Retirement Thoughts

It's been quite a day. September 11, 2013 was my last day in WWE. 

Its hard to believe that It was over 20 years ago when i debuted in WWE  at WM9 & my first ever WWE assignment was doing play by play w/ the great, Bobby Heenan and the unpredictable Macho Man Randy Savage. 

Time flies when one is enjoying one 's dream job. Heck, it only took me 19 years ti make it to the NFL of sports entertainment. Overnight sensation, right?

So, at the age if 61 it's time to close this chapter of my life and begin exploring new, adventures while my health is great.

I wouldn't have changed a thing in WWE except I wish that I'd been able to avoid some health issues along the way. That was the hand that I was dealt and I simply refused to fold it. 

Other that health issues my 'run' in WWE has exceeded my wildest dreams.

I was fortunate enough to have a key role in arguably one of the most interesting and compelling eras in our business's history. 

Hmmmm....perhaps a book is in order some day. Time will tell. Now I actually have the time to write the autobiography many have asked about over the years. 

For the record, I'm not purchasing a rocking chair so I'm not "going away." I have many interests & I plan on exploring them all. 

In the meantime, I hope you'll continue to support my family's online shopping efforts at and in UK at

Follow the next chapters in my life, that are yet to be written, on Twitter @JRsBBQ.

You guys are the best....thanks!

Boomer Sooner!



