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Greetings to all and thanks for stopping by. Hope that if you live in the Knoxville or Houston area that you are getting excited for our September RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross Shows coming your way. Thursday Sept 10 at the Interpretational in Knoxville at 8 pm and tickets are available at www.ticketweb.com starting at $20 plus Sunday Sept 20 in Houston at Warehouse Live Ballroom, only a 10 minute walk from the Toyota Center where WWE will present Night of Champions  after our 4 pm show, and tickets are on sale now at www.ticketfly.com with general admission only $20. VIP seats that include a meet/greet/photo op are available for both shows with limited availability. Hope to see you there.

Congrats to my friend Taz on his new gig with CBS radio that will see him doing digital radio that will be available worldwide Monday-Friday mornings from 7-9 am ET. This venture will also be available via video streaming like so many radio shows are produced today. I'm happy for Taz and look forward to supporting his efforts on this ground breaking show. Fans will be able to access Taz' show globally on their phone, tablets, etc either live or on demand. He will be talking wrestling and main stream sports as well. Here's to my former partner having great success and being suporting by one and all.

Can't say as I'm sorry to see Tough Enough end. The show's format never resonated with me even though the look of the show was slick. I was never enamored with the "cast" especially after Patrick was eliminated. Patrick Clark will be a 'player' in the biz at some point sooner than later and WWE would be well served to sign the 19 year old who is a natural heel with a terrific work ethic and product knowledge. His training at Maryland Championship Wrestling has served him well.

If Tough Enough returns to the USA Network, I'd see major changes being made in the format and the voting plus getting Steve Austin back to host the show would be a major step forward. My congrats to Josh and Sara Lee. Hope that they make it but both appear to be long shots.  

Really good Ross Report this week with @DaveScherer of @PWInsider reviewing and analyzing the NXT Takeover and Summer Slam among may other topics that you can listen to for free on iTunes and via podcastone.com plus on the home page of this website.  Dave knows his stuff and provided some strong analysis on this week's show.

Next week I will be joined by Josh Barnett, former UFC Champion, actor, broadcaster, Billy Robinson aficionado, and pro wrestler which will make for a fun Ross Report Podcast. Subscribe for FREE at iTunes and you won't miss a show pus you subscribing helps us.

Happy to see those Damn Dudley's back with WWE as they can be great mentors/teachers to many on the young roster. Every team in WWE will become a better duo after having worked with Bubba and Devon.

Getting lots of questions on Twitter about when will WWE call up more NXT talents. I have no idea but I do know that it is more crucial on how the talents are brought in to the main roster. than who is brought in to the fold. Debuting with some degree of impact isn't optional. It's a must. 

Q&A's here on the site are updated.

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www.americansoda.co.uk in England now has JR's in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Stock up and don't be caught without the good stuff!

The three, Norman Homeland Grocery stores are all fully stocked with JR's products. We are still working on getting into the Ingles stores throughout the Southeast. Stay tuned.

We're getting great feedback on Jerry Lawler and me reuniting for WWE games 2K16 video game due out in October. I'd guess that this will be the final time that the two of us will work together in any WWE projects at least to the best of my knowledge. I hope that the fans support our efforts on this new video game that is loaded with new innovations, whistles and bells.  

Jerry and I did not miss a beat and we got to call a ton of Stone Cold bouts for the game.

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Our new SlobberKnocker cap is now available at www.prowrestlingtees.com/jimross.

Rumors have it that WWE is interested in AJ Styles who is as good as there is in the biz these days and has plenty of tread left on his tires. Again, it's only a rumor but AJ would be a great 'get' for WWE and his matches with Seth Rollins, etc would be epic.

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