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Greetings from Oklahoma. I hope all are well. Keep those online orders coming at http://www.wweshop.com and in Manchester, England at http://www.americansoda.co.uk. Busy week upcoming so let's roll....

My wife and I enjoyed our few days in LA for the Summer Slam activities. Busy time to say the least as it seemed I was on the go from the time I arrived until we left Monday.

Meeting the fans of the WWE Universe is always fun but nothing is more uplifting than meeting kids who are confined to wheelchairs but who have such amazingly positive attitudes. God Bless them all. They are so uplifting.  

Same goes for the military personnel who I met at Summer Slam Axxess. Those men and women are the real heroes with which many of us are able to meet and to interact.

Enjoyed the Summer Slam PPV and it was a real masterpiece from a TV production standpoint and look of the show. Very slick and well produced. No one does live TV better than WWE but I've been saying that for years.

Cena/Bryan/HHH/Orton created a most memorable moment at Summer Slam that certainly has a great deal of fans talking. It sets up some potential, interesting scenarios down the road. Bryan winning the title from Cena and then being able to celebrate before the pedigree and Orton's pin was well done.

Daniel Bryan may be more popular today than if he had actually won the WWE Title at Summer Slam. Bryan will now apparently chase new Champ Randy Orton and the thrill of the fan favorite chasing the antagonist has always interested me as a fan.

Pena vs. Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman was another masterpiece. I predicted that it would be overtly physical and it certainly was in delivering a 'DEE-LUX' Slobber Knocker of a match.

Great intensity and physicality rarely fails to deliver when the money is on the line in a major PPV. Simple gameplan....great results.

Del Rio vs. Christian also had a terrific bout and one that many young, wrestling students could learn from as it relates to fundemental skill set and in ring psychology. 

Monday's RAW kept the primary storylines rolling extremely well. Thought the opening and closing segments of RAW were spot on and continued to further enhance the heroes and villains within the Bryan/Orton issue.

After enduring a long, physical Brock Lesnar match on Sunday, Monday night CM Punk demonstrated just how mentally and physically tough that he truly is with his efforts on RAW. Guys like Punk would have been a star in any era that I've personally experienced and that's been since the mid 70's.

Thought the WWE Divas had a really good weekend as well as young, evolving talents like the Usos, Bray Wyatt and Family, Prime Time Players, etc.

Seems as if Cody Rhodes is gaining momentum after two solid wins Sunday and Monday. Talented kid in my view. So is Damien Sandow.

 The Shield has been positioned well for their continued growth by seemingly being an ally of WWE's 'Upper management.' 

Lots youth on the WWE roster and they continue to work hard in improving their game and to compete for viable, roster spots. Competition within the locker room is a positive thing. That was an Attitude Era trait however patience is needed by many fans who want instant stardom....yesterday.   

Food alert...my wife selected Boa and Mr. Chow's for two dinner meals while we were in LA. Boa was a huge hit. Mr. Chow's was good but somewhat overrated.

Heading to NXT soon for the Thursday night event there at Full Sail University. Should be a great TV taping with many of the NXT talents getting a taste of the WWE by being at Summer Slam Axxess.

 Then it's on to the UK where I will arrive Saturday morning in London and then do our first of four "Evening With..." shows starting in Cardiff Saturday evening.

 London and Glasgow are sold out but a handful of tickets remain for our Manchester event at the Comedy Store. Manchester is our biggest venue and tickets are available at http://www.psievents.eventbrite.com/.

American Soda will be on hand at every show on our tour and will be selling JR's products that they stock in many of their shops and online at http://www.americansoda.co.uk.

 Remember, if you are interested in authentic, Lou Thesz memorabilia please contact his widow, Charlie at WCTHESZ@aol.com.

 Football season is just around the corner. Lots of experts writing off my Sooners this year which might not be the smartest thing that pundits could do. Admittedly, it's somewhat of a unique season with a new QB, a tweaked offensive system, and three, new coaches plus a defense that needs to play much better. But it is OKLAHOMA and we've had a pretty good track record on the gridiron over the years the last that I looked. Let's play the games and see where every thing falls. I'm following my team win or lose because, in my opinion, that's what real fans do.

