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Beautiful Monday in Norman, Oklahoma! Our online business is growing by leaps and bounds daily at http://www.wweshop.com and in the UK at http://www.americansoda.co.uk. We are in the 4, Norman Homeland stores and 3, Country Mart Stores in Lawton, Oklahoma plus more grocery stores in Oklahoma are being added to our team. My family certainly appreciates all your support.. Let's cook.....

I watched WWENOC on my IPad for the first time Sunday night and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Great picture....fine audio and overall a good investment. Slowly but surely I'm entering today's IT world.

Solid show with an outstanding main event is how I would describe the PPV. Thought Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton closed the show strongly and with a memorable conclusion that will hopefully garner them was water cooler talk in some circles.

Bryan is a wrestler's wrestler who has paid his dues and is an exemplary member of the WWE team and locker room. Congrats to him and hopefully he will have a long, productive reign as WWE Champion. Time will obviously tell on that one.

It will be interesting to see if there is any fall out tonight on RAW between HHH and Orton because RKO came up short in Detroit.

Ryback aligning himself with Paul Heyman might be the best thing that Ryback has been able to accomplish since getting healthy. If Ryback is to become a major, major player in WWE then @HeymanHustle is the man to help Ryback accomplish such.

There is still money left on the table to see CM Punk FINALLY give Heyman an ass whipping somewhere down the road.

I seemed to enjoy the Ziggler vs. Ambrose US Title defense more than some based on what I've read and what I heard on PPV. I think that their placement in the lineup adversely affected their presentation. Good match though. These are two guys that I like a lot going forward and that WWE is lucky to have on the team.

AJ is still the alpha Diva in WWE and is the catalyst in that division. She totally invests herself in her TV persona and would have been great in the Attitude Era as well as any other era that I can recall since I arrived in WWE in 1993.

Good outing for the Prime Time Players even though their tag title bout vs. The Shield felt a little rushed. I love the positive steps the PTP have made in recent weeks and hope that they stay hungry and keep pushing hard to improve their game. Reigns and Rollins are going to be top hands and viable main eventers for years to come if they can avoid the injury bug and don't catch "wrestler insanity."

In many ways the PPV felt like many members of a new team taking one step closer to becoming 'acceptably' established. It's a work in progress to arrive at the top and stay there. No one has a definitive time table and there are no magic formulas. It takes lots of working smart and praying that one can connect with the audience.    

 I've had an appearance booked for several months for Northeast Wrestling which will be this Saturday at 4 p.m. at Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill, New York. I'll be re-joining my old partner Jerry Lawler for a meet & greet autograph function prior to live bouts starting at 7 that evening. We will start signing at 4 p.m.

This could well be one of the last times for a good while that the King and I will be pairing up at one of these functions so please come and say hello.

Also, very anxious to see the reunion of Hall and Nash this Saturday at the autograph table and to watch Scott's impressive son Cody Hall in action. The Godfather and Rikishi are scheduled, as well, plus WWE HOFer Howard Finkel!

The King is wrestling the talented Matt Striker in what will be a fun match for all involved and one that I'm anxious to observe.

Great day to be a wrestling fan this Saturday at Dutchess Stadium in Fish Kill, New York and tickets are on sale in advance at http://www.northeastwrestling.com and at the stadium the day of the event. I hope that you will join us if you can.

JR's products will also be available for purchase while there as well plus I'm more than happy to sign them if you would like.

Very curious to see how the Dusty Rhodes/McMahon saga plays out tonight on Raw. The Dream can still verbalize with the best of them and I hope that he's provided a forum to let 'er rip! 

I haven't bought a rocking chair just yet in the midst of all this retirement talk. I've retired from WWE....but not from life. I'm being engaged by a variety of 'suitors' who are all  presenting some interesting, potential projects to me.

Until we pull the trigger on projects that I truly am passionate about and want to invest my time and energy, I will immerse myself in Oklahoma Football, the UFC, and the NFL which isn't a bad thing for a sport's junky.

I personally invite you to follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ of which we are rapidly approaching 1M followers.

Making my first trip to Notre Dame in two weeks to watch my Sooners take on the Fighting Irish. Bucket list stuff for this @Oklahoma_Football fanatic.

Thanks for stopping by and I am in the process of addressing all the viable, succinct Q&A's on this site as quickly as I can.

Boomer Sooner!






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JR, another internet rumor now going around that your 'retirement' from the WWE is a storyline. This because you haven't addressed the specifics of the other rumored stories. Is this in fact part of a storyline, intended to build up fan interest in your 'return' to a future tv role and bbq sauce sales? Whats the real deal? We'd look like fools protesting to WWE HQ about your forced retirement if its just a storyline. Or maybe just like gullible 'marks' which is the same thing anyway isn't it?
I agree. Here is hoping for a long Daniel Brian reign. It feels like with Cena slowed and no gripping stories surrounding him it may only be time before he heals up and is back in belt contention. I for one hope that the audience abroad may adopt the attitude to toward Punk and Daniels that the internet/"hard core" fans have. I hate to compare the modern locker room to the old, but it would be interesting to see Punk and Daniels sit where Rock and Austin sat not that long ago (leaving Cena to the Hogan roll of that time?)