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Thanks to the fan who enjoyed my call of Chi-Town Rumble back in the day. He was in Junior High at the time and just rewatched the event on WWE Those were the days when lead announcers did play by play  as opposed to broadcast teams being primarily story tellers as they are today. To hear some one say, thanks for making me remember why I'm a fan is very flattering. 

Sane, Oklahoma fans shouldn't be to strung out over LSU leap frogging the Sooners in the Associated Press football ratings. It really only matters who is #1 come mid January. There's lots of football to be played. 

What 's the difference in play by play and story telling? They have many mutual properties but PBP includes ID'ing holds and describing them and more of calling the actual action. 

What's the one thing that I would do if I could institute any change in the business? It is and always will be adding more developmental areas so more world class/ highly recruited athletes can train and be given the opportunity to make the primary roster and contribute sooner than later. It would also make sense to have a positive working relationship with all the smaller wrestling promotions that are fighting to survive and crave out their niche.  Virtually every talent in a smaller promotion wants to advance to WWE where they can maximize their opportunities to earn better money in a career that generally has a short shelf life. 

It's amazing that some fans think that WWE going back to the attitude era would automatically cure any perceived ailment that WWE may have in some fan's eyes. That is essentially absurd. Evaluate the attitude era's talent roster and compare it to today's. If you do so objectively then you can easily answer the question.

Smart PG works just fine and developing new stars is much more imperative than the TV rating. Some fans need to understand that stars like HBK, Austin, Rock, etc don't come along in every generation. Plus, age and injuries adversely affect talents just like they do any athlete. Too many young wrestlers have found their comfort zone performing in the mid card and thus avoiding the immense responsibility that comes with being a main event star. The money is good for the mid card role and some talents are simply content to not make waves and to take their 'good money' and move on. Squeaky albeit talented wheels need to create more awareness for their desires to be headliners. It's not as simple as raising one's hand.   

I haven't heard any feedback on how fans like the in house radio feed that is available at some WWE PPVs. Any one try it?

Would Japanese women wrestlers help the WWE Diva division? If they didn't speak English, no. Wrestlers who cannot or do not communicate with the largest sector of the fan base and that's those that do speak English are challenged to move into main event land and stay there long term.  

Please stop writing me to help facilitate jobs in WWE Creative. If someone is smart enough to be a writer then they should be smart enough to know how to apply for work. The life of a WWE writer isn't all fun and games nor can I help any one be hired.

Yes, I have heard great things about Stan Hansen's book that was just released and I will hopefully read it soon. Stan is WWE HOF worthy and was arguably the biggest, American star ever in Japan. A legit tough man who is extremely intelligent and was able to navigate a long, excellent career without dealing much with American wrestling politics.

It's SO nice being called a bigot, etc from knuckleheads because I personally did not enjoy watching Chyna, or any other woman, wrestle men back in the day. Sorry that I simply made a personal opinion of which some idiots can't separate from being one's take on a subject while not disrespecting the individual in question, specifically Chyna. Chyna made significant contributions to WWE during her tenure and will likely be a WWE Hall of Fame inductee some day. Bottom line is that I don't think that women should wrestle men in any other wrestling promotion. That's called an opinion, folks.

The Hitman-HBK DVD will be available later this month for those that have missed that info and have asked. I am anxious to read the 'net's reviews of what I perceive to be one of the best productions that WWE has ever done. The sitdown, face to face interview between the two long time rivals is compelling stuff. Anxious to hear fan's feedback too. Good or bad.

Yes, in the heat of battle I inadvertently mentioned 'WWF' instead of WWE on Raw recently. No, I never got in trouble. It was merely a slip of the tongue.

Shipping costs for our products from WWEShop vary by weight and destination. I'm not sure of where WWEShop doesn't ship to but that info becomes available at check out at If WWEShop doesn't ship to a specific area it is because that country has issues that prevent it. We want to sell to as many fans as possible and thus far the UK, Canada, Mexico and Australia are leading the international pack.

I'm not sure when WWEShop will shut down shipping orders for the holidays but one can assume it will be in early to mid December at the latest. I'd suggest ordering early as in by December 1.

Nice hearing from Marty Janetty and Kevin Von Erich who are both now on Twitter.

