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  • Let’s not over analyze the Sooner victory last week over an underrated and well coached UAB team. A win is a win, not a sin. The gamblers who laid the 21 points may have been somewhat peeved but that’s their problem. At the end of the season a “W” is a “W” and that’s how championships are won, with “W’s” not “L’s”. Let’s just say the win sure as hell beats the alternative.

    I can assure you that the media took OU offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson’s words regarding AD’s play last Saturday night much differently than AD did. For one to suggest that Wilson “called AD out” is somewhat asinine. If a coach cannot coach his best player and answer questions honestly from the media specifically about that player then how can that same coach address the play of a second team tackle or a wide receiver? Every great player I ever saw could get better in some area and Adrian Peterson is no exception. AD will tell you that himself. As a matter of fact this summer AD was talking about how he had to improve as a blocker because in the NFL if a running back can’t protect the quarterback the running back doesn’t play or at least doesn’t play long.

    Let’s not confuse the fact that AD is being coached up and motivated not “being called out”. In any event, for my money the Sooners # 28 is still the best running back in American but even he can improve. As a Sooner Football fan, I find that exciting.

    The Sooners rediscovering the tight ends is merely a function of having some tight ends that can make plays in a variety of ways. Joe Jon Finley looks like a different player as he is up to close to 260 pounds and, at 6’5”, doesn’t resemble the high school quarterback he once was. Finley caught 4 balls last Saturday and should be in line for more opportunities this week against the Washington Huskies who run a 4-3 defense and allowed a ton of yards passing against San Jose State last week. Finley is no doubt headed for the NFL down the road. Finley may have run the wrong route on AD’s reception for a touchdown but call it “Sooner Magic” if you will as Finley’s block on the UAB linebacker was a Slobber-Knocker of a hit that lit up the OU bench and the Sooner faithful watching.

    My guess is that Coach V and the defensive staff worked thoroughly on tackling this week which heretofore has been a Sooner strength. I don’t think anyone should panic about this deficiency last week. My guts say it will be rectified. The team’s will to hit is and always will be intact.

    With Washington QB, 220 pound Isaiah Stanback, being such a great running and with Stanback’s speed and scrambling ability, good tackling, no different than any other fundamental football skill, is imperative Saturday afternoon on the game televised by ABC. Stanback, a former 100 meters champion, is not one dimensional as he has a cannon for an arm and can throw the deep ball well.

    With the Husky punter averaging over 45 yards per punt, one could easily see this Saturday’s game being one of field position which then speaks to not having any turnovers. With the new timing rules which starts the clock on the ready for play after a change of possession, teams are getting fewer snaps which means the snaps we do get need to be productive ones as this timing change really magnifies turning the ball over and giving the opposition another chance. I am not a big fan of the television networks manipulating the NCAA to adjust the rules to shorten the game. Count how many TV timeouts the network dictates per game. It doesn’t seem like they have sold fewer commercials.

    I can’t wait to see Reggie Smith get more offensive snaps and see what the talented play maker from Edmond does with the opportunity. I can visualize Reggie running reverses or counters from the slot as teams seem to over respond with AD’s every move.

    Only two of OU’s freshman class of 2006 saw action against UAB. TE Jermaine Gresham from Ardmore had one catch and one fumble but is a marvelous looking prospect and Vegas’ Quinton Carter, a free safety, who saw mainly special team’s duty.

    The punting job seems to be in decent hands and not the issue it became after Cody Freeby was dismissed from the team. We go from having no punters to having two.

    The jury still seems to be out whether or not star recruit Gerald McCoy will be redshirted this season or not. The potential star defensive tackle currently seems to be log jammed behind 4 other DT’s. I can see DeMarcus Granger seeing a few more snaps especially against big offensive lines.

    FB Matt Clapp played well enough that we might see the Sooner in more I formation sets this week. The former state of Arizona player of the year blocked well for #28. One would assume that the Sooners passing game out of the I when there are so many defenders in “the box” could potentially cause some defensive coordinators some sleepless nights (in Seattle).

