J.R. at the 2001 Orange Bowl.

 J.R. at the 2001 Orange Bowl.

Ron Simmons speaks with J.R. on the sidelines during the 2001 Orange Bowl and National Championship Game.

Ron Simmons is one of my favorite wrestlers and friends over the many years we have known each other.

J.R. makes a call at a Tulsa Union High School football game.

Here is a shot of yours truly officiating a high school playoff football game in Oklahoma sometime in the 80s. I was the crew chief and loved working with my partners, all college professors, Dr.

Former Sooner standout Kory Klein and J.R. on the sideline of the Baylor-OU football game.

J.R. has many great friends associated with the OU football program and Kory Klein, a Tulsa Union graduate, and former defensive tackle for the Sooners is certainly one of them.

Tanner Smith, J.R. and Mike Stoops at the Bob Stoops Celebrity Auction.

J.R. loves college football and has been great friends with the passionate, Arizona Wildcats football coach Mike Stoops since Stoops’ days coaching at Oklahoma.

Here I am with Bob Stoops, coach of the Oklahoma Sooners football team.

For my money there is no better football coach on any level of the game than Oklahoma’s head football coach Bob Stoops.

Coach Barry Switzer and yours truly at the Bob Stoops Foundation Charity Auction in 2006.

Coaches Switzer and Stoops have many things in common such as winning football games and both being great men but each have a soft spot in their hearts for the less fortunate and this annual auctio