Don Jardine, aka The Spoiler.

Don Jardine, aka The Spoiler.

Many insiders will debate whether or not the late Don Jardine, aka The Spoiler, is the greatest masked “bad guy” ever in the biz. I knew Don well and he was a brilliant man who was a total student of the game. When I was a young referee in the 70s I used to ride with Don from city to city back in the Mid South territory days and it was a valued education. Don thoroughly understood the business and what drew money. The Spoiler was the first wrestler of his size to walk the top rope a la the Undertaker of today. The Spoiler was a positive influence on The Undertaker’s in-ring stylings. Don will be missed by all that knew a man considered by many to be a “loner” who loved to travel and listen to classical music in his car where no smoking, food or drinks were allowed. Period. God Bless you Don and thanks for all your help. Hopefully we will meet again some day.

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 I meet the spolier when he was wrestling in the Dallas Fort Worth area.He was one of the niciest wrestlers I ever met.I met the undertaker when he was starting out.The spolier should go down in wrestling hall of fame as the greatest mask wrestler ever.

Jardine began wrestling in the mid-1950s,making his wrestling debut in 1955 at the age of 15. He made his Maple Leaf Gardens debut in 1959 as "Babyface" Don Jardine, a protege of Whipper Billy Watson and wrestled preliminarily in Toronto (where he also wrestled as Sonny Cooper) until 1961 and returned briefly in 1964. In 1964, Jardine wrestled NWA World Heavyweight Champion Lou Thesz on TV in St. Louis, but did not win the title.<a href="">kitchen Cabinets</a>

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 I saw the Spoiler beat the piss out of Brett Hart at the L.A. Sports Arena in 1984.  I always thought he had a beleivable character and was a great technician in the ring.  He and the Masked Superstar are by far, in my opinion, the two best masked heels, ever.

IMO, Jardine was the best masked man in history. Between him and his manager 'Playboy' Gary Hart they got me hooked on pro wrestling as a young kid. I wish there was more video footage of Jardine in his prime because he was ahead of his time--a big guy with finesse and athleticism. By all accounts one of the toughest dudes in wrestling history. It always cracked me up how that he'd be billed from 'Parts Unknown' or 'Singapore'-but he'd frequently have a bit of Canadian accent slip into his promos. One of the under appreciated greats....
I knew about it since I was a kid, and I often watch the show on television. i am really big fans with him. nice artikel abot him.