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  • With the Big Show announcing on www.wwe.com this week that he is taking a sabbatical from the WWE for perhaps an extended amount of time, I could not help but think of the many memories and the good times I have spent with the “World’s Largest Athlete”.

    Jerry Brisco and yours truly were the two WWE representatives who met with the big fella in Tampa when the negotiations with the WWE first got underway. I must admit when I walked into the large man’s beach front condo I was in awe of the enormity of this human being. Plus, his crib wasn’t a bad place to hang one’s clothes either. It was a supersized, deluxe bachelor pad to say the least.

    We had a productive several hour conversation and talked about many things such as our lives, our health, goals, the business, and a bunch of general “guy talk” that included cars (the big guy loves cars), sports and, of course, women. In other words, we got to know each other. Show was just a big, ‘ol country boy from South Carolina who both Jerry and I could relate to as we were both country boys from Oklahoma. We were all raised on fried food and the occasional trip to the woodshed.

    I vividly recall Show getting hungry, which should come as no major surprise, and getting up and preparing himself a bite to eat which included nothing but protein including a LARGE quantity of BEANS. I whispered to Brisco that we needed to end the meeting soon as the big guy was about to devour enough beans for 3-4, hungry people. Flatulence is a story best told rather than experienced especially when the flatulence manufacturer is a 500 pound, 7 foot tall athlete who would make the “farting” scene in the “Blazing Saddles” movie come off like a church social.

    Soon after the world’s largest albeit kind hearted bean eater had finished his bean dish that had more ingredients than I can remember we ended our meeting. Soon there after we had our man.

    Another quick story entails Big Show on a trip to Connecticut to have meetings at WWE headquarters and he came to our home for dinner or supper as we call it in the South. My wife Jan is an amazing cook and she cooked a whole ham, an entire chicken and a plethora of side items. I am no lightweight when it comes to putting away the groceries either so needless to say when we finally finished off the feast prepared by my bride I was packed and some to be in need of a nap. However, the big guy wanted desert. That’s when I discovered the 500 pounder’s weakness. Here’s the secret that I have kept hidden for all these years:


    So now it’s out there. Yes, The Big Show ate a pan of home made biscuits and an entire jar of apple butter. OK, I helped some but he did most of the damage. My wife has never forgotten our custom Italian tile dining room floor cracking under the pressure applied by our giant sized house guest. We have all laughed about it many times since then especially when we discuss how a big, southern raised kid found authentic apple butter in a Connecticut kitchen.

    I hope Show gets healthy and will take the time to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He deserves it. I know in my heart that the big guy will step back in a ring some day as wrestling….sports/entertainment is in his blood.

    I also hope WWE Films finds a vehicle for the largest Game Cock I ever saw to try his hand at acting (I haven’t forgotten Waterboy.) The Big Show has a great gift for comedic timing and with the right script I can see Show doing some great work on the silver screen.

    But again the Big Show needs to get healthy and that may mean dropping a few lbs. I can look in the mirror on that one.

    I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the big guy from South Carolina who I have seen literally grown up and become a man before my very eyes.

    Good Luck Show. You will be missed.

    By the way, you’ll be getting some Bar-B-Q Sauce and some apple butter for the holidays.


  • Dave- Our UK sauce shipping dilemna is still just that….a dilemna. We are working on it. If you know some one in Parliment ask them to email me.

    Rob- I was surprised when Marty Janetty returned to the WWE the last time so far be it from me to guess if or when Marty might reappear in a WWE ring. It could be Monday night or it could be never.

    Danielle- Yes Ric Flair was emotional on Raw a few weeks back. Ric is in an emotional time of his career and in his life and like many of us he wears his feelings on his sleeve. There are still plenty of miles left on the Nature Boy let me assure you.

    happyfaith- I don’t know when Beth Phoenix will return to the WWE but I hope it is on RAW because Beth can wrestle and has a score to settle with Victoria who broke Beth’s jaw. My guess is that we will see Beth after the first of the year but you know my accuracy rating isn’t what it used to be.

    Joe- I would enjoy watching a Hulk-Big Show match at Wrestlemania but I have heard nothing official about such. It certainly seems like Hogan would be a part of ‘Mania 23, 20 years after his match with Andre The Giant in nearby Pontiac.

    Marky- I hope this will be it on this matter. Yes, I feel that Kurt Angle would be better served to be off work and healing at the present time. Kurt’s body needs a “time out”.

    Brandon- I totally agree with you that watching Edge and Orton dismantle Ric Flair a couple of weeks ago was “disturbing”. Totally.

    Rob- I disagree with you that The Rock turned his back on his fans. The Rock capitalized on an amazing opportunity to manage his health and to provide his family and his extended family with a wonderful quality of life. I assure you that The Rock has the business in his blood and if he were still wrestling today might well have surpassed every record ever set by any individual in wrestling. Plus, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the nicest, classiest people I have ever had tht privilege to know in this business. I was a lucky son of a gun to have hired “The Great One”.

    Is Hulk a better wrestler than Stone Cold? Not in my opinion but both are money making machines that may never be surpassed by anyone ever in this business. I hope they are for my 401K’s sake but I won’t hold my breath no matter what my ex-wife might suggest.

    Todd- Yes, Henry Godwin did do some wrestling part time for the WWE recently but I am unaware of any plans to utilize Henry on TV. Chuck Palumbo is under contract to the WWE but I don’t know when Chuck will be seeing action on TV. Sources say that Chuck physically looks good and of course Godwin is tougher than a $2 steak.

    Tim- I am a major fan of Mr. Kennedy. He reminds me of a young “Stunning Steve” Austin for some reason. Kennedy has a significant upside if he can avoid all the usual pitfalls such as injuries, bad health, discovering and living in his comfort zone, and not staying motivated.

    Cameron- No, I am not looking forward to a Boogeyman vs. Undertaker match if one is being considered. Did you really hear that or did it come to you in a bad dream?? (That’s just a little humor folks.)

    Ed- Watching WWE 24/7 is one of my favorite past times but as I understand it WWE 24/7 is currently a cable exclusive. I love the vintage stuff from other generations and from a variety of companies.

    Jason-If Cablevision doesn’t have WWE 24/7 I would have to assume they will some day soon. It’s too good for them to pass up.

    Jaffer- How much do I get paid? Well…not enough. But I do OK.

    Mark- John Cena’s mixed reactions he receives doesn’t bother me at all. Our fans should be vocal about what they see and not be coerced to respond in any way other manner than the way they feel. I am a Cena fan but the booing doesn’t bother me and I think it probably motivates John to a certain degree. I have watched from afar your QB at Hawaii and he has a cannon for an arm. I know Coach June Jones and his sidekick Jerry Glanville from my days with the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL. Both are great guys by the way. As far as the Heisman Trophy, Troy Smith at Ohio State has that one all wrapped up in my opinion.

    Matthew- What defines a great antagonist? A great antagonist in my opinion is an individual who fans despise enough to pay good money to come and see get their ass kicked in person.

