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  • This Saturday marks the 101st meeting of the Oklahoma Sooners vs. the Texas Longhorns on the collegiate gridiron from the historic Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas. For us Sooner fans and I am sure for the ‘Horns fans there is no bigger weekend on the entire schedule excluding a major bowl and of course a national championship game. For some diehards however this is THE game of the year. Period.

    I attended my first OU-UT game in 1970 and have been to dozens more over the past 36 years. I will be there again this Saturday sitting in section 24 row 32 near the 50 yard line. A Sooner fan offered me $750 each for my 4 tickets and I am sure I could have gotten more but they are not for sale at any price.

    The tickets list for $85 each but the memories and experiences I have had with friends on this weekend are priceless.

    The Sooners are anywhere from a 5-6 point underdog against the defending National Champions on a game to be televised on ABC Television. I have been on the sideline for the past 5 or 6 years but since this is the first time I have taken my wife to this often times rowdy affair I will most likely sit with her and not be down on the field with the team as I have in the past.

    Plenty of WWE Superstars have a keen interest in this game including Dusty Rhodes and JBL, among many others. Dusty grew up in Austin, the home of the Longhorns, and bleeds burnt orange. If OU loses I can expect to hear it from him for the next several months even though I went easy on him when OU ran off 5 wins in a row over the Steers beginning in 2000. Well, sort of easy.

    I believe that the key ingredient in making any one successful in what ever they choose to do in life is passion. Intellect is obviously a nice asset as is education and experience. But nothing can replace the passion one has for their life’s work.

    Passion will win or lose this football game Saturday in Dallas. Oklahoma has had a challenging year but has only lost one game, the controversial game to a great Oregon team in Eugene on an obvious bad call from a replay official. That’s water under the bridge now. That is history. None of us can change history we can only study it and learn from it. Saturday in sweltering heat before another sellout crowd in an old stadium in dire need of renovation that sits in the middle of the largest state fair in the world, the underdog Sooners will no doubt play their hearts out for the love of the game, their school, their families, and their teammates.

    The tradition of this game is one of the great intangibles of the Red River Rivalry. It’s no different than the tradition of certain cities or arenas being special in the wrestling business. I have attended dozens of events in Madison Square Garden and it never gets old and I never take for granted the privilege of being able to sit at ringside and do what I have loved doing for over 30 years, broadcasting wrestling. It is always an honor to be in the “World’s Most Famous Arena”. I get the same feeling when I sit at ringside on Monday Nights when we broadcast RAW. RAW has become a part of Americana and we are nearing our 700th episode of the show. Man, where did the time go?

    I will have that same special feeling this Saturday when I take my seat in the Cotton Bowl to watch my team compete. I am a lucky man to be able to be in Dallas Saturday. It was one year ago this week it was told to me that in all likelihood that I had colon cancer. I still went to the OU-Texas game last year knowing that I was going to get a biopsy done the next week and that the chances were good that I would be battling colon cancer. Thanks to the Good Lord above that never transpired. I did have major surgery but the doctors found no cancer. Nonetheless, I was bound and determined to attend the game and then to handle my duties at ringside the following Monday night because of that one key word….passion.

    I count my blessings every day and if this is the last Red River Shootout I ever attend for whatever reason, I have been blessed. The same goes for Monday Night RAW. We have our season premier this Monday night and I am going to be a part of it when it seemed that last year that I would not be. It’s funny how things can change in our lives in one short year.

    I have analyzed this game for www.ouinsider.com and it comes down to the same basic things on which most big games hinge. What team makes the fewest mistakes, who controls the line of scrimmage, and who can control the clock.

    But perhaps more importantly this game depends on who plays with the most passion for 4 quarters.

    I want my team to win in the worst way just like I am sure Longhorn fans want their team to defeat their arch rival. But somehow I think just being able to attend the game and to enjoy it knowing that I have been given a new lease on life that somehow I have already won in the game that truly counts, the game of life.

    So come Monday Night RAW at 8/7 central on the USA Cable Network no matter the score in Saturday’s big game, I will be sitting at ringside, again counting my blessings, and doing what I do, for better or for worse, and doing it with what brought me to the dance. Passion.



  • Maybe it is just one hour of wrestling but the ECW TV show is rapidly becoming the best one hour wrestling show on TV for my money. This show has a destination, a great build for the TV main event, and has focus. It just doesn’t seem to be “all over the road”.

    Hard core Holly’s character looks to be taking a change of course after his ugly 24 stitch cut last week. Bob is a hardass but he is a hard working, blue color guy who has endured a great deal over the past few years. I hope the fans accept Bob as a fan favorite and appreciate his work. Bob’s people skills are a little rough around the edges but he is one tough S.O.B.

    Interesting tag match with Show teaming with Striker. Striker has the components to be an excellent antagonist. Show, bad back and all, is simply a freak of nature with a personality. I think Sandman and Sabu add to ECW a great deal and still have adequate fuel in the tank.

    I hope the Extreme Strip Poker game delivers next week with all the hype it is getting. If it comes off like flatulence in church that will not be a good thing. Plus, can one be nude on basic cable??

    Kevin Thorn beating Tommy Dreamer surprised me. Nicely done.

    I am becoming a big C.M. Punk fan. Selfishly I wish Punk were on RAW. Punk is the real deal.

    O.K. Knox fight Punk already!! Maybe next week.

    Can you believe Kelly Kelly is only 19? For real!!

    RVD vs. TEst was excellent even though it took most of Heyman’s friends, and there aren’t many, too beat Van Dam.

    Successful wrestling shows don’t have to be complex or convoluted. They don’t have to feature wrestlers attempting to be comedians and thespians in general. I think fans like “car crashes” and “competition” not bad acting or lame attempts at comedy.

    The WWE did a nice job entertaining me Tuesday night on Sci Fi with the one hour ECW show. Attaboys to all.


  • I enjoyed the short flight from OKC to Kansas City aboard lovely Southwest Airlines and then the relatively short one hour drive over to Topeka this week. It’s funny how travel can sometimes affect one’s outlook on a show or affect the preparation for a particular show. At this stage of the game for me, travel is not my friend. However, I must say that some of my car trips with the King are damn entertaining and would probably make a good reality show if there is such a thing.

