Steve Austin filming a scene for his upcoming movie.

Steve Austin filming a scene for his upcoming movie.

Stone Cold at work down under. This is a shot of Steve Austin on the set of his new WWE Film that was shot over the summer in Australia. Steve went to Australia a month early to rehearse the fight scenes for his upcoming action/adventure film that will be released, as best I know, in 2007. Being the perfectionist that he is I can assure you that this film will be sound as a dollar because ìThe Texas Rattlesnakeî will be knee deep-involved in the production of his first film for WWE Films. Steve told me he really felt good about the way this project came out and I can assure you that Stone Cold is not easily swayed when it comes to creative. He has great instincts so if he says he is happy with something it usually is on the money. Steve sent me this via email which was his attempt to impress me with his technical expertise. He succeeded.

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i am a huge stonecold fan and i loved the movie. i think that awesome and like always stone cold kicked ass.

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