Greetings from Orlando! Lots of WWE work at WWE Performance Center on tap. Order JR's from http://www.wweshop.com or in UK at http://www.americansoda.co.uk

Our UK Tour was a huge success. My thanks to all who attended and supported our inaugural journey especially PSI Events & @americansoda. 

We sold out Cardiff, London, and Glasgow while Manchester had the largest crowd vs Man U vs Chelsea in football just down the street. 

The Q&A'S with the fans were a blast. I had so much fun meeting the fans one on one even though our unique accents were both humorous & challenging to understand at times. :)

Travel was challenging and aggressive. As a great man once told me, "Sleep is our enemy" so I think we defeated our enemy on this trip. No sleep but a lifetime of memories. 

Lots of plans to do more Evening With...shows on the drawing board but time will tell. Stay tuned. 

Twitter feedback, etc has been excellent. We have a few bugs to address logistically but all things considered our first venture was fantastic. Sharing stories with the fans & interacting w/ such passionate folks is invigorating.

Stayed up LATE to watch RAW but it was worth it. Bravo to @CMPunk, @heymanhustle, & AJ Lee among many for a fun show.  Raw has momentum and with so many new talents and  issues evolving, the future is exciting.

Key to HOURS of flying..drink lots of water....just saying. 

@steveaustinBSR podcast is a great traveling companion.

Irony...sat by a lovely Texas Longhorn coed on flight from London to Houston. I slept. :) Sooners play Texas on my 20th wedding anniversary. Hmmm

Working a tryout camp Thursday & Friday at WWE Performance Center. Always looking for the next star. Good luck to all. Effort is your key. Be passionate. It's your Wrestlemania.

Home in time for my Oklahoma Sooners season opener. You surprised?

Gotta roll but will work on Q&A'S as my schedule permits. 

Almost 900,000 Twitter followers @JRsBBQ. Join us!

Boomer Sooner!



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Is Daniel Bryan over, or is "YES!" what is actually over? Hunter looked a bit baffled at the cheers he received Monday night. Orton got an awful lot of cheers as well. I would think that if Bryan was as over as the YES! chants would seem to indicate, Hunter and Randy would have been booed out of the building. We'll see how this plays out over the next few weeks.
I read earlier this week of the death of long-time Amarillo wrestler/booker Don "Lawman" Sallis. I've only heard him mentioned once before actually, a story told by Tom Pritchard last year about an encounter between the Lawman and Harley Race that didn't put Sallis in the best of lights, apparently Sallis had tried stealing the NWA World Title from Race in an effort to gain some extra fame around the Amarillo area (really stupid move on his part). Nevertheless, that little misadventure aside, it sounded like the Lawman had a pretty long and interesting career. I wish I had heard more.
My apologies, I got certain facts confused. It was Don "Lawman" Slatton and he ran the bookings in and around Abilene.
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