    The RAW from Topeka, RAW #697 to be exact, was a solid show that was highlighted by a strong main event featuring John Cena and Edge. Wrestling inside a steel cage is not easy and can be somewhat limiting but both Cena and Edge did a helluva job in my opinion. I have loved this rivalry since it kicked off in January but it would seem that these two men may move on to other opponents in the near future. I have heard from some of you that still love the interaction between these two and I have heard from some of you that are tired of this pairing. To each his own but I personally love their chemistry. Edge has become an “A” list star since this thing kicked off in January.

    No one can ever say that these two men don’t work hard and to me that is where it all starts. They have told some amazing stories in the ring from my perspective. Wrestling is such an art form and a fleeting one at that. Someday someone is going to wake up and truly discover what the territory system meant to the business and say, “Uh, oh we’re out of talent.”

    The 4 team Texas Tornado tag was a wild affair with DX proving without a shadow of a doubt who the top dogs were in that hunt. It is a challenging time to be an aspiring tag team on RAW with DX so dominate. Perhaps Cade/Murdoch can break the glass ceiling or at least they seem to have the best chance. The other two teams in this wild west affair are not bad but they just are not established units as of yet.

    Jeff Hardy has done extremely well since returning to RAW. Jeff says he was completely burned out when he left RAW somewhat unceremoniously 3 years ago but what ever his reasons were I am glad he is back. Jeff has added a much needed spark to RAW and now that Jeff is the new IC Champion we should continue to see the IC Title elevated. I have always looked at the Intercontinental Title as special but it seems, at times, it has been almost forgotten in the big picture.

    As The King would say “one can’t grieve forever” for Johnny “Don’t Call Me Monday ” Nitro even though he lost his gold he still went to a Topeka area hotel and slept with a “gold digger”.

    With Jeff Hardy as the new IC champ it would seem it would set up many possible scenarios as to viable challengers for the championship. Let’s hope that Jeff can stay in one piece during this IC Title run.

    To say that DX was ubiquitous Monday Night might be a rather Texas sized understatement. HHH and HBK seem to heading for a situation with Cade and Murdoch. It will be very interesting to see if the young lads can hang with the veterans in this encounter. If Cade and Murdoch are successful down the road vs. DX that will certainly increase the rowdy rednecks worth on the RAW brand and would put them in main event level matches which does mean more cash. Cash is good for all wrestlers. But don’t take my word for it, ask them.

    On a few of those DX bits Monday night I had flashbacks to some Saturday Night Live skits and the spaghetti western music made me wonder what ever happened to Lee Van Cleef.

    It looks as if Umaga or Kane will be leaving RAW next Monday during the 3 hour fall premier called Family Reunion which by the way starts one hour earlier than normal so adjust your TiVos and DVRs. Where do you think the winner is headed? It could be Smackdown or ECW.

    I think it is classy that John Cena wanted to premier his movie “The Marine” at a Marine base. Camp Pendalton has some of the bravest men and women in the world stationed there so Tuesday night’s premier should be quite the throw down. I will assure you this…..no WWE Superstar works harder promoting the company…ever…than John Cena. You may not like his wrestling, I do by the way, but no one in their right mind can deny how hard this man works.

    I was excited to see the Orton-Carlito match but it ended too quickly for me. (Insert joke here.)

    WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter got a surprise win on Monday night over the Spirit Squad’s Nicky. I just have a feeling that this 5 man group who are the reigning World Tag Team Champions, are about to implode.

    Mickie James and Victoria had a nice 5 minute match. This RAW needed next week’s three hours so these matches would not have appeared to be so rushed. Mickie advances and Victoria goes back to making delicious pizza for the time being in Louisville.

    You know, sometimes Eric Bischoff can be a jackass. O.K. most of the time. I left WCW because I was considered too regional to be the voice of WCW. The decision to take me off the air was news delivered to me by, in my humble opinion, an Andy Griffith-on-crack-like gutless wonder by the name of Bill Shaw. Shaw “inherited” WCW from Ted Turner and wanted to distance himself from it as best he could. Like many TBS white shirt wearing, red tie and blue blazer attired executives Shaw’s manhood might have fit into a thimble. I had over two years left on my contract there when I was illegally, by TBS’s own contract, re-assigned. Contracts, as I have learned over time, mean little if the company who writes the contract wants to break it. Nonetheless, Bischoff’s book “Controversy Creates Cash” tells Eric’s story from Eric’s point of view and even though I don’t like what he said about me he has the right to say it and I am man enough to take it. I do encourage all “real” wrestling fans to read it. If you are a new fan, are really young, and just like to watch people fall from high places through inanimate objects this book might not be for you. It does go into some intimate details about wrestling politics, back stage maneuvering, and the art of the “wrestling swerve”. Unfortunately it doesn’t document Cowboy Bill Watts urinating off the 12th floor balcony outside his office in the CNN Center but I may cover that if I ever get motivated enough to write about the crazy journey I have been on for going on four decades.

    Honestly, career wise leaving WCW and coming to the WWE was the best thing I ever did for all the right reasons.

    Some one emailed me and said that a TNA Wrestler said I talked on our site about TNA because I “feared them” as in the WWE, I assume, fearing TNA. That’s laugh out loud funny. Fear what? That TNA is going to take over the world and all of us that don’t work there will be out of work. Please come back to reality. No one is going to take over the world and put everyone out of business and nor should they if they have any brains. As I have said many times, competition is good for everyone in every walk of life. I assure you there is competition between the three brands the WWE owns among the wrestlers as it relates to TV time, earnings, exposure, etc. That’s a good thing. More guys and gals should be even MORE competitive because it raises their game. The same goes for TNA or any other company that wants to turn a profit in the wrestling/sports/entertainment arena. The more the merrier and may the best provider of content reap the deserved rewards. I assure you there is enough to go around for everyone. It may make a nice wrestling promo or look good on someone’s blog or website but “fearing TNA is just plan silly”. Let me tell you what I do fear. I feared that I had cancer one year ago. I fear my two granddaughters won’t grow up in a safe country. I fear that my wife will have more fun after I’m gone that she does now (that’s a joke) and I fear that the Oklahoma Sooners may not play a great game against the powerful Texas Longhorns this Saturday in the Cotton Bowl to which I will be in attendance.