    It would seem that OU needs to sign two quarterbacks this season as that spot would appear to be a wide open horse race to determine next year’s starter. Outstanding JUCO QB Mike Greco from Pearl River Mississippi Community College is on the Sooners radar. Greco from Ft. Lauderdale originally signed with North Carolina State before transferring to JUCO and would have 3 years of eligibility at OU if he signed. Coach Stoops has always played the best player at any given position so a young athlete looking to play at one of the most storied programs in America would have to be intrigued and interested in the opportunities in Norman.

    I look for the OU-Washington game to be another dog fight. The experts say OU is a 17 point favorite but I don’t see that. I am no expert not do I gamble but it just feels that giving 17 points to a well coached team with everything to gain and nothing to lose so early in the season isn’t viable.

    I do think the Steers will beat the Buckeyes this Saturday night down in Austin. UT has 16 quality starters back from their National Championship team and playing at home has got to help Mack Brown’s team. Plus, with the distractions this week, Brown has had a chance to galvanize his squad this week and Mack is a smart cookie and won’t miss any opportunity to utilize any edge he can create. That’s good coaching.

    Bob Devaney must be spinning in his grave and Tom Osborne must be nauseous regarding his old team. First it was Louisiana Tech last week, which is o.k., but Nicholls State this week in Lincoln?? I am not a big Bill Callahan fan and his recruiting of former Arizona State QB Sam Keller was classic “selling a bill of goods” as Callahan certainly did not want Keller to visit Norman. Sam Keller would have been much better served to have come to OU, paid his own way at school for one semester and then play his senior season as the Sooner QB with a loaded team returning in 2007. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

    I appreciate you checking out our site and I enjoy reading your emails. I will answer as many emails as time will allow but I certainly read them all.

    Enjoy another great football weekend and drop by our BBQ Trailer if you have time this Saturday before the game. We are located right in front of the old field house and between the north end zone of the stadium. Bring your appetite!



  • Greetings from under the black, 200X Resistol hat from Oklahoma where Monday night RAW emanates from on Monday September 25 from the Ford Center. Random thoughts.......

    I thought this week’s RAW was a better show than some of the “critics”, but what do I know? I TiVo RAW and watch it when I get home on Tuesdays and sometimes I leave the arena thinking we had a better broadcast than we did once I see the show in the comfort of my living room. However, this week’s RAW’s goal was to create some awareness for Unforgiven and I thought that was accomplished. As a matter of fact, the Unforgiven event had me concerned until I heard of the matches planned for it. Now, with a loud and enthusiastic Toronto sold out live audience ready to rock, the atmosphere at the event should be awesome. The crowd can really make a difference in how a show is perceived by the viewers at home and how it motivates the performers. I know it sure does work for me and I have been to a few goat ropings in my time. If the WWE discovered that large crowds did not motivate its wrestlers, then I would suggest those individuals be allowed to immediately seek employment elsewhere and become someone else’s dead weight.

    Hopefully, Nature Boy Ric Flair will be back on RAW this Monday after licking his wounds resulting from the I Quit match at Summerslam versus Mick Foley and then the following night on RAW against Randy Orton. Flair STILL adds so much to our broadcasts with his natural energy and a legacy that may never be duplicated. It is amazing to me that Flair, at his age, still has more enthusiasm in the ring than many younger wrestlers I see. That’s a damn shame for some in the younger generation.

    I would bet good money that Arn Anderson could come “off the bench” today and still cut a better in ring promo than most guys earning good money to be able to do the same. Maybe I am too old school but that is my story and I am sticking to it.

    It looks as if the ECW TV Show that airs LIVE every Tuesday night on Sci Fi will be aiming its promotional barrels at hyping Unforgiven with the massive ECW Champion Big Show rooted in one of the main events at the upcoming PPV on September 17. I think that is smart marketing.

