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Greetings every one and thanks for stopping by our site and for checking out our newest blog. It's great to be back home in Oklahoma after a long but productive and fun road trip that took me from OKC-LA-NYC-Stamford-Chicago and back to OKC.

The newest, Ross Report podcast is out at, Apple Podcasts and right here on our home page. PWInsider's Mike Johnson, one of the most knowledgeable and connected individuals in the genre, is our guest and Mike never fails to deliver. We talk WWE, ROH, Impact, NJPW, NXT Takeover Chicago, Backlash, RAW, and much more on a 90 minute show that marks our 171st broadcast of the Ross Report. This is a fast moving, informative show that I think that fans will enjoy. Please check it out and take a minute to leave us a rating and comments at Apple Podcasts. 

Tickets for our next RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Show set for Thursday night August 10 at 8 p.m. at the D.C. Improv (Why do I want to type D.C. Armory??) We have both VIP meet/greet/photo op tickets available as we speak plus $25 general admission tickets at DC radio personality Chad Dukes will be our MC for this much anticipated return to our nation's capital especially after our last event there sold out.

Can't thank the fans enough for the amazing feedback that we received for our work on the WWE UK Championship special plus the UK Title match Nigel McGuiness and I called Saturday night in Chicago, both on the WWE Network. This entire experience for me starting on Wednesday with my return to WWE TV HQ after too many years away was extremely positive.

Nigel McGuinness is a tremendous broadcast partner and for our first week together I felt that we did a solid job and that we will only get better with more 'reps,'  Nigel has terrific instincts and product knowledge plus he 'wants' to be really good which always is imperative for one to have in this unique, broadcast entity. I hope that Nigel and I have many more opportunities together as we are both competitive types and are both still major fans of the genre.

Congrats to the two young, British lads, Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne for tearing the house down Saturday night at the NXT Takeover Chicago event that featured a hot live audience. Bate, 20, and Dunne, 23, have bright futures in WWE if they continue to steer the course, always work to improve this in ring and out of ring skills and never give anyone a reason to NOT want to do business with them. I like these two young men and look forward to adding a soundtrack to their work whenever I am called upon.

Seems as if the Brits stole the show in Chicago on Saturday night including my broadcast partner, @McGuinnessNigel 

At this stage of my career, I am much more interested in the quality of my work rather then the frequency of travel of it which translates to; I am not interested in going back on the road every week as I did for so many years. Working on events such as the U.K. special, the occasional NXT booking, etc are right down my alley and are projects that I get to work with new partners and new talents which is always fun. As I mentioned on a recent Ross Report, I love 'coming out of the bullpen' and trying to throw a few strikes whenever WWE deems I'm needed. 

Doing new projects is a trait that interested me so much in working with AXSTV on their NJPW shows with @JoshLBarnett. New format, new brand, new partner and an overall new experience that keeps things fresh.

Highlight of Monday Night RAW for me was the promo that Paul Heyman, @HeymanHustle, delivered especially when it interacted with Finn Balor who was the beneficiary of the Heyman 'rub.' 

On SDLIve, I especially enjoyed Carmella's performance as she fed the comeback extremely well and did a great job of selling and subsequently submitting while 'doing the honors.' Carmella's skill set is noticeably improving. Carmella's work enhanced the perception of both Becky Lynch and Charlotte which was exactly the task at hand.

Not overly conformable with official contract info, communications, etc being distributed to the pro wrestling media regarding the contract issues involving the Hardy's and Impact Wrestling. Not sure what it proves or if it helps anyone's cause other than keeping this private, business matter lingering in the eyes of the public. Just my two cents but most pro wrestling companies have bigger fish to fry than making a matter such as this click bait.

Next week on The Ross Report, I welcome  WWE HOFER Paul Ellering to the show for the first time and I couldn't be happier. Remember that a new Ross Report podcast drops every Tuesday night at 9 PM ET. 

Order JR's delicious condiments online from and Fast, home delivery. Order and get to grilling!! Thanks... 

Excited to hear more details of the upcoming WWE Women's Tournament in July on the WWE Network. I'm hopeful to be a part of this event. I love being involved in the 'Ronda Rousey' influenced combat and performance art genre involving women participants.

And to think that my passion for women;s athletics all started with my fascination of softball pitcher Jenny Finch back in the day. No one changed channels with Jenny Finch was on the mound. 

BTW...I'd still love to 'book' Ronda Rousey versus a villain Charlotte at Wrestlemania in NOLA. Just saying..."Fantasy Booking."

Enjoyed the Shinsuke Nakamura outing on SDLIve. He got the spotlight nicely on SDLIve in an all star tag team feature. IMO, WWE fans have yet to see the true greatness of this charismatic, mat genius. Great days lie ahead for sure. Nakamura's MMA training makes his strikes lethal.

 Thanks to all the great folks who sold out our RINGSIDE Show in Rosemont at Zanies on Sunday afternoon and especially to Billy Corgan, Jeremy Borash, Chef Robert Irvine and his lovely wife Gail Kim for joining me. The Zanies staff could not have been nicer.


Enjoy your day and maximize life's minutes because our tomorrow's are never guaranteed. 

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.     @JRsBBQ 




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