    I am anxious to be a part of the THREE HOUR BROADCAST this Monday from Columbia, S.C. on the USA Network that airs live at 8/7 central. Remember, that’s one hour earlier than normal. It’s ironically Gamecock Country in Columbia and I wonder if DX will present Mr. McMahon, I can only assume he will be back on RAW this Monday, with an authentic token of their esteem, a honest to goodness Game Cock from South Carolina. Who knows, perhaps they can get the head ball coach himself Steve Spurrier to make the presentation.

    We will answer more of emails this week Plus don’t forget that OUR STORE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS! WE WILL GLADLY SHIP ANYWHERE. Thanks for stopping by.



  • Here are a few email responses. . .

    Sonny…I don’t agree that some think Bryan Danielson is too short. Bryan’s height should have nothing to do with his in ring marketability.

    Tim…I don’t think TNA should copy the WWE if they are. TNA should develop their own identity. Honestly, I am not sure what that is. There sure is an awful lot of Jeff Jarrett on the show.

    The Oklahoma city power outage was not a part of “the show”.

    JBL’s commentary is one of the highlights of Smackdown. His style of commentary is a lost art. JBL will get better and better in time but he has a wealth of potential a la Ventura, Cornette, and Heenan back in the day of antagonist color analysts.

    Dan…I don’t think Kanyon, Gangrel or the Blue Meanie were mistreated by the WWE. I did not walk in their shoes so because of that I have a different opinion perhaps than you on this matter.

    Gangrel may be appearing on TV soon. Kanyon has talent and I could care less about his alternative life style and Meanie is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

    X-Pac back? Never say never. I would say that depends on WWE upper management and X-Pac’s willingness to want to be a part of the team again. It certainly has nothing to do with his talent level.

    WE hope our sauces are good enough to make it into supermarkets some day. You can help us accomplish that by buying some online.

    Joe…Michigan football looks to be back where they belong. For Lloyd Carr’s sake, the Big Blue need to be. I like what I have seen of them.

    Will J.R. ever be in the WWE Hall of Fame? Not likely. But one never says never.

    What’s my favorite BBQ? Let’s put it this way…the worst I ever had was wonderful! My absolute favorite is slow smoked baby back ribs.

    Could HBK be the WWE Champion again? Absolutely. Never count out HBK.

    Matt in Australia….I agree that Rob Conway is undervalued. Conway could be a star under the right circumstance.

    Tony…will there be another Memphis pay per view? I’m sure some day but not any time soon as best as I can tell.

    Dustin…I assure you that Vince McMahon doesn’t “fear” TNA. I honestly don’t know if McMahon fears anything except possibly death or old age. I’m not 100% sure of that.

    Marco in Germany…Yes I have read the Bischoff book and think you would like it. It’s heavy at times but tells a compelling story of which not all of that I agree with.

    Nate….Yes the WWE has attempted to buy Mid South Wrestling for WWE 24/7. Thus far no deal has been able to be reached. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. It would be a great addition to the 24/7 library.

    James…I correspond with the Rock a couple of times per month. He is still “The Great One” but fans need to face the facts that the Rock’s days of wrestling are history. Rock still loves the business but his film career is exploding.

    DF in the UK….I don’t think it would be wise at this time for TNA to go head to head with the WWE on Monday Nights. That’s just my opinion. Yes, we ship all our sauces and merchandise any where in the world.

    Brutas….I know nothing about a nWo vs. DX match. It is very unlikely that will ever occur. However, it makes for good internet talk.

    Will…I will take an Ohio State vs. Oklahoma national title game as we speak. But first my Sooners have to get by Texas this Saturday in Dallas. The Buckeyes are REALLY good.

    Ryan…I know nothing about how serious the talks were between the WWE and Samoa Joe or even if they officially took place. I think Joe is very good and is a great physical wrestler even though he isn’t a body builder type…so what? I also don’t think that Umaga is a Samoa Joe wannabe. Perhaps some day Samoa Joe will migrate to the WWE if he can stay healthy.

    Nick…I agree that Val Venis is under utilized. Val would make some young wrestler a great tag team partner. Young wrestlers have to learn to apply their craft in the ring and with no territories to go to any longer it is up to the veterans who can still coach ‘em up to get the job done.

    Our BBQ Trailer will not be at the OU at Oklahoma State game this year at this time. Plus my favorite BBQ Sauce is the Chipotle BBQ but the Jalapeno Honey Mustard and the Chipotle Ketchup are all really good. Try ‘em and see for your self.

    Keep emailing and I will try and keep answering them.

    Be well. Count your blessings. Go Sooners vs. The Horns!


  • Whether or not I agree with all your emails or not is irrelevant but one thing I can say is that fans of this business have PASSION! You’ve got to love it!

    I have never implied that I am going to always be on the right side of your argument but I can assure that I will always be honest with my opinions, for better or for worse. I hope that we can all engage in respectful dialog even when we disagree and not take the low rode with distasteful language.

    Plus, I hope that you amateur psychologists out there would refrain from telling me what my responses “really” mean. That is unless I can analyze you and I’m not qualified.

    Finally this is NOT a WWE site. This is my personal site that has been established through the efforts of some very talented people (not me) and has been established to help us promote our BBQ business of which I am very involved with at this time.

    Let’s get back to the business of answering some of your emails. I will respond to as many as time will allow but because of travel, my day job, the BBQ business we are building, my family, including my two granddaughters, and OU football my time is not as abundant as I would like. But I am alive and one year ago at this time it was thought that I had colon cancer so what is there really to be upset about? On my side of the fence…..nothing.

    Koby…The Big 12 North looks like it may run thru Lincoln again but that could be addressed this weekend to some degree. I love Mark Mangino and hope the KU team does great. The Saints played on guts week and seem to have a nice offense. I like Coach Payton, too.

    Darius…Tulsa University was omitted due to my lack of mental faculties. My youngest daughter graduated from TU with honors and I have followed the Golden Hurricane all my life via the Tulsa World including when their coach was Glenn Dobbs who actually sent me a recruiting letter when I was in high school. I, too, miss Ft. Gibson’s Teddy Lehman with the Lions but don’t count Teddy out. He will hopefully be back in 2007.

    Jason…thanks for the nice words from a Husker fan. Tazz is a Husker fan too. I agree it doesn’t feel right that OU doesn’t play Nebraska every year.

    Coach John Blake is a great recruiter but seeing the Huskers not in the “I” doesn’t seem right.

    Steve…How can you not love West Virginia football? The Mountaineers are tough and well coached. Keeping Coach Rodriquez might be a chore.

