J.R.'s Main Event Mustard®

NET WT 12 oz. (340 g)


The perfect tag team of jalapeño and honey mustard!

J.R.'s Chipotle Ketchup®

NET WT 18 oz. (511 g)

Did you ever want your ketchup to have just a little more flavor? J.R. did too and that’s how this amazing ketchup was created. J.R.’s Chipotle Ketchup® is great on burgers, fries, onion rings, in meatloaf and as a steak sauce!

Again, the chipotle adds flavor not heat. We are talking chipotle here, not hot sauce. If you like ketchup, you will LOVE J.R.'s Chipotle Ketchup®. We guarantee it!

J.R.'s Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce®

NET WT 18 oz. (511 g)

This just happens to be Stone Cold Steve Austin’s favorite sauce of all of J.R.’s sauces. If it is good enough for‘ol Stone Cold we are sure you will love it too. 

This sauce is a must try for all Bar-B-Q enthusiasts and more of this is consumed in the J.R. household than any other Bar-B-Q Sauce by far. Is J.R.’s Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce® really that good? Oh, hell yeah!

J.R.'s Original Bar-B-Q Sauce®

NET WT 18 oz. (511 g)

This is the real deal! This sweet, succulent sauce is at the main event level and will definitely become a staple in your kitchen.

It is great for grilling, on ribs, burgers, chicken and one of J.R.'s favorites, grilled salmon. J.R.'s Original Bar-B-Q Sauce® is our #1 selling sauce. Try it and you will see why. No "heat" - just rich, sweet flavor!