    I was really shocked when I heard the news that Kurt Angle was released from the WWE last week. Kurt came to work for the company on my watch and like former Oklahoma head football coach Barry Switzer has told me many times, “you recruit your players for life”. I still have great respect and admiration for Kurt Angle and hope he can take down his personal issues with the focus and passion that he took down wrestlers for the better part of his life. Kurt has been in pain more often than not since winning the Gold Medal in 1996 at the Atlanta Olympic Games and that matter has taken its toll on the Pittsburgh native. Kurt has many years of productivity left in him no matter what he decides to do with his professional life. The main issue now is for Kurt to get healthy, physically and mentally, not sorry about wrestling anyone or anywhere, and to focus on being the best full time Dad he can while his schedule permits such. There is no doubt that the UFC-like entities will dream of Kurt Angle (some, no doubt, against Brock Lesnar) competing in an octagon or similar battle ground but my advice to Kurt would be to stay away from such activities and focus solely on getting healthy. Kurt Angle will always be special to me and he knows without a shadow of a doubt that if I can ever be of any assistance to him that I will be there 24/7.

    Monday Night RAW was the # 1 prime time program on TV for the 18th consecutive week in males 12-17. That’s one hell of an accomplishment. This past Monday even airing out of our normal time slot and network Monday Night RAW was the # 3 rated TV program in males 18-34 years of age. That is impressive any way you slice it.

    It’s hard to believe that Monday night in Atlantic City that we produced our 692nd episode of Monday Night RAW. With the exceptions of a few “sabbaticals”, yours truly has proudly been a part of most of them. However, as my friend and mentor the late, great Gorilla Monsoon would say, the chances of me doing 692 MORE weeks of RAW are “highly unlikely” as that would equate to over another decade and I don’t think anyone, including myself, wants to see me on TV when I am north of 64.

    For the record some one on the ‘net referred to me saying “ring card” as the Highlanders were being ejected from ringside. I don’t have a clue as to what in the hell a “ring card” is but if it matters I said, “Green Card” as in the Highlanders were foreigners who had a right to be in the USA. Perhaps a lame attempt at humor but at least if I fail at it I want to be damned correctly. I was also criticized this week for mentioned Hurricane Katrina. For the record no on told me to say anything about Hurricane Katrina as it came from my own somewhat fried brain. I feel for New Orleans deeply. My early career was centered on Mid South Wrestling events in New Orleans so the Crescent City is a special place to me. I also said that one of our referee’s were as slow as government aide to New Orleans. If I offended anyone’s sensitivities any Katrina remark I apologize as that was not my intent.

    ECW is re-built from the inside out and I, for one, like the new approach. I know those that love to chant “E-C-Dub” incessantly and say rude remarks in front of youngsters may not love the new approach but I can assure you the talent will last longer and stay healthier. That’s pretty damn important as most wrestlers I know want to be able to bend over and tie their shoes or play catch with their kids when they turn 40. I regularly watch ECW on Sci Fi and enjoy the fast paced hour and the usual strong build to the show closing, main event. Joey Styles and Tazz both sound more comfortable doing ECW TV than their previous gigs. Styles and Tazz are at their best, in my humble opinion, when they disagree but I do enjoy their work. I am becoming a big C.M. Punk fan and would love to see him on RAW but I know that’s just wishful thinking. Punk has “it” and if he can stay away from injuries Punk may be the lead mule on the ECW wagon train. (Those are all old, TV western metaphors by the way.)

    This I can personally relate to. Paul Heyman made a wise choice of “combat attire” Tuesday night on ECW TV. Much like yours truly, Heyman was not blessed with the body one wants to see in wrestling tights.

    Another young talent I like to watch in the ring is Smackdown’s Kennedy. For some odd reason, Kennedy reminds me at times of “Stunning” Steve Austin. There is just something about Kennedy’s body English and how he carries himself at times that harkens up memories of the blonde haired version of Austin. IF, and it is a huge IF, Kennedy can apply himself as much as Stone Cold did and think about how to get better and to be the best performer in the business 24/7, then Kennedy will become a HUGE asset for the WWE and a very rich man. I would love to see him accomplish all these things.