    Grant in Glascow…A Sooner is a person who did not wait for the Oklahoma land run to officially start in the late 1880s and left before the cannons sounded. Those that left “legally” are called Boomers. Hence, Boomer Sooner!!

    Jarrod…I don’t know the Australian issues as to why you can’t see UFC and TNA. I would doubt that the WWE would have the clout to keep a company from doing business in an entire country.

    Travis…The Brand Extension, for better or worse, in your opinion, looks to be here to stay. Quality depth is definitely an issue.

    Ben… The Macho Man certainly deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Savage was one of the greats of a dynamic era. I can’t nor won’t speak for Vince McMahon but I don’t think McMahon hates Savage as someone suggested on another email.

    Ryan in the UK….There is a great deal more about this business than making money. After being in it for over 30 years and earning MANY $25-40 payoffs back in the day, the love of the business has driven many of us to persevere. Unfortunately there are not as many people who are in wrestling today simply because they love it nor am I sure they should be. They should love it but they have to earn a living for the abuse they put their bodies through. The bottom line is you have to be able to pay your bills and provide for your family no matter your vocation and that includes wrestling.

    Bob…I will check out some ROH DVDs. I was merely being honest when I said I did not watch enough of the ROH product to judge it. It isn’t that I don’t like it but there are only so many hours in a day plus old guys like me, as has been pointed out by some emailing us, need our naps. I have heard nothing but great things about the in ring product at ROH events.

    Mike..Bryan Danielson is a great in ring performer. I have been familiar with him since he broke in the business. I was keenly aware of his training. His lack of size has adversely affected his professional progression and that is not fair. Bryan is a passionate wrestler who has perfected his skills but I am sure Bryan would tell you that he can’t do this stuff for free. I hope Bryan gets his “break” some day soon IF he aspires to go beyond ROH. Personally I don’t know that Bryan isn’t perfectly content to stay right where he is.

    Will D…I love your passion and your strong feelings toward things but the profanity isn’t necessary.

    Chris…Do I ever think we will see Austin vs. Hogan? Honestly, no.

    Paul…What do I think of Joey Styles announcing? I think Joey does a great job…is a student of the game…has natural passion…and is the perfect choice to anchor the ECW brand. Plus, Joey likes BBQ!

    Grant in the UK…I would love to see the WWE do a big time PPV in the United Kingdom and I think it will be a reality sooner than most expect. I love coming to the UK as it feels like home in that the fans are so respectful and friendly. The UK definitely deserves a major PPV. If I had a vote, you know how I would cast it.

    Tony…C.M. Punk has “it”. Plain and simple. Punk is a future building block in the new ECW. I love his originality.

    Jason…I agree the fans should have a “vote” of some sort in the WWE Hall of Fame. We are all fans which is why we are communicating here on this site.

    Bjorn from Germany…thanks for reading our site. I am positive your English is MUCH better than my German! I do appreciate your kind remarks.

    Hog Dog…..Considering you have no idea of my relationship with Kurt Angle it makes you come off as less than informed when you indicate that I “hate” Kurt Angle. The next time you talk to Kurt why don’t you ask him? Kurt did not come cheap to work a less than full time schedule with TNA I can assure you. Nor should he have. Kurt deserves every dollar he earns and I wish him nothing but success and many healthy years no matter where he works.

    Walter…I love the “Big Easy” and have worked many events in the Super Dome. I can’t get back to New Orleans soon enough because, again as has been pointed out, I enjoy good groceries and one can load up in your town. The Commander’s Palace may be the best restaurant I have ever experienced. I wish I knew when we were headed your way but I would hope in 2007. Good luck with the Saints. Plus, OKC has only “borrowed” the Hornets. The Hornets still belong to New Orleans.

    Brad T….Sorry it pained you to watch this old man on ECW Tuesday Night. I’ll try not to make that a habit. I do like the brand a great deal though and was just trying to help out.

    Evil Art Director…Why have I angered you so profusely? I am not a TNA hater. Jim Cornette, Mike Tenay, and many others there are people I admire and respect and consider great friends. There are several talents in TNA that I worked with at the WWE. I wish no ill will on any of them. Why would I? What would I personally gain if TNA went belly up? Nothing. I love this business and the wrestlers who make the true sacrifices to keep it running and the more places they can earn a living the better. If I did not like or want TNA and any other wrestling organization to survive we wouldn’t be talking about them here. If some of the WWE guys eventually go to TNA then good for them. If my friends are happy doing what they are doing then I am happy for them. It’s really that simple. Plus, I never said Vince McMahon was going to buy TNA but I never thought McMahon would own WCW either. I learned a long time ago in this business to never say never.

    Many have asked about how to get our Merchandise, BBQ and other sauces and I am happy to say the STORE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!! Please check it out with my thanks.

    Lots of Vince Russo emails….firstly Vince and I buried the hatchet long ago and not in each others skull. People who live angrily in the past eventually die there. That’s not for me or him. I wish Vince well. He is a bright, creative guy. I even bought his book, paid retail for it and liked it!

    Gabriel…Indeed the Chicago Bears defense is deadly. I only wish my boy Dusty Dvorachek was playing along side #91 Tommie Harris. That is two bad ex-Sooners to deal with for any offensive line. The Bears have 4 Sooners on their squad and I check them out on satellite every week, along with the Baltimore Ravens who have their fair share (5) former Sooners on their team. Bears Coach Lovie Smith was a great DB at Tulsa University so the Monsters of the Midway have a distinct Oklahoma flavor.

    David in Saskatoon…I agree David that some fans get a little carried away. I know I can’t make everyone happy but I can be respectful and honest to all that visit us. We are taking steps to attempt to filter out foul language that some feel compelled to use. I would have loved to have seen the Hitman-Flair match in your city when Bret won the title. Bret is one of the very best of any generation….a marvelous, ring general.

    Finally, let’s make it clear that I am not involved with any aspect of the WWE except handling my duties on Monday Night RAW and on the pay per views I am assigned to work as a broadcaster. I am very happy with that arrangement and hope it continues for many years. I have paid my dues in the corporate world and now I want to do other things along with the WWE such as this…building my BBQ business for my family and me. I like spending time and spoiling my granddaughters. You can lash out at me for perceived WWE sins if you choose and I will read them but they can’t be addressed officially in this forum. Nonetheless, whether I agree with you or not I appreciate you checking out our site and for those of you that choose to do business with us I sincerely thank you. If you ever purchase anything here that is not up to your standards or you are disappointed with please let me know. Thanks and let’s all count our blessings that we are able to communicate as we are.