    Sal- The NWA trademark issues are a mystery to me. This has been an on going issue over the years and I quite frankly have not kept up with it. Honestly, since St. Louis’s Sam Muchnick stopped being in charge of the NWA, the National Wrestling Alliance has not been the same.

    Stephan- Glad you liked Bischoff’s book. I enjoyed it too and definitely encourage fans of the business side of wrestling to read it. I bristled a few times at what I read but my turn is coming.

    Dustin- This isn’t going to sound good or probably feel good but the old ECW is DEAD. I don’t see it coming back. I think the re-launched ECW will end up being successful but as I have said before it is a work in progress. I am willing to give it a chance to grow and evolve. I, too, have used the Waffle House to drown my sorrows especially when I ordered my hash browns scattered, covered, smothered AND chunked! I am sure that in your life you have bigger fish to fry than to worry about the state of a wrestling brand.

    Drew- Are you drunk? “Does God Hate Marty Janetty?” Uh, no.

    Duane- Sorry you did not enjoy the ECW PPV. I can assure you it wasn’t because of a lack of effort by all involved. Mark it off to experience and let it go. I have sat at ringside and broadcast PPVs I did not like so much either, more than once. But, of course, I got paid nonetheless.

    Adam- What is the state of wrestling you ask? Why is the sky blue…..only kidding. I would suggest to you that the wrestling business, as most businesses that are profitable, is constantly in a state of change and transition. Some periods of time within the annals of the biz have been off the charts and some I have worked thru, like the 70s, were only so-so. Times and trends change and we fans ride out the perceived storm until a trend hits that we like. Just as when our favorite athletic teams are on a losing streak we hang with them, bitch and complain, and then celebrate the victories.

    Brandon- The Big Show is physically pretty banged up. I suspect a surgery or two is in the big fella’s future. Show is another competitor that could use some much needed “down time”.

    James- I used to live in Norwalk, Ct and am familiar with the Terry Connor Ice Rink in Stamford. I don’t see the WWE having an event there unless it was a smaller one for a charity. If you want to be an intern in the WWE you need to contact their Human Resource department. I can’t help you with that one but good luck. If you get make it, you will have a blast.

    Ethan- What is my opinion of Hulk Hogan. He’s Babe Ruth, my man. Hulk’s records will probably never be surpassed but even if they are the roads that Hogan paved for others to follow are historic and can never be equalled. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan probably generated more revenue in the wrestling business than any two wrestlers anyone can name. I have great respect for Hulk Hogan.

    Jason- I know that there are some $30 tickets still available for Wrestlemania thru Ticketmaster. Even if you are not keen on today’s product for whatever your reasons, I would wholeheartedly suggest you see Wrestlemania in person if you have the opportunity. It is a spectacle that every fan needs to see in person at least once.

    Thanks for all your emails and we will get to more of them soon. I hope you allow us to be a part of your holiday shopping plans. Take care.


  • Scott- Eddie Graham, the long time promoter and Owner of Florida Championship Wrestling was one of the most brilliant wrestling minds I ever encountered. Many of the biggest names in the business would agree with me. Eddie had a huge influence on the careers of probably 100s of wrestlers who went on to become major stars. Legend has it that he used to brainstorm with Vincent J. McMahon about the business back in the day which I am sure resulted in a slew of amazing ideas. I met Eddie once and that was at a Cowboy Bill Watts party. Watts, The Briscos, The Funks, Dusty Rhodes, were just a few of the many wrestlers who flourished under the teachings and guidance of Eddie Graham. Simply put Eddie Graham was a genius that understood his consumers.

    Derrick- Will the WWE ever hold another major event outdoors? Hard to say. It’s risky unless Mr. McMahon has a direct line to Mother Nature. Could it happen? Yes. Will it happen? My guess would be doubtful. Since ‘93, one of the ways the product has changed is better TV technology, music, and lighting, plus the product is not so in ring driven as it was then. More non wrestling elements are featured on the broadcasts.

    Chris-There are always going to be questions regarding perceived “underutilized” talent. Someone you think is “underutilized” might not be in the eye’s of others. Many “underutilized” talents need to take a longer look in the mirror and decide to come to work every day willing to give no less than 100% of themselves and to do the little things it takes to reach main event level status and to more importantly stay there. I had a talent say to me once that when they were “put in the right spot, I will start working hard”. It doesn’t function that way.

    Rich-Mid South Wrestling worked because we had great wrestlers and a brilliant man calling the shots. The product was aggression driven and athletically based but it all started with the individual stars who were motivated by the fact that the more tickets they sold the more money they made. Remember, “One can’t sell goods out of an empty wagon.” The Mid South was blessed with great wrestlers, no over saturation of the product on TV, and the fact we largely did only one hour of TV per week.

    John-I don’t know why Brian Kendrick isn’t called “Spanky” on TV. Perhaps there were those, including Brian, who wanted to move past that nickname.

    Daniel- I have heard ZERO about a proposed Batista vs. Undertaker match at Wrestlemania 23 in Detroit. I will say it will take a helluva man to defeat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania considering no one has done so yet.

    Richard- When referencing “big men” The Undertaker and Kane are at the top of the list as far as natural athletic abilities are concerned of any of the normally classified “big men” I have ever seen in my 30 plus years in wrestling.

    Will- for “The Man in the Moon” I did play Lance Russell’s role, don’t ask me why, and Lance played the ring announcer. The roles probably should have been reversed. I did watch a Comedy Central documentary about Andy Kauffman’s “wrestling” career and saw how Lance handled his business during that era. Watching Lance work helped me a great deal. Lance is one of the greatest ever!

    Chris- I NEVER mentioned on 97.1 FM in Detroit, where I guest every Thursday at noon eastern, that the Rock would be at Wrestlemania. As a matter of fact I even joked that fans hear what they want to hear and that someone would put on the internet the exact opposite of my remarks. They did.

    Brian- I have no idea if the WWE scouts California All Pro Wrestling for prospects. I assume they do. I know the WWE is very aggressive in their talent searches. The WWE works closely with Rick Bassman in Southern California when looking for wrestling talent.

    Spicyboy-The Chipotle Bar-B-Q Sauce is NOT that spicy as in HOT or for the weak at heart. I would not even describe it as spicy. Stone Cold had it 3 times while he was in our home a few weeks ago and it is his favorite Bar-B-Q Sauce of all time.

    Anthony-I don’t know who is on the short list of nominees for the 2007 WWE Hall of Fame. I would submit Ric flair and Dusty Rhodes for starters along with Bruno Sammartino (as I do every year) and Bob Backlund. How many deserving submissions would you like, 20? That’s just my 2 cents.

    Nick- The size of the work area at a particular arena often times eliminates that arena from Monday Night Raw consideration. Your arena in Youngstown, Ohio may fall into that category. It isn’t all about seating capacity but the backstage area and the loading dock space that is taken into consideration. I am all for Youngstown, Ohio the home town of the Stoops’ brothers one of which, Bob, coaches my Sooners.

