Three wrestling legends at an independent wrestling event from left to right, Dusty Rhodes, Mick Foley, and Mike Graham.

Three wrestling legends at an independent wrestling event from left to right, Dusty Rhodes, Mick Foley, and Mike Graham.

Here are three guys who could knock one out of the park if they ever went on a coast to coast car trip and their conversations and interactions could be recorded a la Taxi Cab Confessions on HBO. This “reality show” would be a classic especially after “The Dream” and Mike had a couple of cold ones with Mick being the designated driver. I have done some WWE 24/7 stuff with Dusty and Mike that I loved being a part of and I hear those that have seen it really are enjoying it too. Mike’s Dad, the late Eddie Graham, was not only a huge wrestling star but widely known and respected as one of the most brilliant wrestling minds of all time. My first mentor, Cowboy Bill Watts, always said that he got his “PhD” in wrestling working for Eddie Graham. I am sure many greats of the game including the Brisco’s and the Dream himself would say the same thing. Young wrestlers of today would be well served to have the opportunity to listen to all three of these men and, as Ernie Ladd used to tell me, to “sit under the learning tree”. Unfortunately, I am not so sure that the privileged, young athletes of today would take the time away from their computers, cell phones and video games to actually pay attention long enough to learn anything. Sad.

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it is a very sad thing but it the truth.

The legends of WWE, ahhh!  I grew up watching them fight and I consider them my heroes.  I would love to hear those conversations as well, I'm sue they were very interesting.  Maybe when I'm not busy with my job doing custom term papers for a paper writing service site, I could come and watch a show.

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I shot this one at the very first Wrestlereunion/Tampa/2005 and others involved were Abby, Kevin Sullivan and young CM Punk as the opposing heel team. Here's hoping Abby still has his restaurant going in that Atlanta suburb.
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