  • Let’s not blow off a 59-0 Sooners win last Saturday night over an obviously outmanned Middle Tennessee State University team. Wins are good and confidence building wins after getting shafted in Eugene, where we indeed got “Ducked”, had to make our players and coaches feel better. It did not hurt my feelings to actually be able to relax at an OU football game for a change.

    The team will be off this Friday and Saturday before returning to practice on Sunday afternoon/evening and getting serious, damn serious, about game preparation for Texas. My granny used to say that idle times were the devil’s workshop and let’s hope the OU players make good, mature choices on their 48 hour hiatus and use the time to rest and enjoy the fruits of their labor. We don’t need any “issues” a week before our Big 12 opener.

    This Sooner offensive team is sure a heck not a one dimensional until. AD is going to get his yards come hell or high water and the more guys that are placed in the “box” the better for Paul Thompson who has a bevy of talented receivers to select from lead by sophomore, 6’4” Malcolm Kelly.

    The old “let’s make Thompson beat us” theory works for me. No one is going to fully stop # 28 any way but go ahead and try and load the box and good luck on single covering Coach Kevin Sumlin’s guys. That includes 3 massive and athletic tight ends.

    One of the keys to the OU-Texas game is the Sooners young offensive line going up against a UT defensive line that is QB hungry and loves to punish the men under center. This may simply come down to who is the tougher unit and who is willing to get up more frequently when they are knocked down because there will be knock downs in this heavyweight Slobber-Knocker.

    On defense, let’s tackle like wild men and make UT QB young Colt McCoy’s life a living hell for 60 minutes in the Cotton Bowl. Texas has a massive O-Line that has the ability to help facilitate long, Longhorn drives which keeps AD seated and the clocking moving thus becoming our enemy. Our defensive line will no doubt have their manhood tested on October 7 and it will be interesting to see how high the fire burns under their backsides thanks to the motivation of Coach Jackie Shipp. I wish Coach Shipp had some eligibility left!

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out our cornerbacks will be tested early and often. This is a huge opportunity for Texas boys Marcus Walker and Lendy Holmes to make a statement, along with the talented D.J. Wolfe. Reggie Smith at safety makes me feel more secure that no on will be running free deep on us.

    I attended my first OU-Texas game in 1970 which was the first game that Sooner offensive coordinator Barry Switzer incorporated the wishbone offense. We got hammered that day but came back the next year and the wishbone ran wild. This is one date on my calendar that is circled more prominently than any other day of the year. I’m not sure that is a good thing or if I am simply and obsessed Sooner football fan.

    Mike Gundy’s OSU Cowboys got hammered last week…by the officials. Houston is not a bad team but OSU played offensively well enough to win. The Pokes defensive has to improve but T. Boone Pickens favorite team is playing a great number of young players which should bode well for the future.Bobby Reid is potentially a great QB but the running back by committee system may not be as effective as some perceive. The men in orange and black are headed in the right direction and play OU the last game of the year in Stillwater. That’s some serious Bedlam! OSU, like OU, is off this week.

    The most significant game this week in the Big 12 is Tech at A&M. If the mad professor Mike Leach has his offensive rolling in this one I can see The Red Raiders outscore the Aggies in this one. If it becomes a low, scoring defensive struggle the nod goes to Franchione’s bunch. Franchione is on thin ice in College Station so it is hard to gauge just how big this game is for the Head Coach and his staff and their families.

    I saw where Fighting Irish Coach Charlie Weis said he got slapped in a melee last week on his sideline during the Notre Dame-Michigan State game. The Spartans deny such but if it did occur, speaking as someone who knows about multiple chins, on which chin was Coach Weis slapped??

    Florida fans booing QB Chris Leak, only the # 4 ranked passer in American, should be ashamed of themselves and dapper Urban Meyer should have the Spauldings to same something about it to them.

    If I was an Auburn fan I would be scared to death to play Spurrier’s Gamecocks on the road. Auburn has a better team but that doesn’t always mean Auburn will win in South Carolina.

    Oregon should kill Arizona State in Tempe. The Ducks with or without the officiating help are pretty damn good.

    Colorado at Missouri is a feast of famine game. CU coach Dan Hawkins has the chance to build on almost winning at Georgia and to start off clean with the Big 12 North games. Stranger things have happened. Winning at Missouri is not easy as OU will find out later in the season. Mizzou in a CLOSE one.

    At Iowa, at night, on national TV…sounds tough to me. Ohio State has a great team but Iowa has great tradition and everything to gain in this ball game. No one expects Iowa to win so if there ever was a time to go with the home ‘dog this may be it.

    It’s fun to watch all the former OU Sooners now in the NFL. Man, business really picked up when Bob Stoops got into town. The number of ex-Sooners is scary now playing in the NFL. Chicago (4) and Baltimore (5), two Superbowl hopefuls, have the most former Sooners.

    Clint Ingrim is now seeing action at LB for Jacksonville. Brodney Pool is attempting to hold things together in the Browns’ secondary. Stephan Alexander is seeing action as Denver’s tight end. Derrick Strait is contributing to the upstart Jets, while Roy Williams is still THE man in the Dallas secondary and will bump into former Sooners Brandon Jones and Andre Woolfolk this week against Tennessee. Props also go out to OT Jamaal Brown, OU and Lawton, for doing a stellar job Monday night in the Superdome against Atlanta. The NFL Sunday ticket is the thing to have this season to support the former Sooners in the NFL.

    We appreciate your email feedback and don’t for get to checkout out online store, Sooner Slobber-Knocker merchandise is the perfect choice for the Sooner fan in your family. Plus we ship our sauces all over the world. Thanks and let me know if you ever purchase anything that isn’t right.


  • We are burning daylight so let’s get started:

    Kurt Angle- This matter is really getting a great deal of feedback and may be borderline over analyzed. Kurt needed time off to deal issues he has throughly discussed on his own website. As I understand it the WWE and Kurt mutually agreed to release Kurt so he could heal physically and mentally and then puruse other options including coming back to the WWE if he was healthy and chose to. No one betrayed anyone here. Kurt needed to step away from the WWE and heal. It was that simple. For anyone to say Kurt was “held back” is a little far fetched to me. Kurt made a ton of money in the WWE and earned a worldwide reputation. What else was he supposed to do while in the WWE? This business is about making cash, plain and simple. Kurt made big money and got famous in the WWE. He deserved all his accolades and the rewards that went with them. TNA is not going to become an overnight sensation with or without Kurt Angle. One man does not a company make. I perceive and am told that there are conflicts of interest issues in TNA but that’s hearsay because I am not there. I hope everyone in TNA are all successful and finally reach profitability.

