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Very busy week continues for yours truly. Lots of projects coming together as 2014 is starting out as our group had hoped...busy and productive. With that said, we're burning daylight....

The news of the day surrounds the talented CM Punk unexpectedly walking away from WWE.

Was it really unexpected? Likely not. Punk has not been a happy camper within WWE for quite some time. That point has been made abundantly clear on many occasions. He's tired, he's beat up, and he's not enjoying himself at work.  

Before everyone analyzes this matter to death, let's break it down into a few basic points some of which I can speak on from experience as the former head of talent relations for WWE.

Matters such as this generally concern one or both of the Two C's....cash and/or creative.  

Punk is mentally and physically burned out and he's not having enough professional fulfillment to work through his issues. He needs a break.

All talents are wired differently which is why they all cannot be managed the same or even treated the same in many instances.

Recognizing when a talent is getting frayed around the edges is management's job. Once the problem is identified it is incumbent upon everyone involved in the equation to work together to solve the problem through compromise and respect but most of all communication.

If the talent or the company is unwilling to compromise, then, most likely the problem won't be solved and, therefore, if a problem can't be solved there's only one other option to put in play and that is to eliminate the problem.

Punk is a very cerebral talent who has earned his stripes the hard way and has more than paid his dues. He's earned super star status via having numerous, main event classic bouts in WWE rings on huge stages. Coming to WWE was the greatest thing Punk could have done for himself professionally. He's become globally famous and has made a handsome amount of money thanks to the WWE machine.

The opportunities that WWE have provided Punk and then Punk maximizing those minutes and opportunities is what the synergy between a talent and a company should resemble.

I do not think that Punk has wrestled his last match in WWE. I do feel that it's best for all involved for Punk to take much needed time off even if it means that he misses a WrestleMania.

Some of the biggest 'hurt' that I've ever encountered professionally was not being a part of a handful of WrestleMania events. However, over time, I got over those moments even though at the time I was not in a "get over it" frame of mind. Some day Punk 'might' regret missing WM30, if he indeed does miss it, but today...not so much.

Time heals many things. Punk needs to go home and chill. Get healthy both mentally and physically and continue to communicate with WWE.

Punk has much to offer WWE and visa versa. Punk never has a stinker of a match and has built a magnificent brand while in WWE. On the other hand, WWE has utilized Punk in a variety of ways and each time, no matter the creative, Punk seemed to thrive.

It's been a great partnership in many ways. However, no one is saying that all great partnerships are always hearts and flowers. They rarely are.

I can name many great talents that I've personally worked with in WCW and WWE that were not always the easiest to work with but at the end of the day the business relationship, more often than not, became a win-win situation if both side maintained some level of honest communication.

One thing is for sure, when one door apparently closes, even if it's short term, another door opens for another talent to walk through and make a difference.

No, I don't think this is an elaborate, TV storyline but instead it's all about a highly motivated, talented wrestler who, at times, feeds off the chip on his shoulder, which is not a bad thing, who has hit the wall and isn't enjoying what once was his primary professional focus....dare say his life. 

CM Punk has been good for WWE. WWE has been good for CM Punk. I'm hopeful that they will resolve their issues and be good together once again in the future. Hopefully, the lines of communications, to whatever degree that can be maintained will remain open. If so, then this matter has a much better chance of being rectified.  

Boomer Sooner!