    Don-Our sauce today is different than our previous sauce. Today’s sauce is made in Oklahoma while the other sauce was made in Ontario, Canada. Both are good but I would prefer you be the judge. Our sauces make great holiday gifts and we are shipping packages out daily. Chipotle is a Mexican seasoning that is full of flavor not heat.

    Felix- I have no idea if Mr. McMahon will respond to the “war” declared on him but somehow I seriously doubt it. Why would he in total honesty?

    Matt- What are my thoughts on ECW. I like the brand and always have. The re-introduced brand is still evolving without question. I think ECW is a work in progress but the sky is the limit. I personally, I stress personally, am not a fan of every match being “hardcore” because then it makes that stipulation ordinary. I do love the ECW “spirit” and pride many of the ECW originals still have for their presentation of a few years ago. What form ECW takes as time marches on will be interesting to track. Change is not always bad but some “old schoolers” (I am old school to in many ways) will never accept anything but what “used to be”. I can understand and respect that mindset but I can’t vouch for how viable it is.

    Rahssan-I cannot fathom that the WWE won’t have a Wrestlemania in our nation’s capital some day. That would be “un-American” wouldn’t it?? I have addressed Kurt Angle on numerous occasions. Kurt is an amazing athlete/wrestler. I hope he has great success but I am much more concerned about Kurt’s own personal health than I am his matches, is wins, his losses, etc. Nothing is more important than one’s health.

    Derick-The Talented Sho Funaki as a main eventer? I love Sho but Sho main eventing over the long term might be a challenge for Sho. But remember, “never say never”.

    Dustin- No, I don’t ever see the WWE parterning with any other wrestling organization today, tomorrow or ever unless the WWE were in control of the opposing group. That’s just sound business in today’s marketplace.

    Varish- I don’t know the WWE’s plans for India but you can bet there are plans. I am not familiar with the arena set up India and doing events outdoors often times is a security nightmare in facilities that are not used to such. My philosophy has always been that if the WWE has a television outlet in a particular country that eventually that country will get live events and perhaps even more.

    Mark-comparing Hulk to Flair is like comparing Mays to Mantle. Each has their own set of individual strengths and weaknesses. Without question these two will be in most historian’s lists of the greatest wrestlers of all time in the land of sports and entertainment probably in the top 3 in their prime, I challenge any “expert” to NOT select Hogan or Ric in a “draft” to stock anyone’s wrestling roster. Their styles are obviously different but results are what counts. Ric and Hulk always got results.

    Chris-I have requested to take my first Monday Night RAW ever off on January 1, 2007 to attend the Fiesta Bowl. If it is not in the cards, I will reluctantly miss The Sooners’ Bowl game. Regarding pay per views, like any other form of entertainment one has to be aware of over exposure and what the market will bare will determine that number.

    Allan-Finley is a tough, Irish son of a gun. Fit is as fundamentally sound as any one in the WWE. I am happy that at this, the latter stages of his career, that Finley has this opportunity to get back in the ring and do what he loves to do best. Many young wrestlers would be well served to closely observe Finley’s matches to learn the all important nuances of in ring psychology.

    Kevin-To say what was my favorite PPV is hard. I don’t think I can but I, like you, really enjoyed Wrestlemania X7 in the Astrodome in Houston and the Unforgiven my home state of Oklahoma hosted. I will have to really put my thinking hat on to come up with an answer on that one. That could be a whole chapter in a book.

    Andrew-I have watched for short periods of time Australian Rules Football and can definitively say that those men are TOUGH! I don’t fully understand the rules but I admire the guts of the players.

    Will their ever be a Wrestlemania in Australia? I would never say never to that one. The land down under is coveted by the WWE and rightfully so!

    Huff-There will be a TON of Wrestlemania 23 activities that will be held in Detroit prior to the event itself. Check out WWE.com in the coming weeks.

    Lesrey-I do not consider Vince Russo a “disease” whatsoever. That’s a little heavy to even consider. Osama Bin Laden is a “disease”.

    Anesen-I don’t know the WWE’s plans for Denmark but I would not be surprised to have wrestlers coming out of the woodwork to wrestle in Amsterdam if provided the opportunity! Again, if you see the WWE on your TV, a live event can’t be too far behind.

    Rick- As I have mentioned before I feel the WCW brand is history but we can all remember it via DVD’s and WWE 24/7. A history of WCW on a multiple set DVD is a must some day.

    David- If I ever write a book it will be Jim Ross talking and it will be totally truthful. I think my experiences within the business will allow me to tell a unique story perhaps more unique than many of my predecessors or peers. It will start all the way back in Oklahoma when I first discovered “Championship Wrestling” on TV in the 60s when my unique journey began simply as a fan.

    Mike- The group formerly known as the Spirit Squad is a very talented lot. I would bet good money each member gets a chance to “run with the ball”. Contrary to conspiracy theorists, great talent can not be ignored forever.

    Brodie- Glad you are a Sooner fan. Great win for us in KC last Saturday Night! Stone Cold is currently living in California and getting ready to start preparation for his second WWE Film in early 2007. Plus you can bet Stone Cold will be working hard, as usual, when the promotion begins for “The Condemned” which premiers in April 2007.

    Joel- If there is a “secret reason” why Randy Savage is not in the WWE Hall of Fame I don’t know it. Randy certainly deserves the accolade. I am sure that “Macho Man’s” day will come.

    Mike- I have not noticed anyone in the WWE shaking in their boots regarding any other wrestling organizations. Competition makes everyone perform better. Competition is not a bad thing. I refuse to take shots or to wish ill will on any group. I probably would have though when I was in the 8th grade.

    Wayne- Thanks’s to the war on terror among other political nightmares we are unable to ship any of our sauces to the UK….YET. We can ship caps and shirts. We are working on this shipping nightmare and if you have any suggestions we are wide open for ideas. Bottom line, we are doing all we can to get permission on this project thru all the proper channels.

    Jared-Congrats on your Boise State Broncos making it to their first BCS Bowl Game. I wish them the best of luck against the Sooners but I don’t have to elaborate on who I will be pulling for. Nonetheless it is a cool deal for the Broncos even though they can’t bring that blue carpet with them to the Fiesta Bowl.

    Corey-The Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk “I Quit” match on a TBS Clash of Champions was one of my most memorable nights behind the mic. Not only was the match an awesome one between two amazing talents but also because I broadcast it with my idol the late Gordon Solie. I remember having a few cocktails with “The Dean” after the show in Troy, New York on a cold night.

    We will have more of your feedback later this week.

    I don’t leave for the Mohegan Sun to prepare for Monday Night RAW until Sunday afternoon and there is no OU football this weekend so I will have

    more time to work on the site.

    Please visit our on line store as we have new offers going up this week I think will interest you especially with the holidays just around the corner. Be well.


  • Chris- OU vs. Army might be a nice game but OU vs. Notre Dame is big money. I don’t Edge/Orton with the nWo. That the old apples vs. oranges analogy.