    Vince Russo in TNA- I wish him the best. I have no ax to grind with Russo. We have not always agreed philosophically but that doesn’t necessarily make either of us wrong. Russo has had some excellent concepts in the past. Perhaps he can re-generate those types of ideas in TNA. Time will tell. The question is can Russo comfortably write reality based story lines and stay creatively stimulated. I think the trend is going back to in ring drama and physicality but that may just be my wishful thinking.

    The WWE has had numerous talks with Sting over the years but Sting was never overly interested in working anything but a part time schedule at the time. Sting is a class act and a talented, good man.

    The old ECW is dead. It has been buried. It will not be returning which I think is a good thing. The new ECW has the chance to be successful for years and keep their wrestlers healthy. The old ECW physically gobbled up wrestlers and broke them down to shells of themselves. I like the new ECW. I enjoyed the old ECW, too, but its time has passed.

    ROH- I don’t see enough of the Ring of Honor to accurately comment on their group. I read about them from time to time and do respect their passion. Their wrestlers really work hard. Got to love that.

    Undertaker quit? I sure as hell hope not. Not only is Taker a great Superstar but he is one of the greatest leaders in the locker room that this business has ever seen. I know of no one in the business I respect more than The Undertaker.

    Tag Team Wrestling- In virtually every area of the world I get a chance to preview, tag team wrestling in general is not good. Not enough guys are setting their goals to be a part of a great team as the big money is in singles matches.

    If you want to be a writer in the WWE contact the WWE Human Resources department and if you get hired be ready to work 6-7 days a week.

    Bryan Danielson- I have no idea if Bryan is the best in the world but drawing money is a criteria as to who is the best in the world and not simply being a sound technician.

    Does Vince McMahon own TNA? Not hardly. But who knows, he might some day.

    Is Eric Bischoff coming back to WWE TV- Your guess is as good as mine and I spoke to Eric Tuesday in Tulsa and he did not know then.

    JBL- The man himself told me he was planning on staying with Smackdown for the foreseeable future. JBL is a good talker and does a nice job on Friday nights with his colorful commentary and making Michael Cole’s life challenging.

    NWO-I don’t know where all the NWO/DX stuff is coming from but I would seriously doubt that this will ever happen to where the nWo comes to the WWE and if, and that’s a big if, it would not be long term. My money says it won’t happen. it might be fun for a while to see it but it isn't likely to happen but I could be wrong.

    Does J.R. ever want to become a manager? NO…thanks.

    Can we ship our products abroad or throughout the world? Absolutely. Check out our store and when it is operable it will tell you exactly what you need to do to get us to ship right to your door.

  • Thanks for all the emails.

    Here we go….....

    Our on line store – It will be open this week I am told so you will be able to order our sauces, our caps, t shirts, etc. very soon. If you order anything you don’t like you need to let me know. This is a fan friendly site and we will be honest and fair with every customer. That’s my promise.

    Stone Cold is in Southern California and just returned from Australia where he made a movie for WWE Films. Steve called me this week and he is reading other scripts and getting ready to start his second movie soon. I know he is working out every day but has no plans to return to the ring to wrestle at this time. He said he hasn’t felt this good in years. I wouldn’t get back in the ring if I were Steve with his neck issues and movie career ahead of him. Steve is actually coming here to Norman soon to attend an OU football with yours truly and the Mrs.

    TNA on Mondays?? I say, just bring it. (Thanks, Rock) It really doesn’t matter what I think but competition is good for everyone. If it were to be TNA on Monday Night so be it but I don’t think the folks at TNA or their network are crazy so I doubt that you will see TNA vs. Monday Night Raw any time soon.

    Kurt Angle- Like many of you I worry about Kurt too because I care for him. He is a friend. Regarding Kurt’s release, I do not know the details except that I think that the release was mutual, as I understand it, and effective immediately upon everyone signing it. That is not official but it is how I understand it.

    King pile drive Michael Cole at Homecoming- Not gonna happen. Why are so many people angry at Michael Cole? He’s a good guy. I do like the idea of a 4 Horseman reunion at Homecoming there in South Carolina.

    Outside Interference- There is too much of this in the business in general but it has been around forever, unfortunately. I’m not a big fan of it either.

    Samoa Joe- I like his physicality. He may not have a body builder’s physique but he certainly seems to be physical. I said the same thing about Cactus Jack many moons ago and he seems to have done o.k. for himself. With my old body, I am not casting stones at Samoa Joe or Cactus for the record.

    I am sure I have forgotten many matches where a competitor had one arm tied behind their back. I was only referring to those I could remember off the top of my head. When you have called thousands of matches over 30 years a few of them fall through the cracks, sometimes purposely. I don’t think I saw Jericho versus Nick Patrick but I remember it happening once it was mentioned.

    Bob Holly-Yes, Hardcore Holly is a legit, tough S.O.B. I, too, hope he is better soon and gets back to doing what he loves. Hardcore’s match with RVD this week on ECW was a physical train wreck.

    Kelly Gregg- The Baltimore Raven Defensive Tackle might make a great WWE superstar. Kelly is a friend of Charlie Haas and is from Edmond, Oklahoma and played football for the Sooners. Kelly was also a 3 time state wrestling champion.

    Johnny Nitro may not be the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time yet but I do see excellent potential in this young man. He is very athletic and can do some things in the ring he has not utilized on TV as of yet. Let’s give him some time before he is thrown out with the dish water.

    Bryan Danielson- He is an excellent in ring talent. There is no doubt that this athlete is all that his fan base think he is. I like Bryan’s passion and his work ethic a great deal. He doesn’t have the size many covet but Danielson is a player.

    To King (not Lawler but a poser)- Obviously you aren’t using your real name and I can see why. You are classless. Call me what you wish, Mr. BBQ works for me, but leave the profanity off our site. This is a family site. You are exactly the type of person that gives the sports entertainment business a bad name. Thanks.