    How Michael Cole deals with the loud, Texan JBL every Friday night on Smackdown is beyond me. Cole must drink decaf. JBL has an opinion on EVERYTHING. These two are combustible elements and that helps make for an interesting broadcast in my view. JBL has so many diverse interests outside the sports entertainment genre one has to wonder how long he will continue to stir the stew on Smackdown. I actually get along well with JBL off camera except for the second Saturday in October when Oklahoma plays Texas in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. This year that is October 7, not that I am keeping track. JBL may hang his clothes in New York City but he is and always will be a Texan.

    There may not be a more fundamentally sound wrestler in the WWE than Finley. The veteran Irishman was taught well and has perfected his craft. If I were a young athlete and was looking for someone today to emulate Finley would be on my short list. I’m not kissing Finley’s Irish ass, even though I have kissed an Irishman’s ass before, but Finley has little wasted motion in the ring making everything he does mean something and truly enjoys making the fans hate him which is becoming a lost art.

    I am attempting to watch the Brian Pillman DVD but have discovered I could only handle a little of it at a time. The DVD is quite awesome but it personally hits too close to home. Brian will always be one of my all time favorite people. I am proud that I was in a position to help facilitate his short albeit memorable run in the WWE but I am deeply saddened when I think back about his much too soon death. I assure you that rarely a day goes by that I don’t think of the raspy voiced, spirited athlete who over achieved his entire life and was as much a student of the game of wrestling as any one I ever worked with.

    Thanks for checking out our site. I hope you will come back soon. I will be updating my blogs as regularly as possible. In the meantime, try some of our sauce or Slobber-Knocker merchandise. I hope you will tune in to Monday Night RAW this week back on the USA network. Be well and please tell your friends about our new site.

  • Thanks for stopping by and checking out our site. Here are some random OU and OSU football thoughts from the Okie under the black, 200X Resistol hat......

    The Oklahoma Sooner faithful has been waiting for what seems like an eternity for the 2006 kickoff of the college football season. The same can be said of the Cowboy fans in Stillwater. I expect both teams to win this Saturday but not without an anxious moment or two.

    In Norman, all eyes will be on Quarterback, #12, Paul Thompson and how the 5th year senior handles the pressure of being the starting QB in Soonerland. My money says Thompson will be just fine being the triggerman for the Sooner offense now coordinated by Kevin Wilson. My instincts tell me this offense will be more diverse and we will see some new wrinkles as it relates to the personnel but perhaps not as much against UAB as we might see a little farther down the road. OU needs to avoid turning the ball over and giving UAB a short field to work with and a heart beat on Saturday night at the game televised nationally by TBS at 6 Oklahoma time. One interesting twist to this offense might be native Oklahoma product Reggie Smith who was an amazing play maker in high school at Edmond Santa Fe and who will see action on offense, defense, and special teams. Reggie is a natural born play maker and could bring some other “Reggie-like” qualities to the Sooner O. I know Head man Bob Stoops and his staff have the team ready to rock and get off to a quick start of the 2006 season and not endure another TCU-like upset as we painfully experienced in 2005. The Sooners are favored by 21 and I think they will get that done especially if the run happy UAB squad has to make long drives against the nasty OU defense. I wonder how much time Texas coach Mack Brown has spent with his brother and UAB head man Watson Brown this summer talking Sooner football?

    I am guessing Thompson throws for a TD or two and that AD gets at least 25 touches Saturday night. The Sooner defense lead by coordinator Brent Venables will be a stingy unit and nasty when attacking the football. The pressure by the deep set of defensive ends could be of the “Slobber-Knocker” level.

    The defense and special teams are stout on this season’s Sooner squad which is a great place to build a foundation for any football team. With only 9 seniors on the roster this young albeit talent team may have their best days ahead of them but that is not how it works at OU. Bob Stoops does not make nor does he accept any excuses and the 2006 Sooners are prepared to challenge for championships now. It starts Saturday.

