• donm02 Asks: Hey JR! I hope everything is going great for you! I was just watching some old NWA footage (Bash 88, Bash 89 and the Crockett Cup) and it just reaffirms that you are the best in the business!! I jst got done watching the Allied Powers dvd and had 3 questions about the set. 1-During the tag team unification bout between the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boys, why was it dubbed over that the Dudley's were the WWE tag team champions when they were the WCW Tag team champions? You could plainly see the WCW belts on them. 2-It seems on other DVD set, the WWE seems to dubbed over the nWo theme with a generic song, but on the Outsiders/Harlem Heat match for the WCW World tag team titles the nWo theme is playing but on the feature of the Outsiders there's a lame Outsiders song playing. Just wondering 3-I know WWE is trying to be a family oriented production now but why censored the matches during the era that helped made the WWE what it is today? Black and white footage when it gets bloody? Can't show the unedited entrance of the New Age Outlaws because of Bad Ass Billy Gunn? Yet they can show Triple H saying suck it? For older fans, that was some of the best and most exciting times in wrestling and I personally would like to remember them that way. I know it not your decision but was wondering if you had any incite into them. Keep up the great work JR! I'm just waiting for RAW to return to Raleigh next week!! Take care!
    J.R.'s Answer:

    Wow...thanks for the email but I have no idea the answers to these obscure questions. Seems like much to do about not much.

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