    I appreciate all the emails but I respectfully ask that you keep them clean. Say what you want but do not do it in a profane way. I don’t think that is asking too much.

    Keep the emails coming and I will answer more as time permits.


  • They hung an innocent man the night the lights went out in Georgia and Monday night on RAW John Cena got the short end of the stick in Oklahoma City’s Ford Center on a raucous night that started with a power malfunction. The OKC faithful which numbered around 10,000 delivered the goods and were a hot crowd all night.

    Many on the internet were speculating as to why the power went out in the arena as in using “Oliver Stone” type logic that everything that happens on TV is well planned and has a reason for happening. It’s a live TV show that simply experienced a power failure due to some issue with the heat in the arena essentially tripping massive breakers in the Ford Center. The arena itself is a first class facility hosting many major events including a WWE pay per view in 2005 and the NBA Hornets. It certainly isn’t as if every minute of every live RAW broadcast is like a well oiled machine. It’s live TV and things happen virtually every week that most of us don’t expect. RAW # 696 will be remembered that way for me.

    Lita advances in the first match of the tournament to crown a new Women’s Champion after Trish won the Title at Unforgiven and retired to marry and lead a normal life. Lita has to be the favorite to win this tourney with Mickie James right there breathing down her neck, so to speak. I’m begging to see a tournament bracket.

    Umaga blew off Jonathan Coachman Monday night and still got involved in Kane’s match for the IC Title with Johnny “Don’t Call Me Monday” Nitro. I detest when matches end abruptly and without a clear cut winner or loser. I assume next Monday in Topeka Coachman will conference with Estrada to address Umaga’s lack of institutional control.

    Nitro is evolving well as the IC Champion but he needs to get away from Kane. Health insurance for independent contractors is expensive these days.

    Melina is still a jezebel who will most likely dump Nitro to “up grade” the minute Nitro loses the IC Title. That’s just one man’s opinion.

    Maria and Eugene in a car on a long trip with “spy cameras” might make a nice “reality show”. Who could we add to this “cast”??

    Cryme Tyme is going to definitely be fan favorites or so it seems. This is a RAW team in more ways than one but I think there is an upside here with these two men from “the hood”.

    Ric Flair was called into action again Monday night. I love “Naitch” but less is more as it relates to seeing this legend in the ring. Flair’s matches should be kept as “special occasions” and not weekly occurrences.

    It has not been a stellar two weeks for the Spirit Squad in singles matches. Maybe the self appointed alpha male of the group, Kenny, no last name needed, will be the next young buck to challenge the 16X champ next week in Topeka on RAW. Did you know that the Spirit Squad are the World Tag Team Champions? (Hey, it’s only a joke. Or is it???)

    I still don’t know who won or lost the Gauntlet Match that DX competed in on RAW. My best educated guess is that it was a double Disqualification with DZ and Cade and Murdoch. I love the potential of Cade and Murdoch and think they may be the best of the young talents who have been developing on RAW but this young, talented duo has no identity yet. I won’t even get into haircuts or facial hair here as it relates to these young pups.

    As long as DX is together they need viable competition in tag team matches and it looks like Cade and Murdoch may be the first one’s to step up to the plate and want to dance with the big boys. One thing is for sure, Cade and Murdoch will get better and better the more in ring time they have with DX.

    Would Viscera, who can do some pretty amazing things for a man of his enormous size, be even more menacing if Vis did not wrestle in pajamas?

    Charlie Haas looked Middle Eastern to me Monday night for some crazy reason. Another mysteriously, covert message to be analyzed in depth. Or it may have just been the light or my senility.

    I would have loved to see more of the Jeff Hardy-Shelton Benjamin match Monday night but Jeff ended it suddenly and not in typical Hardy fashion. Shelton is arguably the best pure athlete on any WWE brand but his personal, social views need to be left off TV and he should just focus on wrestling and beating people.

    The Randy Orton/Carlito rivalry has the potential to escalate into something special on RAW. However, potential doesn’t buy groceries.

    Super Crazy has been an “Extremely” and pleasantly surprising addition to RAW. King’s bumble bee reference regarding Super Crazy was hilarious.

    Chris Masters hasn’t seemed to be quite the same in the ring since he returned from hiatus. Masters may be too one dimensional offensively as it relates to his “Masterlock” and the use thereof. Masters might benefit from being in a tag team with a veteran wrestler and I am not referring to Orton.

    It was surprising to see the honorable Eric Bischoff on RAW Monday night. The silver haired, deal maker has written a controversial book, I read the original manuscript, that will piss off some within the business and tells an enlightening story from Eric’s perspective of the Monday Night Wars and the tumultuous days he experienced at WCW. There is a great deal of talking “wrestling politics” in this book and I think most hardcore fans of the biz will enjoy it. “Cash Creates Controversy” could easily be a sleeper hit. Bischoff holds little back in this one.

    The last one armed tied behind one’s back match was one I called years ago in Ft. Worth when I sit in for a week on World Class Wrestling and it was Freebird Buddy Jack Roberts vs. referee David Manning. That might be a WWE 24/7 nugget someday.

    After John Cena easily disposed of Lita, no surprise, with one armed tied behind him Monday night it felt like the “fix was in” when the three Smackdown wrestlers made a surprise appearance. Edge loved what he saw when Booker, Regal and Finley did a number on Cena prior to their 6 man tag this Friday night on Smackdown on the new CW network. I am shocked that no one from RAW came to the ring to assist Cena Monday night. I assume DX had left the arena because if DX had been available they would have obviously intervened.

    By the way, “King” Booker, lose the Lennox Lewis-like British accent. It’s about as genuine as a mother in law’s hug. That’s no knock on Booker’s wrestling ability but the faux accent is killing me. Maybe that’s the point.

    What is the over/under on how long Kurt Angle stays in TNA? I think the world of Kurt and hope he gets totally healthy much sooner than later. Perhaps being a part of TNA will work for Kurt as it relates to travel and in ring demands. I do think this genre is much better suited for Angle than mixed martial arts, UFC, etc. I wish Kurt well on his new opportunity and that is true, damn true.

    The WWE is excited about the TV ratings for the first Smackdown broadcast on the CW network. It was 2nd overall in their target demo of men 18-34.

    It was great to see so many of my friends at the Ford Center on Monday night including OU Sooner head football coach Bob Stoops who brought his kids along with 5 other OU football coaches and their sons. My pal and country music superstar Toby Keith and his son were also at ringside.

