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I'm embarrassed and angry at the lack of team work within the American Congress over the 'shutdown' of our government. Partisan politics practiced by professional politicos is pestilence.

USC pulled former head football coach Lane Kiffin off the team bus and fired him. Sounds like a pro wrestling story line. Like many pro wrestling angles, this one was ill timed. Deserved? Yes. Timing? Not so good.

Congrats to one of my all time favorite people Trish Stratus & hubby Ron on the birth of their first child Monday night, a son named Maximus. Everyone's happy and healthy. 

Great example of less is more on Raw w/ Dusty Rhodes soundbyte promo. Perfect example if maximizing one's minutes on TV. Dream is gifted plus his tag Tean w/ Dic Murdoch was one of the best duos ever. You Tube them. 

Looks as if the new duo of Los Matadores and their mascot El Torito might make a nice, kid's attraction w/ ample merchandise ideas. TBD.

Texas athletic director Deloss Dodds is retiring in 2014. Does that mean football coach Mack Brown moves to UT AD & leaves his post after the season? If Brown goes, will UT consider hiring their first African American head coach? I'd look no farther than Baylor's Art Briles. 

Thought both CM Punk and Paul Heyman stole the show on Raw Monday night. What they did/said overshadowed everyone else on the final Raw before Sunday's PPV. 

Are edgy handmade signs in the audience on wrestling TV shows simply fans being funny/creative or are they cries for attention?

Still getting great feedback from fans who've watched the WWE produced DVD, "The Legends of Mid South Wrestling" despite the lack of on sir TV support. WWE did a superb job on this presentation. Yes, I'm biased as Mid South is essentially where I launched my career.

i plan in listening to Joey Styles today on the Steve Austin podcast. 

Bravo to WWE for working with the Susan Komen Foundation to find a cure for breast cancer. My wife lost her Mom to this disease earlier this year so this is a cause close to our hearts.

Still buzzing over my bucket list trip to Notre Dame this past weekend. Haven't been around classier fans. Ever...on the road.

Working on some interesting ideas for my one man show concept that will kickoff in 2014. 

UFC has some compelling main events the balance of the year. As things seem to be evolving, UFC also has some potential blockbusters in 2014 especially as it relates to Bones Jones. 

Nonetheless,  I'm as motivated to watch Rousey vs Tate thanks to Fox Sports 1 presentation of TUF as just about any fight left on PPV in 2013. Great story telling has made me emotionally invested in the TUF process and the upcoming fight between the two coaches. 

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You're angry!? come spend more time in the UK & listen to our government! i'd give anything for Obama, Reagan or Clinton,etc instead of posh, private-schooled idiots who don't understand us English people & our younger people usually respond by rioting & looting, but, still, the chaos continues whether we like it or not...