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Raw recollections from Chicago:

Amazing crowd. Fun to listen to them. Noise is infectious. 

Daniel Bryan is red hot. It's SO time to harness that elusive emotion. Bryan's in ring skills & his viable 2nd gear are money. Fans want him to succeed. Hope they get their wish.

11 on 3 mismatch in the favor of the 'good guys' was most unique. It actually ended up well. Spotlight on Bryan but others got some positive minutes too. Exceeded my expectations for the concept.

Thought the Shield had good outings/exposure throughout the night.

CM Punk had an awesome night in his hometown. He felt more like Stone Cold than  I can ever recall. Home field advantage didn't hurt. 

Who's a better wrestling villain than Paul Heyman?

The line between good & evil is more blurred than ever on WWE TV. Except for Heyman.

I'll be surprised if Wyatt Family don't become fan favorites. What have they done to be considered bad guys?  Beat up Kane? 

Feels as if the Usos are moving forward. I like the face paint. 

The personal issue involving the Rhodes family certainly is fun to follow. The ability for any wrestling creative entity to provide fans w/ personal issues is an elusive skill. Bill Watts was great at it back in Mid South days. 

It's amazing the amount of info that the broadcast team has to manage. Michael Cole does an excellent job in navigating that process. 

Very excited to travel to South Bend this weekend for the Oklahoma vs Notre Dame college football game. It will be my first time to visit the Irish. I'll be on the local NBC affiliate's pre game show Saturday prior to the game. I expect this game to be a genuine Slobber Knocker.  Very physical and intense just like football should be. 

Loved the ESPN 30 for 30 feature on the Manning's Tuesday night. Well produced and edited. Archie Manning is a great a Dad. That's a heck of a skill.

Check out the Being: Mike Tyson reality show on Fox Sports 1. Outstanding. DVR it if nothing else.

UFC's TUF has been compelling this season thanks to Ronda Rousey & Meisha Tate. Another Fox Sports 1 production. The female element in UFC has always intrigued me as it creates some unique marketing and promotional opportunities.

Check out the Steve Austin podcast as I was Steve's guest and we had another fun BS session. Proud of The Texas Rattlesnake and plan on going deer hunting w/ him on his Texas ranch this fall. I've got plenty of spare time :)

I'm happy that @MikeTyson is following me on Twitter @JRsBBQ and hope that you will too. 

Interesting days lie a head for yours truly. I'm in no rush to get back to work. Having some interesting irons in the fire. But for now it's football time in Oklahoma. 

Check out the Q&A'S before you leave. They're updated. 


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"Michael Cole does an excellent job in navigating that process. " On this specific episode of RAW, Michael Cole could not even name TWO Wrestlemania matches off the top of his head. He is paid to commentate about wrestling. Nuff Said.
I could understand the Michael Cole hatred and backlash at one point (especially during the Cole Mine days and his feud with Lawler, which was just dreadful in every way to me), but I think he's matured really well over the last few years as a play-by-play broadcaster. Less reliance on a few catchphrases (he's even toned down the VINTAGE line), less of an attempt to show a forced personality that he doesn't have. He seems to act a lot more now like he would in normal life, and I think it works quite well for him, as he seems more sincere and believable. And raptorsg, I don't tune into RAW to have Cole prove his knowledge of wrestling history - which I am sure is far better than you give him credit for - I tune in to watch the stars of today perform. It's nice to have voluminous knowledge of wrestling history, but sometimes continual references to the WWE's past serve to distract from the current action AND intimidate newer viewers who have no idea what the references actually mean. I enjoyed Matt Striker's commentary greatly, for instance, but for someone who has less knowledge of global wrestling, it could be daunting. In that category, I prefer JBL, who will occasionally talk about a performer's international/pre-WWE experience, but will also explain WHY it is important when he does. For instance, I know the importance of the Tensai's IWGP Tag Team Title reign, but my 11-year old brother who is just getting into watching the WWE doesn't have a clue what that is. JBL relates to both of us by listing the achievement, then explaining that the IWGP Tag Titles are extremely prestigious, and how it's relatively rare for a foreigner to win and defend titles for so long like Tensai did in Japan. It's not rocket science, but it's more enjoyable. I would much rather listen to commentary from somewhat knowledgeable but extremely entertaining commentators than a walking wrestling encyclopedia who never puts these tidbits into context.
Also, to be clear, I am not saying Matt Striker was merely a walking wrestling encyclopedia who never put accomplishments into context. But he did sometimes, and I would offer that as constructive criticism.
With the British fictional soap-opera like dramas we react strongly according to storyline as tho it it's real, which imo is entertainment. Michael Cole as a heel = the same thing + the who shot JR storyline, yet it's been pampered down with "he's really a nice guy" quips online, & Cole's heel character.was hard to get into
JR, we noticed that tickets are on sale for the RAW taping in OKC at the arena on December the 2nd. Any chance you'll come? We were thinking a bunch of folks could go and get up a good loud 'we want JR' chant during a hot match. You could buy a ticket and sit ringside a few rows back wearing your black hat. Would probably drive Vince crazy Boomer Sooner!
JR, I agree with your main point, but the example you used about no-dq in a tag match is flawed, if you can suspend disbelief and think of a match as "real": You still have to tag to have a legal man for pin attempts. You can't be DQ'ed for coming in, but if you are not tagged in you should not be able to pin or be pinned. At least, that was what I came up with when I had the same question Monday :-)