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Our online, family business continues to grow at http://www.wweshop.com which carries everything that we produce and for our UK, Irish and European fans at http://www.americansoda.co.uk. The only place to purchase JR's, retail wise, is still the four, Norman, Oklahoma @HomelandStores. Thanks for everyone's support and now... LET'S GRILL!. WWE World Champion Dolph Ziggler has a serious concussion which may be a redundant statement because what concussion isn't serious? There's no timeline as to Ziggler's return as WWE will be particularly cautious in dealing with any injury but especially a head injury. Scary thought is that years ago, in the territory days specifically, wrestlers worked through a litany of injuries including concussions because if they didn't wrestle they didn't get paid. For those that constantly love to embrace the "good, old days" as the be all, end all, keep that in mind. I miss many aspects of yesteryear as much as any lifelong fan but how talents were medically treated back in the day is unsettling.  Certainly the same can be said of the NFL as the horror stories as told by former players and coaches of the "good, old days" sound similar to pro wrestling in previous generations.  The medical advances in WWE are extremely understated. A team doctor is at every WWE event including a licensed, certified athletic trainer. Medical evaluations done on an annual basis and to all who enter the developmental program are extensive and through. Jerry Lawler would be dead today if it had not been for the medical procedures that WWE has in place.   It worries me to think of the issues that many independent wrestlers face as it relates to injuries in today's world because many of them do not have affordable access to needed medical care and many of the promotions and promoters can't afford it either.  The new, WWE Performance Center will always have a full time trainer on hand, ready access to medical personnel and a full time Strength and Conditioning coach who will help the athletes get stronger and more fit as that will help prevent some injuries. New talents coming to WWE go through a through, extensive process including through medical evaluation before they are allowed to report to work.  Hard to debate that anyone on WWE TV this week was MORE effective than @TheMarkHenry as he and @Sheamus prepared for what appears to be a Leather Strap match at the Extreme Rules PPV. Mark has come into his own over the past couple of years and his "realness" resonates through the TV screen. Sheamus' very white skin will be marred with painful images when these two men finish with one another at the next WWE PPV. In my opinion, Henry has slowly evolved into a franchise type antagonist and his facials and promo skills as as authentic as one could ask for.  My two experiences in a Strap Match or Country Whipping Match as a 'clumsy as a cow on ice, why in the hell am I in a wrestling match' came against Jonathan Coachman on RAW from Chicago and in a tag with @JerryLawler vs. @MichaeCole & @RealJackSwagger on PPV.  There is just no way to go through that process without significant pain being a part of the presentation.  If there is, then I didn't get the memo.  The Fabulous Freebirds were the most memorable guys that I recall who made the leather strap matches really standout as they brought it in those 'not for the weak at heart' bouts.  @WWEBrayWyatt and Corey Graves @WWEGraves will be on the next WWE, live event tout this weekend as the NXT representatives get the opportunity to gain more experience with the main roster. Both men are keepers and Wyatt especially has some special traits that one cannot teach. He's a near 300 pounder who has the valued and rare, second gear and has a natural gift of gab much like his grandfather, the legendary Blackjack Mulligan, WWE HOFer. Graves is a Pittsburgh kid who sort of reminds me of a young, @CMPunk at times. Very bright and very aggressive.  @JakeSnakeDDT is earning remarkable success in his battle to gain sobriety and change his life. It will be a daily battle until the day that he dies that I pray he will endure and succeed and the same for @ScottHallNWO. Even though I truly believe that both men can add value to ANY creative process and have the skills to help many young talents, the focus of them regaining their health has to remain their top priority which it seems to be. Too many of Jake and Scott's fans only see their return to the ring as the ultimate end game of which I totally disagree. Those returns, it they ever occur, are only going to be a by product of the success that they achieve through their efforts to become clean and sober.  @DDPYoga is to be commended for his role in this effort.  If you have questions for me please utilize the Q&A section of this site. It's free, no obligations to use it and I read every question even though I don't answer all of them as some are, well, pet coon goofy.  I am not a devout, learned European football fan but I can appreciate the accomplishments of Sir Alex Ferguson. Funny how I got lambasted on Twitter @JRsBBQ for even mentioning it by some of Sir Alex's detractors and by his fans for calling it a "news item." Can't win for losing sometimes. Too much bitching about sports officiating on @ESPN, etc. It's a part of the game and has ceased to become a compelling topic of which to hear talking heads and others pontificate. The beauty of sports is that the game is played and largely governed by humans and no humans are perfect or infallible. MLB umpires and NBA officials make mistakes...just like the coaches and players. Get over it.         