    Ross- It would seem inevitable that The Undertaker and Kane would be teaming together at some point on Smackdown. I don’t like the chances of the opposition for The Deadman and Kane.

    SB- I have always thought that Christian was one of the most underrated stars in the WWE when he was there. He is a really solid hand who still seems to be searching for his “identity” which is not an indictment of Christian. He is a very intelligent and talented competitor. I have always liked him a great deal.

    Istria- I am a fan and have been for years of the cruiserweights. I grew up watching the NWA Junior Heavyweights compete lead by the incomparable Danny Hodge. I liked Jamie Noble the first time I saw him and loved his redneck demeanor and in ring skills. Jamie has not scratched the surface of how good he can be.

    Dave- I don’t know the status of Muhammad Hassan other than the last I heard he was in L.A. looking to get into the film business. He was effective for a time in the WWE but I don’t know if the “intangibles” (passion, etc) were in place to elevate this talent over the top. I could be dead wrong on that opinion but it is my perception. That certainly doesn’t indicate the young man was a bad person but this business is not cut out for everyone who tries it.

    Michael- I too love the Undertaker and know he is healthy and anxious to work more dates. I think we will see the Phenom more in the near future than we have in the recent past. A legend like the Undertaker doesn’t need to wrestle every week on TV. The WWE tours the UK in November but I am not sure about Dublin. Check out WWE.com for that info. My personal experiences in Dublin have always been great. Going on multiple “Pub Tours” has created some fun times.

    Stephan in the UK- There is no doubt that an Owen Hart DVD on the life of this great superstar and personal friend would be a great seller. It will be hard to get Owen’s peers to say anything bad about one of the most genuine and nicest people one will ever meet. Enjoy Manchester’s RAW in November. I generally take in the Chinese food in Manchester near the downtown area some refer to as “Chinatown”. The last time I was there I had a great dinner with Jerry Brisco and Pat Patterson on some wonderful Chinese cuisine.

    Dan L.- Elizabeth will most definitely be given consideration for the WWE Hall of Fame one day I would assume. When that will be I have no idea. Her ex-husband Macho Man Randy Savage also deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame from my perspective.

    ISE74- Bob Sapp is a mountain of a man and can certainly be “beast-like”. It would be interesting to see Bob in a pro wrestling ring, preferably the WWE and RAW, but how hungry is Sapp? Does he want to become the best talent on the show or to simply make money? I don’t know the answer to that question because I don’t know Bob that well but if it is the former then whoever nabs Sapps could win. Sapp has skills but would need to really apply himself to becoming a main event level contributor in a major company such as the WWE but Sapp has the physical gifts to do it. It really seems to me to be a matter of how badly Bob would want “it”. Passion and work ethic once again become viable intangibles.

    Sal- Corporal Kirchner is alive and well.

    Lots of similar questions this week:

    Will Hulk ever be back in a WWE ring?

    I would surmise, absolutely. It wouldn’t truly be a Wrestlemania w/o some sort of Hulkster exposure in my opinion. Hulk doesn’t need the cash or the wear and tear on his body but Hulk still has fun entertaining his “Hulkamaniacs”.

    What is Macho Man’s relationship with the WWE?

    This is not a WWE site. I don’t speak for nor do I represent the WWE in this forum. I have no idea what the relationship between Savage and the WWE may be but I don’t think that they have spoken at length in quite some time for what that’s worth. Randy is a complex person but was a helluva hand in his day. Savage sold lots of tickets and pay per views and drew significant TV ratings back in the day. Savage may have another match or two in him on the big stage. Who knows? Time will tell I suppose. I always admired Randy’s intensity. Talk about wound tight and passionate! Where are those guys today with the same traits who are in their 20s??

    Do I watch wrestling on TV with a pad of paper and a pencil in hand? NO. I watch it as a fan and if I see something I want to follow up on I jot it down on a piece of paper but I don’t take notes throughout a broadcast. Many fans who follow the genre closely over analyze it, look at it too critically and take the fun out of the shows. If something occurs on a wrestling show that doesn’t stand out on its own without having to be remembered via a note pad, how compelling was the TV content in reality?

    Some have asked me about my former broadcast partner Bob Caudle who is still alive and well and living in North Carolina. Along with Lance Russell, Bob Caudle was one of the classiest and nicest men I have ever met in this whacky business. I have a few, funny Bob Caudle stories I will share with you in the future. Bob Caudle was a credit to the business and is healthy, as I understand it, and occasionally does appearances at wrestling reunion shows.

    Is there too much wrestling on TV?

    Not for me but I can see where it might be for the average Joe watching in North America. With the lack of quality depth in the business in general, I can easily see some people not watching all the shows that are available.

    Thanks for all the questions. Keep ‘em short and I will do my best to answer several more this week. Now please go browse our on line store!! “Baby” needs new shoes!

  • It is hard to believe that the WWE produced its 700th episode of Monday Night Raw this week from the All State Arena in Chicago. It’s even harder to believe that yours truly has been a part of most of those broadcasts with the occasional “interruption of service” that I have experienced along the way.

    I have read where some have taken the WWE and yours truly to task about us saying that Monday Night Raw is the longest running, weekly entertainment broadcast in television history. That was a producer’s note I was briefed on a few hours prior to the broadcast and I assume it is totally accurate or I would not have been provided the information to use on the air.

    Some internet sites make a living critiquing WWE and other company’s events, both televised and non televised. Simply put, it comes down to one’s “opinion” of what constitutes a good TV show or a bad TV show. It’s an opinion and I have no issue with people who express their opinions. I do it on this website all the time.

    However, unlike some internet sites I will not be reporting rumors as news such as former WWE wrestler Corporal Krichner’s death last week when the individual in question is alive and well and is a truck driver. One or two sites had this story last week and others ran with it including www.wwe.com assuming it was legit. I read things on non WWE websites reported as “hard news” from time to time that are totally incorrect. Should these sites in question be called out by name and taken to task over shoddy “reporting” much like many televised events and live events are dissected by the wrestling media on a weekly basis?

    Monday Night Raw has changed a great deal over the years much like other wrestling and TV programs in general. Many fans and critics don’t like these changes of adding more entertainment sizzle than actual, in ring wrestling to the presentations. I don’t dislike wrestling talk whatsoever but I don’t like what I personally perceive as talk for talk’s sake or putting wrestlers in positions they cannot succeed.

    The major issue today, as I see it, is the overall lack of “stars” one any given brand. With fewer stars to draw from, many broadcasts have taken a different approach and a different look. The overall, main event level talent pool in the business arguably never has been thinner.

    Developing tomorrow’s stars should be a high priority for all within the business of sports/entertainment. Perhaps this should be the biz’s highest priority.

    Nonetheless, stars don’t grow on trees and for every 100 athletes one looks at you will be lucky to find 1 or 2 talents who can fully grasp the game and can contribute right away. And of that list of 1s and 2s you get even fewer main eventers.

    Legitimate wrestling stars are born with intangible assets that those within the business responsible for these areas must be able to identify, embellish and cultivate.

