J.R. makes a call at a Tulsa Union High School football game.

J.R. makes a call at a Tulsa Union High School football game.

Here is a shot of yours truly officiating a high school playoff football game in Oklahoma sometime in the 80s. I was the crew chief and loved working with my partners, all college professors, Dr. Dan Fuller, Ron Cox, and Charlie Wilson every Friday night for almost two decades. Those Friday nights produced a great many football stories I will share with you in the future. Being a "zebra" on Friday nights in Oklahoma had it share of "moments", let me assure you.

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I met Jim in Claremore Okla one night in 85 when he was referee for a Jr Coll basketball game with  friend of mine named John (Coach) Winters. I had never realized how involved with sports he was. I do remember he carried a small gym bag that had the Mid South Wrestling logo on it.

Hey J.R.,

My name is Dave Hodges an Im from Little Rock, AR. I am a Div. 1 High School official. I just this year resigned fromy crew as Head Linesman, and am in the process of starting my own crew and getting games. I alredy have a good schedule. If this works out, I will be the youngest white hat ever in Arkansas. Any advice? As I am maybe your biggest fan, it would mean a lot. This is my 10th year to call the big 3 (football, baskeball, and baseball.) 

P.S. I have made several orders, the latest being a case of the hot bbq sauce. I love thinner sauces,and yours takes the cake. Also, me and my late daddy used to come to Barton Coll on Tues nights. We are all originally from Ada, OK. where my uncle owned the John Deere store for 30 years.

WHOOOO PIG SOOOIE and (I guess boomer sooner) 

Dave Hodges 

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