    OSU’s Mike Gundy has the eyes of the Cowboy faithful upon him as everyone hopes OSU’s greatest QB ever will be just as effective as the head coach of the team funded by T. Boone Pickens, not that there is any thing wrong with that. I like Gundy’s approach to the game and there is no doubt that this Cowboy team has some great talent. QB Bobby Reid was highly regarded coming out of high school and the dual threat star in the making seems to be the key to the success of the Pokes this fall. OSU should have no problems dispatching Missouri State on Saturday. Expectations for the Cowboys to avoid the Big 12 South cellar are high and I think OSU has the ability to make that happen but they need to build some momentum and win the games they are supposed to especially at home. There are plenty of play makers in Stillwater and the Cowboy defense should have no issues stopping Missouri State. The issue with underdogs is always the same. Stomp on their hearts early and don’t give them any “hope” of winning. I am pulling for a Cowboy win on Saturday.

    It would be great to read Sunday morning in the newspapers that both home crowds in Norman and Stillwater were loud and crazy for their respective teams on Saturday. Establishing a true home field advantage is money in the bank for both these teams and for veteran fans if it is too loud then perhaps you are too old. I say the louder the better especially when the other team’s offense is on the field. Both Big 12 in state teams are fairly young and young people are positively affected by the noise level of their home fans. There is no reason this can’t happen.

    We will have our BBQ Trailer set up just north of the stadium at every home game so drop by and say hello if you get the chance and we will feed you some great BBQ sandwiches and a cold beverage or two. I always enjoy talking Sooner football so hopefully I will see you on Saturday.

  • Greetings to everyone from under the black, 200X Resistol hat from your BBQ loving, OU Sooner supporting, WWE Monday Night Raw broadcasting, Okie. And damn proud of, it by the way!

    I hope you are going to make our website one of your “favorites” (that’s hip, internet lingo) as we will not only encourage you to buy some of our “soon to be famous” sauces and “J.R.’s Family BBQ” merchandise but we will also be sharing our thoughts on a variety of topics here a few times a week and hopefully interacting with you on a regular basis.

    My family and I are attempting to fulfill a life long dream and are developing a BBQ Restaurant concept with the legendary restaurateur Hal Smith of Charleston’s, Mahogany, Louie’s, Boomerang, and the Red Rock Canyon Grill fame that we hope to locate in or near Norman. This concept is still on the drawing board as it relates to a brick and mortar structure but our catering business is up and running and we will be selling “Q” out of our trailer/smoker on OU football home game days and will be located at the north end of the stadium. Check out this site for more info on how we can cater your next cookout, tailgate party, etc and where our trailer will be set up during the week for delicious, smoked meats and fixing’s on the run. It’s all done low and slow and you will definitely be able to taste the difference.

    As the voice of the top rated TV program on all of basic cable, WWE’s Monday Night RAW, my travels to a different city every week 51 weeks a year often produces some experiences you have to live to believe. I will be sharing many of those stories and WWE thoughts and personal opinion on this space. I will also be answering questions from WWE fans and wrestling fans in general drawing on my 30 plus years in the crazy and often time’s unpredictable world of wrestling. My career in wrestling has been sort of a “North Dallas Forty meets Major League” scenario which has taken me a long way from my boyhood home of Westville, Oklahoma to all parts of our globe.

    Being a die hard football fan, especially as many of you know, a Sooner fanatic, we will cover football here, too. I am not shy about offering my opinions of college football or the NFL for that matter. As a native Oklahoman, I am not an OSU or Tulsa “hater” by any means (you notice I did not include the Longhorns in this scenario) and we will address those university’s football season as well. Being a former broadcaster on NBC for the XFL (remember that one year wonder?) and for the Atlanta Falcons, I follow football closely and love to discuss it.

    Sometimes I see things in the news that I feel needs to be addressed. My views will not be concealed in gray matter. I am not advocating that they will always be popular, or correct, but they will be clearly defined and will be my opinion, for better or for worse.

    So hopefully this site will be a fun stop for you to visit on a regular basis. If you are a sports fan in general, an OU, OSU, or TU fan, a lover of great BBQ, a WWE fanatic, or simply just have too much free time on your hands, we welcome your visits. The bottom line is we like to have fun here and that’s what www.jrsbarbq.com is all about.

    Thanks for checking us out and come back and see us soon!


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