrestling fan perspective, I would love to see him in TNA where he would have a real shot at making an impact (no pun intended) immediately. 

Anyway, that's enough rambling.  

I'm still hoping that if Daniel Bryan is not longer in the WWE's plans, that Bryan Danielson is and he will be at the PPV this Sunday.  It would be criminal for the WWE to screw up their hottest angle in years.

Too anyone who still thinks Danielson's release is part of a storyline, you might as well stop hoping. It's over and Danielson is seeking independent bookings. He'll be at an EVOLVE show and a Dragon Gate show at the end of July. I'll be surprised if he even wants to go back to WWE after this debacle. I hope he goes to TNA eventually.

While I believe the move to PG is the right thing overall, it does present too many restrictions and lessens the entertainment value for me.  Back in the 80s (when I first became a fan), there was blood.  It wasn't gratuitious and was used sparingly.  Danielson should never have been released.  I believe he was getting over with the fans and the NXT angle is something that could build into something great.  I am greatly disappointed in the Danielson situation.

As for Vince McMahon, he has business partners to answer to; namely NBC/Universal.  I hope he opens his ears and listens to his fans.

Again I have no problem with the move to 'PG', if anything I think it's the right decision, and really it shouldn't have any major effect on the overall product (Princess Bride will always be a better and more emotionally involving film than Beverley Hills Cop 2, ratings are meaningless).

I know it's a bit like armchair quarterbacking (and being English, I'm not etirely comfortable with the analogy), but It would be nice if they took a leaf from UFC's book as well. Build a championship match appropriately over time and it gives the championship meaning, there is no need for the major titles to be defended on every monthly PPV and hotshotting (for want of a better word) the title has historically never worked. Even if If you just look at the way the angle was built leading into the Hart/Michaels Iron man match, with focus on the training and background, it just helps to make it feel like a major event.

Give more credence to being the number one contender (is there any reason that a number one contender match couldn't headline a PPV?) the main title should only be defended in 'one on one' matches. fatal four ways, money in the bank, etc are fine for chosing contenders but a wrestler shouldn't be able to lose the belt unless he himself is pinned or forced to submit. (this also goes for escaping the cage in a cage match, which just seems like a crappy way to lose a title).

If a title is going to be defended for free on television then would there be any problem with having a time limit of 30 mins? at the very least it offers another possible outcome to the match.

In the case of NXT,  I personally believe that from it's inception it should have been more like the early version of 'Tough Enough' (I know for example that a lot of friends who have no interest in wrestling, watched, because they like the 'reality' format). run the show for a decent length, film the guys living together, film the training and matches at FCW, and instead of giving the prize as a major contract or a title shot, have it be something like a spot in the Royal Rumble (at least this could also explain why the other wrestlers also appear even though they lost).

and seriously, I never want to see another angle with a car crash, I just fail to see the point of them.

Still I've threadjacked enough, I'm off to check out the Sauces on WWE.com.

According to the Wrestling Observer "his release was due to him strangling Justin Roberts with a tie during a Raw segment the previous week." They also said "WWE felt Danielson's segment was too violent for their TV-PG programming." I'm not sure is the is true but it is a lot more feasible than some crackpot campaign theory.

Your thoughts JR?

The 'campaign theory' is still downright stupid. I don't know why Bryan was released but the alternative theory makes more sense that the political BS.

Guys, Daniel Bryan's firing was a *work*!  Or more precisely, a *worked shoot*  Just look at Cena twittering challenging him to a match.  I would bet that if he's been taken off the payroll it was with the understanding that he'll be put back on.  Similar deal to the 'worked shoot' Brian Pillman was doing years back when he supposedly "quit' WCW to join ECW.  He had a deal with Bischoff to come back.  That was a worked shoot that turned into a shoot when he actually didn't come back, but nonetheless there was supposedly a plan in place for Brian to work everyone for a while in ECW and elsewhere and then return.  Probably what is being done here.

WWE should be embarrassed for releasing Danielson. It shows the fans how out-of-touch they really are.

To make an excuse that he was released due to choking someone with a tie makes no sense because if you created a list of the 50 most violent incidents since WWE went TV-PG, that incident wouldn’t have even made the list. Off the top of my head I can think of at least two more violent things that happened ON THAT VERY SHOW and noone else got released!

So there must me more to it than that. What’s the REAL reason he got released, cause I’m not buying it!

Anyway WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, and if you look at Danielson, he’s one of the best WRESTLERS in the WORLD, and he is ENTERTAINING to watch, so he fits the description perfectly.

In addition, there’s nothing that Danielson did in choking Roberts that even remotely approached the line between TV-PG and TV-14 so I don’t get what the fuss is over!

Also, they should be too busy patting him on the back for being the most entertaining person on the entire broadcast to think about punishing him, but IF Danielson’s actions were out of line and he violated a company directive, a mild warning would have been a punishment that fit the crime, although to me that STILL seems harsh.  A friendly reminder would be more appropriate.

WWE owes the WWE Universe an apology for dropping the ball on this one.

I don't blame people for thinking that Linda's campaign had something to do with it.  I mean, this is all so ridiculously nonsensical to begin with, so there has to be some really outlandish explanation of some sort or some major part of the story we are not getting.

JR, the scariest part of your piece is when you said that Vince McMahon doesn't take orders from anyone.  If that's true, then he must be okay with this.  Is he seriously THAT FAR out of touch?

I don't find that consipracy theory so far fetched and rediculous. Mohammed Hassan was released because of the Network WWE was on getting angry at the content on TV. So obviously Vince does run the show like you claim JR.   And since Lindas competition keeps attacking her history in WWE and the vile things WWE has done over the years, I' d think that the senate theory could easily be true. It does cost money to run a campaign and im guessing she doesn't want it to go to waste. Mind you it makes no sense why they would release Danielson when they had HHH break into Ortons home not that long ago under PG rating. How about ramming limos with an old Bret hart in the back on it. Dangerous stuff!!  I wouldn't be surprised if WWE released him simply because he made a name for himself without WWE help or because they didn't invent " Bryan Danielson" like they invented Taker. Lets not forget how far WWE would go to bury something that Vince didn't think up. ECW anyone???

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