    Young wrestlers today by and large take too many short cuts and don’t spend enough time on watching classic wrestling tapes like one can find on WWE 24/7 and spend too much time playing video games, etc. Obtaining a “Holy S**t” moment is more important to some wannabe stars than learning their craft which starts with the inside and works its way out. This learning or passion comes from within and is not about how large one’s biceps might be or their rich, dark tan, etc. Looking great in a an 8X10 is nice but being able to execute in the ring is where the money is and not enough young wrestlers fully understand that concept/philosophy.

    When Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter, Roddy Piper, and Dusty Rhodes appeared on Monday Night Raw in Chicago, each man, although diverse as can be in their personal lives, have at least one shinning thing in common and that is that all were students of the game and developed their instincts to amazingly high levels over a long period of time. I mentioned that seeing these legends standing in the ring together after the post match melee on TV was a “Raw Moment” and I meant it. Some ‘net cynics took that to task too but that’s again their opinion. It will be fewer and fewer times we fans get to enjoy a moment here and there with some of the great, living legends of the business and I for one enjoy those moments and cherish each and every one of them. These men conjure up wonderful memories for me of generations’s past and of great, dramatic matches that had me, as a broadcaster, on the edge of my seat more often than not. All the Hall of Fame level veterans we saw on RAW Monday made their mark via wrestling, verbally expressing themselves naturally, by having great opponents with which to wrestle, and by not seeking out the proverbial “Holy S**t” moment via some elaborate stunt or ultra dangerous and ill conceived maneuver.

    I have a vision of what my personally produced TV wrestling product would be but I don’t think it can be produced in today’s marketplace. The lack of quality depth within the business necessitates that there be more and more sizzle added to weekly presentations and less steak. “Quality Depth” is a key term all we wrestling fans should remain keenly aware of in the future. It’s no different than in the NFL (no extra QBs running around with nothing to do), MLB (huge lack of quality pitching), and the NBA (no abundance of young, dominating big men.)

    Hopefully, some new, young stars will “break thru” much sooner than later within the biz and we might be able to improve the overall in ring product. This would appeal to me personally but I also realize I am not in most TV show’s target demo any longer so my 54 year old opinion may not carry much weight at the end of the day.

    I do think that there are youngsters in the business who have the potential to be box office stars in the future if they become student’s of the game and study what made their predecessors so great. And if these young people have passion and respect for the business in general.

    I firmly believe that fans of today’s wrestling genre still love physicality, fundamentally sound wrestling, and richly cultivated personal issues.

    This is not an issue of “glass ceilings” and “politics” but an issue of which young men or women are going to study the masters and physically go the extra mile to achieve greatness? It’s time for the young talents with potential to step up and demand to not be overlooked via what the fans see in the ring and become the Brisco’s, Funk’s, Race’s, Rhodes’, Steamboat’s, DiBiase’s, Flair’s, Patterson/Stevens’, Gagne’s, Sammartino’s, Superstar Graham’s etc of tomorrow.

    Without wrestling territories, the road is more challenging for these young talents but it can be done. It starts in the head and the heart, with knowledge and passion, and, naturally, entails physically fit athletes who are fundamentally sound and want to steal the show every time the bell rings.

    That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.


  • I love this time of the year. It’s football season and it is football weather!! Gosh it is great to be alive and living in Oklahoma.

    For almost 20 years, I spend every Friday night during football season wearing an officials uniform and enjoying the Friday night lights of Oklahoma high school football. I had more fun doing it than just about anything I have ever done in my life. I miss it every week during the season.

    Former OU player and former Sallisaw Black Diamond Kelly Mitchell stopped by our BBQ trailer before a Sooner home game recently and told me a story about me calling Kelly for two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties during Kelly’s senior year of high school in eastern Oklahoma. Football is king on Friday night’s in town like Sallisaw and hundreds of others in the Sooner state.

    Kelly was a big, tough lineman who said some “magic words” and got nailed for 15 yards by yours truly. Big Mitchell then picked up my flag and threw it up in the air in anger and disgust. I had forgotten about that play to be honest with you. I asked Kelly what happened then and he said “you walked over very calmly and picked up your flag and threw it again! I got TWO 15 yard, dead ball penalties!”

    To make matters worse, the Black Diamonds coach burned a time out to ask me what had been said. I told him and reminded him he had one time out left in this huge district game where a wasted timeout was a no-no. Standing in front of the home team’s bleachers, I felt like a wrestling villain as the curse words and emotion poured out of the loyal Sallisaw fans.

    All ended without incident as Sallisaw won the game and Kelly Mitchell was not ejected, I’ve worked with some officials who would have tossed him, and earned a football scholarship to Oklahoma University.

    Ah, the good old days.

    I went to Adrian Peterson’s first press conference since breaking his collar bone last Saturday versus Iowa State and AD was positive and said he was praying nightly to heal quickly so he could return and play another game or two for the Sooners. The Wednesday press conference did not address AD’s NFL plans as many in the media thought they “had” to know as if it was a mystery. Adrian’s as good as gone as he will be a top three pick in the 2007 draft and will become a very rich young man before he ever carries the pigskin in the National Football League.

    But AD does want to play again with his teammates one or two more times if possible as a Sooner. I admire his burning desire to contribute to the OU program and his competitiveness. Even more, I admire Peterson’s love of his teammates who have become many of his best friends.

    Peterson is arguably the greatest running back to ever play at OU even though he has had injuries hamper each of his three seasons here. AD is about 150 yards away from breaking the great Billy Sims’, a Heisman Trophy winner, all time rushing record for the Sooners.

    The Sooners play a dangerous Colorado team this Saturday night. The Buffs are 1-6 but it is a deceiving 1-6. I look for OU to win a dog fight with vanted #28 looking on from the OU sideline. OU by less than the spread of 12.

    OSU pulled one out of the fire last week in Kansas and I look for the Cowboys, who finally get to play at home, to beat Texas A&M, in a close game. OSU is favored I assume because they are at home but the Aggies are playing for their coaches job and are talented. This one really could go either way quite easily but I lean toward the Orange and Black on this one.

    I picked Tulsa to win on the road last week and was right for a change. I stay with the Golden Hurricane this week who travel to Memphis. Tulsa wins again and Coach Steve Kragthorpe becomes an even more attractive candidate to lead someone else’s program next year. If TU fans were smart they would start buying tickets to Golden Hurricane football games and filling up Skelly Stadium.

    Texas is favored by only 6 1/2 at Nebraska. Mack Brown can out coach Billy Callahan in his sleep and the Horns are tough and seasoned, except at QB but Colt McCoy is playing like a veteran. if Tom Osborne were on the Big Red sideline I could see an upset but not this Saturday. Texas wins big.

    Texas Tech with the mad scientist Mike Leach at the helm has been a little unpredictable this season especially after scoring only 6 points last week against Colorado (beware OU). Leach will light a fire under his guys and win at Iowa State who doesn’t defend the pass too well. Tech wins a close one on the road or Dan McCarney proves he is indeed one of college football’s best motivators.