Especially excited about my first trip to Notre Dame with the Sooners on September 28.

Approaching 900,000 followers on Twitter @JRsBBQ and invite you to join me. Had a few folks hammer me this week there making fun of Bells palsy issues of which I can't control. Wish I could. Hopefully they never have to experience it once in their life much less three times.

Remember the only grocery stores in the USA that stock JR's products are in Norman at the four, Homeland Stores plus J. Botie's convenience store at 36th and Main stocks our Beef Jerky. Because of soaring beef prices we are considering reducing our Jerky flavors from five down to three. That's TBD.

Thanks for stopping by and check out the Q&A's before leaving. Our site has been upgraded and is also mobile device friendly now.  More tweaks are still being made.

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.   @JRsBBQ

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Now your blog is easy to read so I like the change of the webpage. Good workl, webmaster.
I must also concur, the blog was perfectly readable upon delivery on my mobile, great job! I had a blast all weekend at axxess and summerslam, although I was in lline for Shawn Michaels when you were signing JR, however my friend got me your autograph. Hopefully I will get one myself in the future. I am appalled and ashamed of any wrestling fan who would make light of bells palsy but kudos to you for responding on a far higher level. 5th row ringside and the crowd was insanely alive for the ppv, yet Im proud to say everyone in my section was very cognizant of the younger fans around and kept everything clean. I really enjoyed talking with some very nice families and seeing the wonder in the young peoples eyes reminded me of the magic WWE created for me as a child. Things are firing on all cylinders right now, hope the string of great shows continues!!
Commentors that make fun of your Bells Palsey issue, or that make fun of anybody dealing with any sort of disease, illness, or handicap, are more than likely younger people who's parents did a poor job of teaching them any kind of respect. Sadly it seems to be a more than too common issue with this generation of teens. One day the real world, or someone with a short temper, will come along and bite them in their rear and give them a much over due crash course in respect. Which couldn't happen too soon for my liking. I thought Summerslam was really well done. Especially how the Main Event finished. Giving Bryan those few precious minutes of celebration, with all the confetti and everything, just to have it all snatched away was extremely well done. He left there the sympathetic figure which will make people want to see him get retribution even more than they wanted him to win the championship at Summerslam. Bryan vs this new "Corporation" type group will be great. Here's hoping that this does the same for Daniel Bryan's career as the first Corporation did for building Austin's in the Attitude Era. CM Punk and Lesnar was as good as I thought it was going to be. Even though I don't agree with a part-time Brock Lesnar beating a full-timer that just held the WWE Chapionship for a year and a half. Punk losing two high profile matches in a row to Taker and then to Lesnar doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I'm a Punk guy so I don't like seeing him lose period. Though a guy who is supposed to be the best in the world should be able to beat a part-timer IMO. All in all the show was really good, and I'm definitely interested in where things are going from here.
JR.... I have said this a few times in the Q&A, but I will say it again. Thank you so much for taking the time interact with us. I, for one, find it quite insightful. I have found generally that the people who are willing to talk a lot generally have very little knowledge or anything useful to say. You are one very rare exception as someone who is second to known with knowledge and experience, and is still willing to share it with the rest of us. Three cheers for Good Ol' JR!
I loved the Summerslam symposium! Looks like it was a lot of fun to be there. Also, just felt like commenting on Austin and Wrestlemania. You guys were talking about WWE 2K14 allowing people to play dream Wrestlemania matches. We never saw Hogan vs Austin (unless you want to go to that Raw match a week before Wrestlemania, have fun!) and never saw Goldberg vs Austin (which I think was more of a bigger match as they were the two faces of WCW, the two 'guys') Nevertheless, since Wrestlemania XIX, Austin has said he went out on the best note possible. But I hope whatever it takes happens to make Austin/Punk a reality. A match that would definitely steal the show.
JR, I totally understand why you may have to cut back on the beef jerky flavours but please keep the Slobber-Knocker Hot as that's my favourite and I always buy it in bulk (15-20 packs at a time).