Cowboy Bill Watts talks to J.R. shortly before a broadcast.

Cowboy Bill Watts talks to J.R. shortly before a broadcast.

The big cowboy himself, Bill Watts, giving yours truly some instructions before a TV broadcast. The author of ìThe Cowboy and the Crossî is one of the wrestling businesses real characters. Hell, Cowboy is lucky to be alive with all his near death experiences, bar fights, armed weapon situations, etc. I think it is truly by the grace of God that Cowboy is still with us today and is healthy and living in Bixby, Oklahoma with his lovely wife. The Cowboy made Mid South Wrestling a cult favorite and a money making territory, jump started the careers of dozens of major wrestling stars, and after a several year hiatus came to Atlanta to run WCW. I never knew Watts was even hired there until he showed up his first day at work contrary to what has been written erroneously in books and discussed on the ënet. Watts tenure for Turner was the beginning of the end for me there but I have no regrets or hold no grudges toward Cowboy or any one else for that matter. Watts was a Vince Lombardi-like leader who had a brilliant mind for wrestling and at one time produced one of the best one hour episodic wrestling shows any where. Bill also could be abusive and abrasive at times to those around him and managed by fear and intimidation much more than positive motivation. There were days that I ìhatedî Bill, or at least I thought I did, but I sure as hell learned a ton about the business from this often times bombastic bully who was one of the most brilliant men I ever worked for.

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I am a native Louisianian and I so fondly remember both you and Bill's commentary from the Irish McNeil's Boy's Club in Shreveport every week back in the early to mid 80's.

The match that hooked me forever as a fan was JYD's loss in a Loser-Leave-Town Tag match against the Rat Pack when Duggan was disguised in the gorilla suit. Absolute genuise on the part of Cowboy and a level of entertainment that I fear is lost forever with Pro Wrestling.

Cheers and blessings, JR. Your voice has been the soundtrack to my life!

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