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NXT was a surprising show Tuesday night. I am a reality show fan by and large and have always thought that NXT would be more effective it we fans could see the NXT rookies outside the arena environment to be able to get to know them better. Perhaps the 2nd version of NXT will provide that. Daniel Bryan aka Bryan Danielson is by far the best pure wrestler of the NXT group, eliminated or not, and no matter what his name may or may not be today. 

All young guys have to live in the moment and demonstrate a sense of urgency every time that they are on TV and some have the ability to do that while others don't. I have been impressed, overall, with a handful of the NXT rookies and if WWE can salvage 1 or 2 keepers out of the 8 then I would suggest that will be an impressive number. 

Our Q&A's are updated...here's a few highlights and additional thoughts...

No...I choose not to pick an 'Announcer of the Year' for many reasons. Obviously, I don't choose to alienate my friends and peers with a bogus award. Any wrestling fan has just as much right as me to pick who they like to listen to broadcast wrestling matches these days as do I. 

I do feel that much of the announcing that I do hear, overall, is lacking in some areas. That could be for a variety of reasons such as inexperience, how one is produced and the product that one sees int heir monitor. I do not feel that it is because of a lack of effort. 

No...I have zero plans to ever start a Broadcasting School. I have WAY too much on my plate as it is and am working diligently to remove some of the projects that we are currently invested from my daily/weekly responsibilities. Plus, there is a misconception that most individuals can be taught to become a great, wrestling broadcaster of which I dispute. Great broadcasters are born with natural instincts and the great one's cannot be manufactured. No different than with a wrestler who either has 'it' or they don't. 

No...I don't' pick Howard Stern over Opie and Anthony but I merely answered a question from a fan regarding Stern ever hosting Raw. O&A could Guest Host Raw too, they would likely be much better than Flavor Flav, but some O&A loyalist took me to task for having the audacity to speak positively of Stern and not O&A after all that Opie and Anthony had done for my company...I did not know that O&A promoted JR's BBQ but I will be happy to send them a case of sauces if they're interested. Yo the guy who squealed like a pig stuck under a gate, 'Lighten Up Francis.'

Yes...in this era of the business any fan favorite such as Randy Orton who is anti establishment, defiant, unpredictable, etc will likely be compared to Steve Austin because Steve perfected that persona when the TV audiences were at an all time high. Randy is merely being his TV persona but it does have some Austin-esque qualities. Randy just has to continue to put his own, individual touches on his fan favorite persona of which I have very high hopes for as time goes on. 

No...Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin won't go 5 rounds on July 3 in Las Vegas. I hope to secure a pair of decent seats to this one and enjoy a few days in 'Lost Wages'  with the Mrs. 

Yes...the Von Erich's wrestled in Mid South and UWF from time to time for Bill Watts. The Von Erich boys were very young and could be a handful to deal with at times as they  enjoyed party time more than most. Fritz Von Erich and Watts were actually business partners at one time which was a combustible relationship. The Von Erich boys were like rock stars in Watts' territory because Dallas-Ft. Worth's Channel 11 at the time was somewhat of a regional super station and carried on many cable companies in Watts territory.

Yes....GSP can lose...no one in MMA is untouchable which is one of the elements that makes MMA so much fun to watch is that any one can lose therefore anyone can win on a given day. Unpredictability is a great element with which to enjoy any sporting event. I don't foresee GSP losing any time soon but to think that he's bullet proof isn't accurate with the nature of MMA being what it is. 

Don't know what to say....a fan said he was going to miss my announcing but was surprised that I essentially lasted as long as I did at ringside working for WWE because I did not fit their 'slick and spectacular setting' of their TV production. My take on it is this and  that is that wrestling broadcasters are story tellers and are there to help enhance all talents and to attempt to get fans to emotionally invest in the various storylines. Camera time for most wrestling announcers is minimal. I can remember many RAWS where the King and I would joke that we had absolutely no on cameras for an entire two hour broadcast on many occasions. I jokingly always told Jerry that it was my fault and that Bells palsy was the culprit. Unfortunately, the entertainment business as a whole often times puts look and youth over talent and experience of which I find stupid especially when it comes to broadcasters. It doesn't seem to impede guys like Vin Scully, Marv Albert, etc as they are just two of many of the 'trusted veterans' that are currently still doing their work well past AARP age. Oh, well, as the King would say, "One can't grieve forever."

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