Raw is in Tulsa on Monday night and tickets are moving briskly and are still available. It's going to be a big night in 'T Town.' Sorry I'll miss it as I will be hunting feral hogs with @ShawnMichaels. There will be no taking the hogs down and hobbling them for me, as we will be using crossbows and...I hope...side arms. We're also going to have a big BBQ which will be documented for HBK's TV show and will air later this year.  I will be in Salt Lake City to host "Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night" on Friday May 24. Will fly there from NXT the night before in Orlando. Really excited to meet some great fans in SLC and to be a part of a special night honoring the WWE HOFer. Hopefully we will have a big, loud crowd. The @steveaustinBSR podcast is money. Check it out.  Also, highly suggest you check out the @MichaelCole and @JCLayfield show online. That's significant praise from an Okie to two men with Texas roots. Download the @Layfield Report. Very handy for news, opinion and more. Loving our new, @WeberGrills. Wife Jan aced this purchase as she got the S-330 model and I've used it several times already and we've only had it a few days.  Last night 85/15 burgers seasoned only with JR's All Purpose seasoning and then Pepper Jack Cheese the final minute or so of the grilling process. Home run...or as the beloved Nancy Grace would shout..."BOMBSHELL!!" Thanks for dropping by...please tell a friend about our site...and follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. BTW...great day to order JR's online. Boomer Sooner! J.R.                  
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British people take Euro Football extremely seriously & non fans get rediculed for even mentioning it as they say "we don't know a thing about it so but the hell out". I've had many fall outs with my brother over it "a WWE fan (me) don't know a thing about real sport", & as long as i don't talk football & he don't talk wrestling we're happy in each other's company Sir Alex Ferguson to many fans is a father figure as he's been with Man U forever There has been many violent riots in other countries over a football game just because England have lost to the team. Physical activity on TV in England is usually considered a sport, Our Entertainment is more song & dance showbiz, which is why i was confused by WWE Entertainment, Seeeing WWE from a non english view i understand the format better. Even our media publish WWE under it's sports collumns alongside football. i agree with you but tread very carefully. This is why i'm not a fan of our sports  K. Lambert
 As a long time fan of 50 years, my favorites have always been the ones that projected legitimacy, whether it was legitimate fear (The Sheik and Abdullah the Butcher), legitimate toughness (Stone Cold) or legitimate meanness (Ole Anderson).  Even legitimate goodness (Mark Lewin in the 60s and 70s). Mark Henry has that air of legitimacy. Efficient brutality.  Unquestionable toughness. It's what he does, and I'm really enjoying his work.
 What the HELL is up with your coach?....I saw his rants about the SEC, is this the same SEC, whose 3rd or 4th ranked team kicked the shit out of OK in the Cotton Bowl this past year?  Really......Really?  Is this the same SEC whose best team completely destroyed Notre Dame-the same team who beat OK this past year?  I had some respect for Stoops until this vocal display of ignorance.  To put it into words you would use, "Stoops is goofier than a pet coon who has been out in the OK sun too long."  Stoops needs to focus more on instate rivals who seem to routinely own the Sooners these days instead of going around saying remarkably, stupid comments that even his fans can't believe. Enjoy your little conference games and your petty rivalry with the Cowboys and the Longhorns, but leave the 'Big-Boy' conference alone....Stoops/OK are like a little bug, buzzing around-being annoying until Texas A &M, or Ole Miss or South Carolina squashes it......again.  I guess "Bob" has forgotten just what the SEC is like, since he has grown acustom to choking in every big game he has coached in the last few years and having his cronies tell him its okay......sooner or later, OK fans will grow tired of being a "Good" football program instead of an Elite one.  Also, please mention to "Bob" that OK should really stick to red as green is NOT his color.
I've been watching wrestling for 20 some odd years and as I'm thinking about it, SCSA is the only guy that jumps out to me when I asked myself this question: is Mark Henry the best in-ring, in-match talker I've heard? I 'm not a fan of Sheamus' cowardly practical jokes. I don't cheer that type of behavior for my good guys. On some heels, Sheamus' tactics would make them look foolish. So hearing Mark bellow mid-beatdown "you think you're funny? TELL ME A JOKE!" PUNCH! "I GOT JOKES, HERE'S ONE!" STOMP, was absolutely awesome. It felt real and yes, RAW, and I loved every minute. I am also impressed with the camera shots behind Mark where he eclipses the screen. It really gives a tangible sense of his enormity on my flatscreen. The WSM has come a long way.