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Thanks for stopping by my site. Business is brisk for JR's products online at http://www.WWEShop.com and in the UK at http://www.americansoda.co.uk. We Appreciate everyone's support. Here's some quasi, mindless random thoughts......

Heading to Chicago this week....no, not for Monday Night Raw...but to HQ there for this Saturday's Oklahoma at Notre Dame college football game. I can't wait to visit South Bend and support my Sooners. 

My fav NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers w/ an 0-3 start going to test many fan's true loyalty. Not mine...being loyal to my team, any team, has never been an issue to me but it's obvious the Steelers have major personnel issues. 

Had a great time Saturday in Fishkill, New York at their Wrestling Under the Stars event. Promoter Michael Lombardi does a wonderful job at his events. 

Great seeing Jerry Lawler, Charles Wright, Rikishi, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Matt Striker, John Morrison and many others. Scott looked great and has made legit, giant steps in getting healthier. I'm so proud of him.

Scott's son Cody Hall is an excellent, young prospect who's being coached & mentored by his Dad. The young man has major potential.

The event Saturday was my last, scheduled wrestling booking for 2013. 

The Jon Jones- Andrew Gustafsson main event at UFC165 was an amazing fight to say the least. A physical and mental war that tested both athletes in every way and built to an automatic, organic,  big money, rematch. 

I had Jones winning but arguably the fight could have gone either way. Jones is developing the Floyd Mayweather syndrome in that some fans buy his fights to see Bones lose. Muhammad Ali had the same affect on some fans early in his career.

Loved broadcasting WWE events at Chicago's All State Arena. So many memorable moments there for me. My WWE Hall of Fame induction announcement there in 2007 was a game changer for me personally and professionally. Hope WWE has a strong show Monday night. The main, corporate storyline puts many talents potentially in a position to maximize their minutes. Hopefully, they realize that. 

Keep an eye on NXT talent Sami Zayn. He's a keeper and likely will be on a WWE main roster this year or so I think. Great attitude and skill set. There are several excellent prospects in NXT. How they are introduced to the masses is a huge key.

John Morrison has some interesting film opportunities on the horizon. John's a bright and talented young man.

I'm getting great feedback from those who have watched the Legends of Mid South Wrestling DVD. Can't tell you how personally rewarding that is. Bill Watts built a great roster and wrote/produced an amazing, weekly, one hour TV show. 

JR's products will still be sold by the great team at Wweshop.com even though I'm no longer w/ WWE. Been asked this a great deal on Twitter @JRsBBQ. 

Rapidly approaching 1M followers on Twitter.

Giving more thought on writing an autobiography. Funny how many fans want the book to be a tawdry, salacious book. That's not happening. 

Q&A's here updated. Need more to succinctly participate. 

Boomer Sooner!


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If the right offer was made to you, would you ever consider working for TNA?
JR if you want the book to be a best seller, it has to be tawdry and salacious. Outside publishers wont want you towing a wwe company line. They'll want the dirt. "JR blows the cover off the industry" sells books, "JR waxes nostalgic" does not
I'm guessing JR is well aware of what sells and what doesn't. But speaking as somebody who has closely followed Ross' career since he started in Mid-South 30 years ago, I can assure you he'll tell the truth as he sees it, but minus sleazy tell-all garbage. He'd rather sell no copies of a potential auto-bio than compromise his values.
Was wondering why Butch Reed wasn't interviewed for the Mid-South DVD?
Everybody here in the Pittsburgh area is feeling your pain, believe me. We haven't seen what basically amounts to an 0 and 7 start, including the pre-season in quite a long time. So everybody seems to be walking around shell shocked. Losing Pouncey in Week 1 was about the worst injury they could've suffered besides losing Roethlisbergr. That super young O-Line really needed his skills and leadership. His return to the field can't come soon enough. Hopefully getting Bell back this week will get the running game going, but even with him back it's going to be tough without Pouncey. I'm also extremely happy for Scott Hall. I've been a huge fan of his forever, and to see how far he has come from that ESPN piece not too long ago is absolutely amazing. DDP is literally a life saver, and deserves all the credit in the world for what he has done for his friends. Take care of yourself J.R., and good luck moving forward. If WWE no longer wants your services, I'm quite sure TNA would love to have you. Their schedule would be more to your liking at this point also.
Sami Zayn is an incredible talent in so many ways. Great wrestler, great charisma, great at interacting with the fans. I'll be extremely excited to see him in WWE, as I think has close to Daniel Bryan level talent in every facet of the game and was the most consistently excellent performer anywhere in the world before signing with WWE. I honestly can't think of a bad match he had in years as El Generico (which I wish the WWE could use as his gimmick because it's so fun).
why don't WWE do alcoholism awareness? more & more young people & teens are taking to the bottle due to pressures of life & end up ruining families, getting arrested & getting into more trouble than they can handle, Scott & Jake can make a difference to these kids going down that path