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let me begin by saying I grew up on solie and retired on ross talk about having your cake and eating it to ! my friends and I surely miss hearing you on Monday night raw Jim god bless you and the family and thank you for the sweet memories!
Jim and Jan, In spite of the rumors, I know that you guys will always take the high road and never look back on anything that's gone down the last 20 years. I have had the honor of spending time with you in Vegas for CAC and I hope that I will get to see you next June at the next reunion. Jim, will you be available for appearances in the future? I know a great promotion that has held the Watts family in high regard and are a true southern-style wrestling promotion. I could go on all night with this, but I think I'll just sit back and enjoy the Mid-South DVD. Keep us all posted on those next chapters. And not just on Twitter, but here on your blog as well. Thanks again for all the memories. Tom Simon Director of Live Events TCW Wrestling #WrestlingIsBack
To good Ol' J.R. I grew up listening to you call the action on Monday nights, I can honestly say it wouldn't have been the same or had such and impact on me if it hadn't been you on commentary, thank you J.R. for all the memories, for the nights i stayed up past my bedtime because J.R. hyped the main event so damn good, for the nights I cried in horror because J.R. made it sound like someone had just been "broken in half!" I'm just trying to say Thank you J.R. for my childhood. It couldn't have been any greater.
I will miss you will always be the best wrestling commentator of ALL TIME, nobody really comes close
You're the Michael Jordan of announcers
You have been a big part of my life for so many years & I just wanted to thank you for that. You will always have a fan in me forever.
The show hasn't been the same since you left the full time, and it's never going to be the same now. Your's is the voice of wrestling to me. Good luck to you, old hand, hoping for the day when you call another match. Love you, sir.
Devastating news. Thank you and all the best JR.
Basically i haven't watched WWE since you left the broadcast booth, This new WWE is obviously popular, just not with an old coot like me, (Mind you, you have a year or 2 on me, but that's about it.) So i won't really miss you, as i have already for a few years now. I'm sure you'll enjoy retirement, and like me end up busier than i ever was when working. Greg
Yeah nobody sells wrestling matches, no matter who is in the matches, better than JR
One of the few great unique minds in all of wrestling. I grew up on JR, and he will be surely missed. I'd like to say "oh he'll be back" but it's hard to say. Time heals all wounds in that business it seems, so here's hoping. WWE truly makes me sick sometimes. I look forward to the book!
JR, Thank you so much for all of your contributions to WWE and for all of the ways that you have given back to us, the fans. Your presence in WWE will be missed, but at the same time, I wish you all the best in the years to come. Thank you :)
You nailed it wm9 and you've kept me rapt ever since. An ever unique voice in a sometime too conventional environment, you've been a huge part in keeping me invested through-out your involvement. Hat's off Jr, you will always be remembered as nothing short of a legend behind the booth! P.S made an account just to tell you that lol
Thanks for all the memories Mr. Ross. Hope that you enjoy retirement and that you can get back on the Steve Austin Show a few more times. Your announcing is greatly missed in today's product. And although you always defer to Gordon Solie as the greatest announcer of all time, anyone growing up in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s will always think of you as the best ever!. Good luck in your future projects and take care!
JR, your only undoing was having a very rich and powerful lunatic not being able to comprehend why you are so beloved. You served him well and as is so often the case with Vince McMahon, when he woke up one day and decided he didn't like you, you were doomed. You may take the high road and never speak of what led to your 'retirement', but we already know. You are still the best ever and if Dixie Carter hasn't already left you a message, she's crazy.
Thank you for all of your contributions to this business. Whatever you decide to do and wherever you decide to go, where there's good people you'll get the respect you deserve.
Sir, you are the greatest commentator I have ever witnessed in any sport and there will never be another like you. All the best in your next explorations and if I may be selfish, I hope that includes an autobiography.
Allow me to share some of my favorite Jim Ross memories: Clash of the Champions 1: The first time I heard JR - who I think was on color commentary, oddly enough. I watched the show live, and the main event is still one of my favorites of all time. Little did I know that Jim would become a part of my life for so many decades! The Flair/Steamboat 1989 Trilogy: My personal favorite set of matches - still watch them all the time. In fact, I've watched them so many times, as the announcer said "30 minutes" I said excitedly to my wife, "When they say 30 minutes you KNOW you're watching the NWA!" This of coursed was followed by Jim Ross on TV saying, "Let me tell you something, folks: when they say 30 minutes, you know you're watching the NWA!" (Cue a look from my wife.) Superbrawl 2: I got to attend this event and see Jesse Ventura join WCW (driving his Harley down to ringside). I remember watching an old tape and hearing Ventura telling Jim he should wear a hat and call himself JR. Wrestlemania 9: when the satellite feed kicked in and Jim Ross was standing in a toga, I knew the WWF was forever changed. Little did I know how long the run would be! Wrestlemania 17: Probably the best wrestlemania, thanks in great part to good ole JR. 2003 Raw where Triple H defends his title against Flair: Here I was a grown man in my apartment, and I'm watching Flair try to win the title one more time with JR on commentary. I couldn't believe it. I was jumping all over the place like I was as a 12 year old boy watching the first Clash. "It's like Mickey Mantle getting one last at bat!" Wrestlemania 28: JR comes out for HHH/Taker, and calls a classic. It won't be the same without you, Mr. Ross!