    I received a much unexpected surprise at the end of the evening which can be viewed if you dare and have a strong stomach on www.wwe.com. Luckily for all those with sight it did not last long. I knew it was going to be too good to be true for me to “escape” OKC unscathed! There are some very “unique” (o.k. sick) individuals working behind the scenes in the WWE to think up stuff like this. Nonetheless it was done in the spirit of fun and it seemed like the fans got a kick out of it.

    We will have another wrestling blog this week as I am heading to Tulsa to watch Smackdown and ECW from the familiar haunts of the Tulsa Convention Center. ECW airs Tuesday nights LIVE on the Sci Fi Network but you probably already knew that.

    The big Monday night RAW Homecoming on October 9 will be a three hour affair, sounds like an old Lawler relationship, and will feature stars from all three WWE brands. Does that mean we will have three sets of announcers at ringside so everyone can get their “rub” off the flagship TV vehicle Monday Night RAW? Perhaps we can throw in Carlos and Hugo and make it “Announcer-Mania”. Hey, after my October last year I am just happy to be here, period. Dodging the colon cancer bullet was much more significant for me personally that who gets a “rub” or how many on cameras one brand gets over the other. Fragile egos should not get in the way of the reality of real, life and death issues. The television business, in general, eats people up and spits them out as does every form of sports and entertainment. One day, one is loved the next day one is old news. That’s simply the way it is. I am so thankful for the gift of life that I go to work every week looking to have fun and enjoy the total experience rather than to become immersed in political bull@#$%. There are no guarantees for “next week” in any phase of our lives so we will be better served if we count our blessings more often.

    Take care and check us out again this week. Don’t forget to visit our photo gallery as we will have some new stuff up this week and our store. Our goal here is to sell some product, to be dead-ass honest, and I think you will love our sauces and merchandise. If not, just let me know. Thanks!


  • For the love of God, I am SO tired of hashing and re-hashing the debacle in Eugene last Saturday where an incompetent official decided to either outright screw the Sooners or this individual was so stupid that he could not rule on one of the most basic football principles in the game.

    One of our WWE TV crew members was one of the tape operators who worked in ABC’s Production truck at Oregon and he told me Sunday in Toronto that the replay official saw up to 4 and maybe 5 different angles of the blown onside kick call and that there was conclusively NO technical issues to prevent this former 28 year Pac 10 official from making the obvious correct call.

    No, the replay official is playing the sympathy card and because of OU’s deserved outrage, the national media has made the replay official, Gordon Riese, the victim and Oklahoma University the spoiled bully in this perverse equation. What in the hell is wrong with this picture? I am sorry that Mr.Riese has high blood pressure but lots of us suffer from the same. Mr. Riese points out on numerous occasions that his wife has the job of being a nurse. That’s a very honorable profession to say the very least but it isn’t as if Mrs.Riese is the only nurse in Oregon. Now the 64 year old replay official who no doubt has many personal, university of Oregon friends who live not far from Riese’s home in Portland has decided to take a leave of absence from his replay duties for the balance of the season.

    That’s the best call Riese has made this season.

    I only wish his pals who actually worked the game including Mike Belotti’s high school “acquaintance” the crew chief of the OU-Oregon game would do the same.

    It was a bad day at Black Rock but now we move forward. We cannot change history but we can make history if this team starts paying up to their potential and, gasp, runs the table. It could happen. The odds are against it but it could happen.

    I suspect the Sooners will be moderately P.O.’ed this Saturday night against Middle Tennessee State as one would have to assume that the Duck Debacle would have left our team in a fighting mood. Perhaps OU will rediscover the alleged lost swagger this Saturday and carry it forward for the balance of the season. I may be an eternal optimist when it comes to OU Football but so be it.

    No game is a guaranteed victory and if OU has an Oregon hangover this Saturday night could have several scary moments. The Sooners need to start out with a sense of urgency from the get go and not let up until Coach Stoops calls off the dogs. The Sooner defense needs to become carnivores.

    For the national media to say that Adrian Peterson has little or no chance of winning the Heisman Trophy is simply stupid. How can any one with a minuscule amount of intelligence watch AD play and not see that OU’s # 28 isn’t one of the best running backs ever in the college game? ESPN’s Game Day crew annoys me as all of them want to be “rock stars” and not football guys. Hey, we do sports entertainment in the WWE but for my two cents ESPN should do sports, period. Sports itself is entertaining but this is the era of the controversial soundbite which seems to be the obsession of every talking head on TV sports.

    I think OU will cover the spread (28) but my biggest concern is getting any unnecessary injuries as we are two weeks and counting until October 7 and the showdown in Dallas against the Steers.

    Oklahoma State has a tough one this week on the road in Houston. I look for lots of points to be scored in this one and if OSU can defeat a decent Houston team away from Stillwater then the Pokes have taken the major steps forward many think. I think OSU is much improved and Mike Gundy is doing a great job re-building the Cowboys after jovial Les Miles bolted so I am going with the Cowboys to win the game.

    Tulsa travels to Annapolis to play the Naval Academy with Navy favored by 5 or 6. Because Navy runs the option which is hard to defend when a team doesn’t see it that much and even harder to replicate in practice, I am going with Navy to win this game but it could be by a field goal. I hope TU can pull it off but it won’t be easy against the disciplined Midshipmen. TU’s head man, Steve Kragthorpe, is a keeper but I don’t think TU will be able to keep this outstanding young coach much longer.

    Iowa State will play Texas closer than the 21 point spread even in Austin. Ohio State, clearly the best team in the nation at this time, will dominate Penn State and Notre Dame will rebound against Michigan State as John L Smith gets closer to being fired so he can be replaced by anyone hoops coach Tom Izzo prefers namely Steve Mariucci.

    I hope Mike Stoops Arizona team plays USC off the Trojans’ feet this Saturday. There is no doubt that ‘Zona will be pumped and will play with reckless abandon but the talent depth on the USC side is scary. Arizona upsetting pretty Pete Carroll’s squad would be awesome but it would also be the upset of the year. The good news is the game is in Tucson and if Coach Mike can keep this one close into the 4th quarter who knows what might happen?

    Take care and keep those emails coming. Our on line store should be open any day now. I hope you will order and try our sauces and some of our Slobber-Knocker merchandise which is perfect for any football fan. Have a safe weekend!


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