So many have asked about Jerry Lawler's physical condition. King will likely return to the announce table on Sunday at Hell in a Cell. I plan on seeing him on Monday in Lafayette for Raw if things go as they are currently planned. Or I might just show up in New Orleans.  

HIAC predictions as asked....Cena retains the WWE Title while Mark Henry retains the World Title. I am hard pressed to see many titles changing hands, except Beth Phoenix over Kelly-Kelly, Sunday in New Orleans which likely means the opposite. No wagering, kids. 

Want to read my weekly OU football blog? Check  out

Will the 'Brawl for it All' ever return? Not if smarter heads prevail after seeing how the first and only Brawl for it All was such a hideous, injury ridden trainwreck. 

Interesting battle on Twitter @JRsBBQ about me saying that joining the "Mr. McMahon Kiss My Ass Club' was one of the highlights, etc of my career. Apparently I said that on a DVD but the follower did not see my tongue in my cheek. I told him I might have said it in fun or perhaps that I was drinking. Of course that happened in OKC with my family present but wait there's more....OKC hosts Raw on Monday October 10 which is two days after OU plays Texas in the Cotton Bowl. Perhaps I need to take a vacation day on October 10. TBD.

Thanks for the visit and keep supporting our efforts to build our family brand of JR's products over at WWEShop. If I run into you Saturday night at the OU-Ball State game, be sure and say hello. 

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Boomer Sooner!


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We all love you JR keep up your good work

 Hey J.R.,

       Im just wondering what your opinion is on a question I have. Do you think that combining the brands into one and unifying the World title and WWE title would help the overall product in the WWE? 

I do hope that the WWE decide to have more gimmick tag teams that would help programming.

Hey JR: Loved your point about the attitude era roster vs the current roster, but I must say that maybe loosening up the PG restraints just a bit or like you say present the product in a smarter way might make the difference!   You have no idea how great it is to have you back on the announcing!

Go Bolts!


I used the on air headset at NOC in Buffalo.  It worked pretty well. It added to the live experience for sure. Unfortunetly we didnt get to hear you. Ive enjoyed your work since going back to the UWF.   Growing up in st louis, Ive been lucky enough to see some old school NWA shows. I know the match is legendary now, but at the time it took place what were the Brody- Flair matches thought of. Were you ever able to attend any of the St. Louis friday night shows?


Clint Eaton

Go Mizzou!!

 Here is an interesting tidbit: On a recent poll conducted by a whopping 83% of the wwe universe would prefer to die rather than live in the state of Oklahoma. That is truly an amazing statistic.

hi JR,

saw this online, someone cut in some of your WWE commentary to UFC matches and thought you might get a kick out of it.  a lot of great jokes that work really well if you follow both sports.

 As emphatically as I respect you, J.R., I kindly disagree with your perspective on the Attitude era vs PG. I believe one mistaken concept is that "stars like HBK, Austin, Rock, etc don't come along in every generation." This is simple cart before the horse thinking. Once the filters that form the most rudiment of foundations for the notion of "PG" have been laid you have censored the vehicle that makes stars. As more and more words and action are filtered out of the vocabulary of the WWE so are the utensils by which individuals striving to be stars destinguish themselves. We need a degree of shock value, and not a campy exploding limo! The mere nature of "Wrestling" (and it should be called that) is both technical (sport) and violent (spectacle); ignoring one half of it--the half that draws an audience outside of lover of the pure sport itself--is ridiculous. Violence and "PG" mix as well as oil and vinegar. To have this sort of neutered mesh-mash laced with censored language only allows the performer so much to work with. This leaves us cutting a promo of the type: "I'm gonna come to the ring and wrestle...Wait can't say that!....I'm going F*%# You up!...Wait I'll get fired...Your mother should have had an abor....Oh, no that would ruin a senatorial race." None of the above reprocussions should happen. Instead let the performer perform what he or she feels entices and captives the audience to get behind them during the ballet of semi-combat they're about to engage in.

Also, what the business needs as well as developmental territories, which would also give the local area in which the developmental territory is a performer to embrace on a national stage, but the win/loss must mean something. I feel, as much as you feel that talent is lackluster due to comfort mid card, that the writers use the crutch of a screw finish far too often undermining a win. Perhaps saving the face of both/all talent in a match via the cheat finish has become the status quo since Montreal when one of my favorites loss face in what was suppose to look to be a clean finish. Now its just so common placed...almost as common place as the discontent wrestling fans that have nothing but a monoply to tune into.