Awesome memories. Thanks for sharing those classics!!!
Thank you Mr. Ross for the great memories and even greater contributions to the world of professional wrestling. Wish you all the success in all your future endeavors and eagerly looking forward to your autobiography. Always a fan.
have fun in your retirement JR you will always be my favorite announcer. you are pretty much the one who made me love wrestling more than i ever did in the 80's growing up. you always made everything so exciting. everyone knows wrestling is scripted these days but even when we all found that out you still made every match every comeback of wwe stars sound real and unexpected. everyone from stone cold, the rock, down to triple h and john cena the way you would shout with excitement when anyone would run to the ring and save the day or ruin a day you can hear and feel it in your voice. my family arent wrestling fans but they always had a blast hearing you. i wish more announcers were like you. nothing against michael cole or jbl they are boring and make the matches seem so boring. wish they would bring in someone like you better yet you but i know your retiring from announcing now but please if you can can you please announce a match that daniel bryan wins the wwe title defeating randy orton and the new corperation for old times sake? iw ould love to hear that excitement from you one more time before you hang your mic up. like christian asks please give us one more match?!
Thank you JR for the brilliant commentary you provided for 20+ years. We were all blessed to have you call the WWF/E matches for all those years. There will never be another announcer as beloved and iconic as good ole JR. Thank you JR!
Sounds to me JR like you didn't want to and were forced to retire by Mr. McMahon. I'm sure he's done a lot for you but he's come across to a lot of us as a total jerk (i'd like to use a harsher word) for the way he treats some of his employees. This current angle he's running now with HHH sucking all the heel heat from the working wrestlers making them look emaciated is killing his product with a lot us long time fans and he doesn't even realize it or probably doesn't care.
Thank you JR for the brilliant commentary you provided for the past 20+ years. There will never be another announcer as beloved and iconic as Good Ol' JR. Thank you JR for the memories.
I remember looking forward to wrestling as a kid not only for the matches, but for the commentating team that helped make them larger than life. You and king had my father and I laughing and even cheering for matches like any other sport show. As a big part of my childhood, you will be missed, but this just means I'll have to check in more to see what else is in store for good ol' JR!
Greetings from Maine. Thank you for everything you have done for the business. Your announcing has made many a great match..... memorable. Truely wishing you all the best.
You will be very, very missed.
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Then you aren't going to be at WrestleMania XXX
"retired" thats a good one. Thank Ric Flair for that. You were forced out . As for all those brain dead daniel bryan sheep who call thsemselves fans? Where are all those yes chants now huh?
I watched the whole thing, im sorry, but, I wouldn't have handled that situation any differently than JR did, Ric Flair is a legend no matter what, the guy just lost his son recently, what the hell was JR supossed to do, kick his friend out because he was overly silly and talkative?
J.R., you have the same appeal for lifelong wrestling fans that the late great Brian Johnston and John Arlott did for us lifelong cricketers/cricket fans in the U.K. so your speaking tours will always do well. They were the best commentators in their sport, as you are in wrestling, and are most closely associated with the most famous programs to do with those sports. Johnners and Arlott set "TMS, Test Match Special ", in stone forever. You have done the same for RAW. No matter how good or not so good the show may be in the modern era - everything has its ups and downs , so I am not ready to knock everything at the first sign of decline nor overly glorify a good period such as the current one - those moments that you called during the "Attitude Era" will have that sense of immortality that some of us associated with Ashes wins as called by Arlott and Johnners. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending who you ask, despite King's dedication to Puppies in that period, you never had a "leg over" moment. I'll let other people tell you about that!
I cant add anything new that has already been said. You are a class act. The best play-by-play announcer I ever heard. A great talent evaluator. I loved your contributions to the WWE On-Demand Legends of Wrestling Roundtable episodes. Now that you are not getting a WWE paycheck, I would love to hear constructive praise and criticism of the product you will be watching- provided you even give a damn to watch anymore. If you didnt, no one would certainly blame you. Godspeed my friend!
I want to thank you J.R.. Since I was a kid and first watched you in the Crocketts old NWA, you have been a treasured cornerstone of the buisness. The fans related to you and followed your words which told the story so beautifully. You Sir are what Vin Scully is to baseball and John Madden to football. People will talk of legends in this buisness and you will certainly be at the top of ANY list in ANY era! While we know you are not going away, I would be remiss to not stop to appreciate what the fans and the Boys had for so many years. You made Monday Night Raw what it is today, you and The King are an iconic part of wrestling and I certainly knew all along how special that really had become. I wanted to be in the buisness...I always envisioned you calling my monikor "DTM" (Dan "The Man") air quote gimmics aside....if not for good advice from Lance Storm....I may have gotten there. I went pro in something else but my love for the buisness because of you, Gorilla Monsoon and so many others gives me this appreciation. I will continue to read your blogs with astute interest. God Bless you in all you do in your health and family. You paved the way for the buisness and the workers to excell, you WILL BE MISSED. Those "like a crash on I-90" phrases cannot be replaced. Thank You. "DTM"