    Alabama at Tennessee only needs the legendary Lindsey Nelson or Curt Gowdy to have the call of the game to be a classic SEC autumn classic between two storied programs. Offensive coordinator David Cutcliff has saved Phil Fulmer’s job it would seem for the Vols and I look for Tennessee to win at home by two TD’s.

    Hopefully the Sooners can hammer Colorado early and often with a surprising running game lead by as many as three new faces at the running back position. Offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson called a masterful game last Saturday against ISU mixing up the plays and taking what the defense offered. I look for that exact philosophy this Saturday night on Fox Sports.

    This Saturday night the defense must swarm, smoother, and harass Colorado as Sooner defensive team’s in the past have. HOpefully the Oklahoma defense will play with continued passion and tackle as they are taught.

    OU cannot give Colorado hope and allow this game to be close going into the 4th quarter.

    I talked to Dusty Dvorachek and to Tommie Harris both of the Chicago Bears this week. The former OU defensive tackles and two of Coach Jackie Shipp’s star pupils follow every move the Sooners make while earning big bucks with the Bears. harris has been virtually unblockable this season while Dusty is on the IR and will be a starter at D-Tackle next season after undergoing season ending foot surgery. Tommie may be on the Sooner sideline this Saturday night in Norman. I will see both the ex-Sooners this Monday night in Chicago for our WWE TV broadcast of Monday Night RAW on the USA Cable network. My guess is that the Bears will have great seats.

    If you are in Norman at the game Saturday drop by our BBQ Trailer which, as always, is set up in front of the old field house just outside the north end of the stadium. Take care and enjoy a great weekend of football no matter who your favorite team may be.


  • Sam Smith- I had no issues whatsoever with any Foley matches this year. Mick is one of my all time favorites and has provided me with some in ring and out of ring memories I will never forget. Mother Nature and Mick’s lack of being able to wrestle full time is Mick’s biggest enemy. When Mick is motivated about a particular topic no one delivers a more passionate interview or gives more effort in a match. Mick Foley is a future Hall of Famer and I can’t wait to read his next book.

    Vanilla Wafa- Nice name by the way. I have no idea if there will be another draft lottery but they certainly make for interesting TV. Gunner Scott was released for reasons unknown to me but I know he was a hard worker and not a problem child. Scott was given ample opportunity to “make it”. Kane, no matter where he might locker, will always be an asset to any brand or locker room. Kane is a stallion and a credit to any company.

    Mike-I have not seen Billy Kidman recently but the last time I did he looked good. I am not sure of Billy’s future plans but one would assume they would involve wrestling. Billy’s in-ring skills have never been questioned.

    Lorena- I love the fact that the fans can vote on key referendums for Cyber Sunday. I encourage you to check out www.wwe.com and vote early and often. This will be the most interactive fan experience ever presented on pay per view. I hope the fans of the Cincinnati are turn out in droves and pack the arena on November 5.

    Chuck- I did not know Dennis Coralluzzo well but well enough that I never had an issue with him and liked him. Dennis was a funny guy who loved the wrestling business.I never worked for Dennis so I can’t accurately comment on his promoting skills but I do know that Dennis was a passionate wrestling fan who loved being around the “boys” and promoting shows.

    Katherine- There is enough Flair material available to do 2-3 more DVD’s about “The Naitch’s” career.

    Darius- If you recall I picked Tulsa to win last week versus East Carolina. I am shocked that the TU fans are not selling out Skelly Stadium for this team however. Coach Kragthorpe is a keeper but the Golden Hurricane fans need to respond in big numbers or the Coach will no doubt seek greener pastures. I have no issue with AD being in the game last week when he was injured. I think that excuse is a cop out and I am sure some fans or media members may attempt to make that an issue but not me. It was a freak injury albeit a heart breaker. No one is going to feel sorry for OU including the Sooners themselves. Colorado certainly won’t this Saturday night I assure you. Nonetheless, AD will be sorely missed and can never be replaced but he can be successfully substituted for. The next game that # 28 plays in will most likely be in the NFL.

    Marco in Germany-The idea of a Ladder Match DVD has been discussed from what I understand but I could be wrong. I would buy a Ladder Match DVD without fail. I like the Hell in a Cell concept, too. Certainly both can easily be done in the future.

    Tim- I can definitely see HHH as the WWE Champion again someday. The Game is too good and has too many excellent years ahead of him to not win another major title. However, I am enjoying DX and hope we get to see HHH/HBK together for an extended length of time. The more tags they are in the longer their careers are extended in my view.

    Jaffer-I have no idea what you mean about “why the King’s antics are slowing down”. Can you make yourself more clear? I have answered the UK pay per view question numerous times. I am not a WWE spokesman but I know the WWE deeply values all their fans and that the UK has long supported the WWE in a big way. I would bet that the WWE will have a pay per view in the UK much sooner than later.

    Flying Brian- If you want a little spice in your sauces then try our Chipotle BBQ Sauce, our Jalapeno Honey Mustard or the Chipolte Ketchup. None of them will “light you up” but they are pleasantly spicy. Our on line store never closes.

    Nick-I too have great respect for William Regal both personally and professionally. Regal is a true diamond in the rough and can be an even bigger asset to his brand in a variety of ways. Regal’s verbal skills are excellent and his in ring style is unique. Plus, Regal is a tough dude and a great team player.

    ....more responses and blogs still to come this week. Thanks!


  • It was great to see my friend Stone Cold Steve Austin Sunday in Los Angeles prior to the taping of Monday Night RAW.

    Steve looks to be in as good a physical shape as he has been in years and it is easy to tell the “Texas Rattlesnake” is still working out regularly and takes his diet and physical fitness seriously.

    Steve has bought a home in Southern California to be based there while he tries his hand at breaking into the film business. Steve spent approximately 4 months of the year down under in Australia filming “The Condemned” for WWE Films, an action adventure film with a very intriguing plot that will be out in 2007.

    It had been so long since Steve had been able to spend any significant time back stage at a WWE event, I assume Wretlemania was the last, that he mentioned to me that there were so many new faces he did not know it felt a little surreal. Of course, many of the veteran WWE Superstars were familiar faces that had the opportunity to visit with Austin and renew old times and talk of rivalries of days gone by.

    I hope the younger wrestlers took the time Sunday to pick the brain of one of the most intelligent and analytical Superstars in history.

    There is no doubt in my mind, and I feel like I know Steve better than anyone in the business, that Austin would love to wrestle again if his neck issues were not as they are. Steve loves that adrenaline rush an athlete gets when performing before a live and loud audience. Being in great physical shape is not an issue as Steve is as good a shape as many active competitors. Plus, Stone Cold has huge respect for the wrestling fans worldwide.