I kindly end my disagreements and would like to echo my absolute respect for a true historian and intellectual  mind of the wrestling business J.R.

to the person who thinks PG is holding back WWE and he'd rather have cursing and abortion talk as the way to turn business around, I think what Ross' point was that it was guys like Rock, HBK, and Austin that made business so strong, not their freedom to curse.  If cursing and foul language was all that was required, then Urban Wrestling Federation would be outdrawing UFC on PPV.  Hiding behind a PG rating is a poor excuse for what's wrong with WWE today, and if John Cena or Kofi Kingston suddenly started calling people motherf***** it would just be lame, not "cool".

Mr. Ross,

I'm glad you commented on your work in NWA/WCW in the late 80's/early 90's.  I remember those days well and didn't need WWE Classics to show me :)  What I loved so much is you were so effective at making wrestling seem like a legitimate sport and painted the athletes in the same context as athletes from other sports like NFL so seamlessly.  I also loved how you got over the drama of these matches as not so much some wrestler gaining revenge for their wife being kidnapped or something, but the drama of an athletic contest and the importance of winning or losing that match, just like a real sport.  I also enjoyed the interview chemistry you had with Sting and its unfortunate you two haven't had an on-camera reunion in so long. 

You're like the Ric Flair of announcing, not only for being the greatest, but for the powers that be trying so hard to replace you with a newer, younger model, yet always end up going back to you because at the end of the day, you always deliver, just like the Nature Boy.

I would like to point out to Voltron, that freedom of speech in the ring does not necessarily dictate foul language only the possibility of it...It still comes down to individual choices as all things in life truly do.  My examples are strict from my own mind (for whatever that may be worth) and exhibit one extreme of the spectrum; a different individual may express themselves all together differently. The point was that these filters--no blood, no foul language, and no "WRESTLING" are making things all too predictable and unrealistic. Its little wonder newer stars--the one's without a gritty background and previous fan base from that point--are having a hard time selling themselves to the more marture fan base.

Let me put it this way, a lot of this guys are charactertures of wrestlers like a guy in the Mickey Mouse costume--I don't in any way mean to demean their in ring work but their promo's and storylines have this effect on the audience, at this moment. We want the man in the costume whose a little tired of dancing around and doing what please the kiddies who are on vacation.

All complaints fall on def ears. BTW I hadn't even heard of an Urban Wrestling Federation...not can legitimately compete with the entertainment juggernaut that is the WWE. There are no real options to tune into. Why not offer the viewing audience a choice? We do have two predominant programs, Smackdown and Raw...To roads diverge....

I honestly don't see anyone else offering up any viable solutions to character creation that will actually appeal to the older, PPV buying decision makers of the house hold.

J.R. I dont know if this is off topic or not but I was wondering if you get some truth to a couple of rumors on the internet for me.  It is about the undertaker,

One report I read online said that the undertaker was teasing and maybe hintting around a  little about coming back and showing up at the next wwe pay per view vengance.

While another one is saying that He may wait clear until wrestlemania 2012 .

In the meantime I also heard that wrestlemania and 3 other pay per view maybe sent over to the new wwe network next year, and I have not heard anything about smackdown or raw supershow or raw itself.

I was wondering if you could do the  wwe universe a huge favor and please get us some facts on this stuff and and let us know what is the case and what is not and bust these rumors, hopefully on a raw supershow hopefully next monday. 



 How are you Jr Long time .... I see you Mentioned Wwe Classics well i was wondering if you could have a word in Vinces Ear about putting up a classic video of mine. 1 Night in Chyna was a Masterpiece and not only was I the Director,Producer and Editor i also had the lead role. I appreciate it pal and incase you lost my number its (405) 360-4227


 I almost forgot here is a link to the Movie So you can see for your self
Enjoy your self and dont spill any BBQ sauce while watching this

Stan Hansen for the HOF 2012. Great career. Former AWA world champion and WCW US champion who was too rough and tough for the old WWF Hulkamania 80's era.