Enjoy your time off and your OU football games and time with your wife. as a Wrestling Fan and Football fan and F1 fan and MLB Fan I now it awesome having a guy in the booth that can call the action like no one bizness. you been every where UWF/NWA/JCP/WWE and more thank you so much for the years!!
JR why did you tell all of us UK fans that you no plans to retire yet only a couple of weeks back? And you have repeatedly stated in your blogs that as you are fit and healthy, you have absolutely no intention of retiring from the job you love, i.e. helping the next generation of talent.
Its time for all JR's fans to call and write WWE and demand his reinstatement or else we'll boycott WWE products from now on.
I just heard about how Vince fired you, JR and WWE is just saying you retired as a cover. If this is true, then shame on Vince. I remember how in the McMahon DVD, JR, you said that the line is really blurred between Vince McMahon (the real person) and Mr. McMahon (the character). How true that is!
I've been a wrestling fan since 1978 and I have to say you and Gordon Solie were the best of the best and I'm sorry to see you retire from the WWE. No matter the circumstances. Sir you have taken the high road yet again and I commend you for it. I just wish there could have been a tribute show first to give us fans the chance to give you the goodbyes you so richly deserve. So good luck and gods speed with everything you do from this day forward.
You buttered the WWEs bread for almost 20 years J.R. ! When you left my beloved Mid-South I couldn't understand.....when you left WcW/nwa I disliked you for it.......Now that your leaving WWE I will say thank you for the memories ! YOU ARE THE BEST EVER...THERE WILL BE NO OTHER. Now go get a second wind and come back refreshed. When I say comeback.. I mean comeback to an announcer/play-by-play position because no one believes you want to stop. NO ONE !
Thank you for being the voice of my youth have been an important part of not only superstars but of the wwe universes lives for 20 years..good luck to you in your new will be a surefire success...all the best from Glasgow, Scotland.
The Best There Is. The Best There Was. The Best That Ever Will Be.
Good luck sir and we will miss you dearly. Thank you for being the voice of the WWE we love you Rossi. Take care yourself.
Good luck sir and we will miss you dearly. Thank you for being the voice of the WWE we love you Rossi. Take care yourself.
Hello, Jim. I'm a longtime fan of yours - been watching you since I was a teenager, back when you were working for Crockett Promotions. I just wanted to say thank you for EVERYTHING you have contributed to the field of professional wrestling/sports entertainment. It has been a part of my life since I was a child and continues to this day. I once read something you wrote that said (and I paraphrase), "Gordon Solie is #1 - we [other commentators] are just vying for #2." JR, you're every bit the commentator that Mr. Solie was - you are easily his equal, and if he were with us today I think he'd agree. Having said that, I understand that your retirement was forced, and that the 2K14 incident was the driving factor. I want you to know that I am absolutely outraged that this is happening to you. In the scope of my own work as a musician, I have been in a similar situation as you are in now, and your plight resonates deeply with me. Jim, if it is indeed true, if you were forced into the situation in which you find yourself, then it is a disgrace on the legacy of World Wrestling Entertainment to handle things this way. Hastily telling its audience that you are simply retiring, out of the blue, is not forthright or honest. Furthermore, it's insults the intelligence of their audience, which constitutes their customer base - the lifeblood of their business. I, for one, am very angry with WWE right now for this. I saw the video of 2K14 on YouTube - it's out there for the world to see. It seemed to me that, as Ric Flair began to take control of the conversation, you let things just unfold, just flow. The result was a happy and engaged crowd. They responded to the upbeat, improvisatory nature of the discourse, as did the other Superstars onstage. Obviously it wasn't what was planned - and that is actually what made it so genuine. It seemed as if you were running with it, just like you do when a match unfolds in the ring and a great story is being told. I only wish that the powers-that-be would have lightened up and seen how that night's developments actually blessed the 2K14 promotion, rather than their apparent perceived notion to the contrary. Jim, whatever you do next, please let me just add to the many, many blessings and wishes for continued success and happiness. Blessings to you and to your family - and most of all, THANK YOU for the years you have given of yourself to a field that has brought me not only entertainment, but also inspiration to succeed in my own profession. May God bless you, Jim. Sincerely, Tom Willbanks
Good luck with the next chapter in your life JR. When every door closes another one opens. Thank you for all the great memories over the years. Your contributions will long be remembered. If I have one regret as a fan it's that I did not get a chance to meet you. I'm an avid BBQ'r and love nothin better than a classic wrasslin match and some good eats and I've had both while listening to you. Thank you again and live every day knowing that you are still the best at what you chose to do in life.
thank u just thank u
J.R., you are a legend in wrestling, and I hope you will be available to meet in person someday, as I would realy like to look you in the eye, shake yor hand and tell you to your face some day! I realy like your origional BBQ sauce too, and hope we will be able to continue to get it!! Your Mom had a great recipe, and I am greatfull for you guys sharing it! Please keep the blog going, as it is something I look foreward to getting! Thank you J.R., Your Fan-Thomas Bates
Sorry no disrespect but Gordon Solie was and will ever be the best announcer ever in professional wrestling in my opinion.