    The one thing that made Stone Cold arguably the greatest box office sensation in wrestling history is the fact that he was harder on himself than anyone and demanded perfection from himself, first, and everyone else involved in the equation, second. I have called more Austin matches than anyone alive and I have seen Steve in some amazing scenarios that I thought were blow away awesome. Then upon talking to Steve after the match one would find out that the Edna, Texas native would be thinking that there were two or three little things he could have done better in the match. OU Head Football Coach Bob Stoops is that way as well. Even when the Sooners win a big game the Coach will eventually mention things that his team could have done better and that they need to work on. That’s Stone Cold to a “T”. Neither man ever makes excuses.

    Great individuals and highly successful people are rarely satisfied with their performances or the results they achieve. Things can always be better and performances can always be improved upon. I truly believe if you asked Stone Cold if he ever wrestled, in his opinion, a perfect match, he would say “no”, without a doubt. (Probably, “Hell No” more than likely.)

    Steve was a big proponent of watching old tapes to see how the masters of other generations honed their skills and perfected their craft. I wonder how many young wrestlers of today take the time to watch these same classic video tapes to learn valuable nuances that are necessary to be the best they can be. I know that Ric Flair was another wrestler who watched a great deal of tapes as does to this day HHH who is a genuine student of the game hence my nickname for him of the “Cerebral Assassin”.

    I think that some younger wrestlers could learn from the greats of the game by watching videos of stars from other generations rather than spend valuable time figuring out how they can break more tables or better utilize inanimate objects.

    I may be wrong but my instincts tell me that not enough of the younger generation of wrestlers watch these treasure chests of video tapes that are available to them by simply requesting them or as easily as watching WWE 24/7 which is awesome TV.

    I get the question all the time will Stone Cold ever wrestle Hulk Hogan and my answer is always the same. No. Steve is the type of wrestler than before he would step in the ring with anyone Steve would want to go back out on the road for 3-4 months and get his timing back down, his cardio at its highest level, and be fully prepared to give his fans more than their monies worth. With Steve’s new career there simply isn’t enough time or days in the week to pull this off. As I said my friend Stone Cold is a perfectionist and making sure the fans don’t see “Stone Cold Lite” is important to him.

    Now does this mean we have seen the last of Stone Cold Steve Austin? Oh, Hell No! I would be shocked if Steve were not a prominent part of WWE TV programming when “The Condemned” begins its advance promotion. I don’t even know how one could have a Wrestlemania without a little “Rattlesnake flavor” added to the festivities either, in my opinion.

    Another question could be asked is 2007 the year that Steve Austin goes into the Hall of Fame? That’s certainly not my call but as a fan of the product one can’t make a valid argument that Austin doesn’t belong there but it is only a matter of when. Perhaps by waiting that “small window of opportunity” that Steve might consider stepping back into the ring one last time might open a little wider. As I said, my opinion is that it will not happen but you know what some say about opinions…everybody has one and we have learned to never say never in this business.

    Nonetheless, it was great seeing a happy and healthy Stone Cold on Sunday and my wife and I look forward to his next visit to our home in Oklahoma where he is a valued member of our family. I might even go on that long awaited deer hunt with Steve this fall as every deer camp needs a good cook or someone who at least thinks he is a good cook.

    Here is a little known, useless trivia fact. The black hat I wear every week on TV is one of two gifted to me by Steve himself. I have had numerous offers to sell them but they are not for sale at any price…just like our friendship. I fully expect to be buried, hopefully many years from now, with one of those black hats with me.

    The wrestling business is tough on relationships. One can generally count their true friends, even after 3 or more decades in the biz, on one hand. I am very blessed that Stone Cold and yours truly have remained friends through all our challenging times together during our unique journey in the wrestling business.

    When I was thought to have had colon cancer approximately one year ago at this time, Steve was the first to call and the first to volunteer to fly from California to Oklahoma to help out.

    Lesson learned here is that true friends don’t come along every day. If you have a long time friend you have not reached out to lately, then perhaps today would be a good day to simply say hello and thanks.


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    For my Raw Superstar of the week check out the RAW section of www.wwe.com as my column goes up every Thursday.

  • Just got home this morning at 9 on a lovely red eye flight from LAX after taping RAW at the Staples Center last night. I am really looking forward to watching the show tonight “from the comfort of my own home”. The 17,000 plus sell out crowd was a real asset to the show. Thanks, LA.

    Here’s some email feedback before I take another nap:

    Jay- I never called Umaga the “Samoan Smashing Machine”. If you look objectively at style and presentation there is more of a difference in Umaga and Joe than you might agree. Nonetheless, both are athletic big men and of the same culture. I am looking well past their culture.

    James Ma-I love the Undertaker, too. He is one of a kind and still has several productive years left in him. No one is more respected or feared in the locker room. I can easily see Taker being the World’s or WWE Champion again…if Taker sets his sights on such. I once called The Undertaker the “Conscience of the WWE” and I meant it.

    Joel- I did not catch the Angle interview as I was out with my wife celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary by attending a Heart Concert at the Riverwinds Casino just south of Norman. The Wilson sisters are still great, by the way. I cannot speak for the WWE but personally I know of no one who wishes any ill will toward Kurt.

    Anesen in Denmark- I watch Smackdown every week. There are several stars on the show I really enjoy watching. The Undertaker and Chris Benoit are at the top of the list. I feel Smackdown’s future is brighter than ever especially in America on the new CW Network. Announcers Cole and JBL entertain me more often than not even though JBL can be a typical, overbearing loudmouth redneck with a cowboy hat (Oops, I think I just described myself!)

    Anthony-I don’t know when the WWE is coming to Wilkes-Barre, Pa but you might call the arena there and ask them. Also wwe.com always lists the touring schedules and you can check that out too.

    Dave- I love the Hell in a Cell DVD idea and think the WWE is already considering such. There have been some amazing matches in that “unforgiving structure” with some great stories leading into them.

    Ronald- I have heard rumors of the Royal Rumble coming to San Antonio at some point. Maybe it will be 2007. Contact your the arena there or keep up with the schedule on wwe.com. I would not mind seeing my Sooners play in the Alamo Bowl there either. San Antonio is a great city and man do I love the food. (What a surprise.)

    Jon-Without a doubt Lance Russell is arguably one of the top two or three greatest wrestling announcers of all time. Plus, Lance is an even better human being. A class act all the way. Lance was as much a part of the success of the Memphis territory days as any wrestler or front office individual, maybe more over the long haul. The evolution of Jerry Lawler, the Andy Kaufman story, the countless superstars who wrestled in Memphis were all enhanced by Lance Russell’s work. Lance and his wife Audrey are as nice a couple as I have ever met in this whacky business. Check out Lance’s website which is www.lancerussell.com.

    Vahe- Sorry to expose my ignorance but I don’t have a clue what “system of a down” is.

    Lee-There is not a doubt in my mind that Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage both belong in the WWE Hall of Fame but that is only my personal opinion. To me, it is not even close. Again, only one man’s opinion.

    Matthew James- I look at the team of London and Kendrick much like the Rock’n Roll Express or the Fantastics back in the day. High flyers with great passion that need to do a great amount of “team maneuvers” to be successful. They are sure fun to watch. London and Kendrick’s lack of size is a non factor to me.