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JR- One question, although I agree with your assessment on both sides of parties involved, wouldn't you agree that Stars like Punk, especially Bryan these days deserve that Mania spot, rather than someone like Batista, or The Rock who basically just came in and have the main event? Last 3 years now that was the case (Rock, Batista). I could understand if those 2 or others were not "over" or could carry a Main Event Mania Match, but i assume you agree that they definitely could. Someone who busted their ass 365 and were consistent draws all year long, earned that spot. Not someone who would have a limited schedule or someone who just walked in. I know its a business but its definitely not good for morale. I'm sure when HHH was in his prime , he would feel the same if it was done to him. But I will say on the flip side since the reason Punk made this type of money through the WWE, and since his contract is up in July (i think) , he shouldve finished out his contract and did the gentleman thing so he doesn't burn bridges. Would love to hear your opinion. BTW got my VIP ticket today for the Gramercy NY show on the 1st. Looking forward to it. Thanks JR
JR- First of all i am a huge fan of your and have been a loyal wwf/wwe man for over 20 years. With that said, i value your opinions, remarks and insights more than most. My concern with this Punk situation is that there is no situation and that he feels like he is there mortar to bricks that are weak. Examples include him with the Straight edge society which seemed to me to focus solely on the fued with Rey Mysterio, and then the New Nexus which Wyatt(Husky Harris) Axel( Mgillicutty) Gabriel and Mason Ryan was a way to keep the new stars on board until they new what to do with them. The Nexus could of helped Punk win the 40 man rumble which WWE Brass could of ran with, then it seemed they gave Punk to Keep Randy Happy, a Decent fued with Jericho although Shadowed by Rock Cena and then a last Minute Bone to the Undertaker last year. I think his attitude is acceptable due to the past 5 years in all respect towards Vince who i admire. There is a time when torches need to be passed and it is obvious from the past 3 WM's that the torch is staying in the late 90's early 20's era superstars. So my rambling on presents me with the question to you if that they are just setting this 30 year anniversary up for the largest passing of the entire torch to the future or just trying wrapping themselves in past superstar insurance in case the network A.K.A future of sports entertanment for me and millions" fails? Blessings to you. Your the Man and you always will be, Sincerely, Your loyal Longhorn Fan Hook Em! dws
Its good to hear what your thoughts are on the situation and your level headed approach are greatly appreciated. Cm Punk brought me back to wrestling after a few years of disinterest in the product. I have a huge appreciation of what wrestlers put themselves through and the sheer sacrifices that these guys make to entertain the fans. That being said, I wasn't connecting with the product for several years and in particular stars like Cena, (who gets bashed by a lot of people, I have a massive respect for him and I see the bigger picture with that guy as he brings so much to the table and works very hard) he was fresh for a few years, but after numerous years of the same thing it started to become a bore and that like everything was orientating around him and that he was being forced upon us all. Cm Punks shoot promo brought me back and as a customer too, as I purchased lots of wrestling books (one that you co-wrote with Austin), merchandise, PPV's, podcasts, blogs you name it. He also introduced me to new wrestlers like ziggler, Bryan, Ambrose to name but a few. I reconnected and had a bit more faith in wrestling, as there was something fresh and new, and that has seemed to continue on to this day (despite Royal Rumble 14). Your thoughts have put a different and more informed view on a story that I am very disappointed in that he might have quit. I hope that Punk does what he needs to do, and hopefully gets some rest and enjoys life outside of the hectic schedule. I hope that the WWE realise that he has brought many fans back to wrestling and do not look upon him as a whinging wrestler who has 'taken his ball and went home' and bury him as the way I see it, it may give another talented wrestler a chance to step up and take that spot in the company.
Hey JR, I'm a big fan. I can see both sides of the story here.People like Rock coming back is good for business, due to mainstream appeal and make a PPV bigger.However, it's WWEs fault for not putting anyone else in a position to be at the level one day or now. They have Cena. Also the size of the person to be the face is nuts, due to the fact arguably the 2 best in the business weren't that jacked, Ric Flair and HBK.
I can't blame Punk; 3rd WrestleMania in a row with a part timer headlining WM. What's his incentive? Also, sounds like mayhem at the NXT taping in Florida tonight. CM Punk signs being confiscated and crowd doing Punk chants. I have tickets to the March 3rd RAW in Chicago. That show is going to be pure mayhem if Punk isn't there. Would WWE consider moving that show out of Chicago? The Chicago crowd will be out for blood during this show.
Hi JR, I doubt you will find many people disagreeing with your point of view, but as others have already pointed out, the current situation with the WWE bringing back older wrestlers to headline the top PPV's is what sticks in many fans throats and obviously some of the wrestlers as well. Its my understanding that The Rock was also scheduled to appear at Wrestlemania this year but now that is off the cards. Now don't get me wrong, I was lucky enough to watch the whole Attitude era when the WWE really hit its peak and wrestlers such as The Rock, Austin, Jericho, Undertaker, Etc, made it what it was and we will likely never see such a thing again, but that was yesteryear and this is today. How would those past superstars feel today if numerous older generation wrestlers kept appearing back then for a one off and stole the show right from under their feet. I truly believe that if the likes of The Rock, Batista, or whoever it may be from the past wants to make an albeit brief appearance then do it when the schedule is quieter, fill in those gaps between bigger PPV's, have a little respect for those who are trying to become the next big star, and finally do it for those fans that followed them throughout their career and not just for the money or the spotlight one last time. All in all I am not surprised by Punk's decision to leave, he may well be burnt out, but these guys are putting their heart and souls into this business and it must be a real kick in the teeth to see others walking in out of the blue and straight into the number one spot.

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