Sylvester Ritter aka The Junkyard Dog talks with J.R.

Sylvester Ritter aka The Junkyard Dog talks with J.R.

The legendary WWE Hall of Famer Sylvester Ritter better known as The Junkyard Dog during his last run in Atlanta having a laugh with yours truly. JYD used to call me the "Junkfood Dog" but for the life of me I can't imagine why. JYD was a legend especially in Louisiana and the entire Mid South territory. Voted by the sports fans of the state of Louisiana as being more popular then Saints QB Archie Manning and Jazz hoopster Pistol Pete Maravich, "the Dog" had amazing charisma and was professionally nurtured by fellow WWE Hall of Famer ìThe Big Catî Ernie Ladd and "Cowboy" Bill Watts. For a wrestling territory to place a black man in the role of the primary star of the show was virtually unheard of back in the day. There were always a few grumblings even from some of Watts' promoters in the South about a black man being the top star but Cowboy, known to be and still is rather stubborn, stood his ground. Plus, the racist promoters loved the color green and JYD sold tickets. The former offensive lineman from Fayetteville State in North Carolina was trained in the dungeon by the Harts which mean a bunch in my book. JYD was not a great in ring performer but he had the body of an ebony Adonis and a HUGE amount of charisma and, Lord, could he talk people into their seats. Any one who knew this man well will tell you the same thing. JYD was one of a kind and opened the doors for men and women of color as much as anyone ever has. I loved the Dog!

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AMEN J.R.! Can't add to much after that but to say he was the main reason I dragged my father and sister to the Superdome and Municipal Auditorium for wrestling matches. Of course, they didn't need much persuading because we all were into wrestling especially Mid South. JYD was "money" on the mic and was golden in the box office. RIP JYD we miss you. Woof woof!!

I always laugh at what people consider "great in ring performers" If someone puts butts in seats at a scripted wrestling event, it sounds like they are doing their jobs.

Long Live J.Y.D    (Grab Them Cake)

Still have an un autographed photo of him I purchased from The ONE MAN GANG . I was gonna take it to a show where the Dog would be a couple weeks later. He never made it. This for me was the saddest day. Loved me some "STAGGER LEE" !!!

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