    Anthony- A Chris Jericho DVD? Sure, why not? Y2J has many amazing accomplishments and will hopefully step back in a WWE ring some day to write the next chapter of his “wrestling book”. As a matter of fact Chris is penning a book now about the early days of his career which I can’t wait to read and which covers his international travel including time spend in Mexico and Japan. I am a major Jericho fan.

    T Adams- Congrats on the Tigers. Jim Leyland is my kind of guy. And who can’t love a guy called “Pudge”?? John Cena is a great asset to the WWE and has that anti establishment feel about him similar to Stone Cold but there will never be another Stone Cold or at least I have not seen him yet. That’s not a knock on the other stars out there but to be a star one has to be unique and to attempt to copy another wrestler is generally the kiss of death. Let Cena be Cena and I feel in the long haul John will rank up there will some of the best ever. John is already pretty damn good. Regarding Boise State, they don’t seem to have missed a beat when Coach Hawkins left. I actually walked on the blue rug there in Boise years ago when we were there to do an event. If there schedule was a little tougher, as perceived by the national media, Boise State might be seriously in the hunt for a BCS Bowl.

    Not So Fast-Not so negative. Relax. None of this stuff is life or death. It’s entertainment and if it is not entertaining to you simply change the TV channel. But I do appreciate you passion and your email.

    Don’t forget to check out our store. It never closes! I would love for all of you to try our sauces. Plus, we would love to see your photos wearing our merchandise. We have caps and T Shirts plus the popular “Slobber-Knocker” towels. But the “main event” are the sauces. Get some today and let me know how you like it. Your opinion counts on this site.

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  • JBL- If that is your “real name”, no I am not a huge fan of herpes jokes but I must admit there were times Monday night that you were entertaining as hell. One thing is for sure, the producers will never put us together because they would have to have an interpreter and a hat rack!

    Anthony- Jonathan Coachman’s title is “Executive Assistant” to the Chairman. Coach also works part time for CSTV doing sports play by play and studio work and does a great job at both.

    Kathy-Chipotle is not fiery hot. It is spicy and flavorful and our Chipotle BBQ Sauce is my hands down favorite sauce.

    Andy in Ireland- If Chris Benoit goes back to his roots it would be in Stampede Wrestling in Calgary, not ECW. Benoit is one of the very best in-ring performers in the world so who ever has him should be thankful.

    JSP- I think the Dynamite Kid should go into the Hall of Fame along side the British Bulldog. What a tag team they made! They were WAY ahead of their time.

    Kevin- My favorite manager would be a tie between Jim Cornette and Bobby Heenan. There were many outstanding managers in the 70s and 80s that I saw either in person or on TV. The “art” of being a great ringside manager is a lost one. I can’t imagine wannabe managers would not study the tapes of the greats and the WWE DVD regarding the Best Managers is a good place to start.

    Manoj in India- As the Chairman of the WWE said recently, Kurt Angle is welcome back to the WWE when he is healthy. Any one that truly knows Kurt wants him to be healthy and happy. I think Kurt is a wonderful guy, and remember, never say never in this business.

    Gavin in the U.K.- We are working feverishly to get all the shipping rules and regulations addressed to ship our sauces to the UK and beyond. Bear with us as we are close. Our government doesn’t move too quickly.

    Anthony- I think as long as he is physically able to do his thing that no Wrestlemania is complete without an appearance by Hulk Hogan. Hulk is the wrestling version of the band “The Eagles”. I go see them perform every chance I can.

    Trace- Can’t speak to the future DVD titles but I know that the recent Pillman DVD is awesome and the Hulk DVD is a classic as well. I expect to see more of the same great work continue. I would be hard pressed to not put Ohio State vs. Florida in the national title game of college football. But the Buckeyes have to beat Michigan which won’t be easy and The Gators still have to contend with a SEC Title game which can be dangerous.

    Mark- For there to be another “Boom Period” like the late 90s as you suggest the key element is developing NEW superstars along the lines of a Stone Cole or a Rock who were both “new” during that era. The evolution of new stars in any form of sports and entertainment is the key to success of any entity. That is why major sports leagues have annual drafts and Hollywood is always searching high and low for the next big thing.

    Kirk- Maybe it is just me but I don’t see the comparison between Umaga and Samoa Joe as others do other than their heritage of both being Samoans. There styles don’t resemble each other at all to me. Just my opinion.

    Jimmy- I would love to see a Four Horseman DVD set. It would definitely be a keeper. The Horseman legacy will last for generations to come and their stories of the road would be classic….if they could all be told.

    Andrew- The hardest match for me to broadcast is the Royal Rumble match itself as there are no breaks, a different wrestler coming to the ring every minute or so so the story changes constantly and it lasts for over one hour.

    Adam- I do not see a DX vs. NWO match any time soon. The NWO talents that one would need to make this happen are not all contractually available. I never say never but this is “highly unlikely”.

    Ronald- My wife and I are going to see “The Marine” tonight! Just an FYI for classic rock fans, last night my wife and I saw the group “Heart” in concert at a casino near our home in Norman, Oklahoma. For the record, the Wilson sisters can still get it done!

    For those of you looking for RAW feedback, check out www.wwe.com on the RAW page for my weekly column which is posted every Thursday.

    Thanks and keep the emails and the sauce orders coming. My family and I sincerely appreciate your business and for giving our sauces a try.


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    The Voice of the Attitude Era- Bold, Uncensored, and Live
    Jim "JR" Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler formed the most iconic broadcast duo in professional wrestling history. During the Attitude Era, the most famous of its kind, JR and The King took over the TV screens of millions of fans watching around the world. From broadcasting matches of Stone Cold and The Rock, to Chris Jericho and Mick Foley, their voices are synonymous with the Attitude Era. The duo recently worked together at Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans, LA and at WWE's Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia.
    "Live with JR & The King" is a unique and comprehensive two-man show that offers fans an in-depth perspective of the world of professional wrestling. Commencing with story-telling of wrestling’s past and present, the show transitions to a no-holds barred, unfiltered Q+A.
    Jim Ross, or famously referred to as "Good Ol’ J.R.", has been one of wrestling’s most influential figures over the better part of four decades, both as an executive and as the most recognizable announcer in the business. Known to sports entertainment fans around the world as the Voice of Professional Wrestling, J.R. has traveled the world and had a ringside seat for some of the most amazing moments in pro wrestling history. JR's weekly podcast on Westwood One is one of the top podcasts in his respective categories, while his autobiography, SLOBBERKNOCKER has been atop the Amazon’s Pro-Wrestling category for over a year, further cementing his status as a NY Times Best Selling Author.

    Jerry "The King" Lawler has been a featured figure within sports-entertainment since the 1970s, as the pride of Memphis, Tenn. He has entertained fans most notably from the announce table as Raw’s most irrepressible broadcaster alongside JR, as well as a prominent in-ring competitor.

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